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  • April 30, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:
    Let's allow a little birdhouse to help cheer up one of André's Fans ....

  • April 30, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:
    Our thoughts are with Constance at this time. Please think good thoughts and wishes for her. (another nice fan of Andre's who can use our good cheer)

  • May 1, 2008 Shirley wrote:
    Welcome back Sally. Another month, can hardly believe how fast April went.Will be keeping good thoughts for those who need cheer.So many of my Andre fans have really had and are having difficult times. I take their pain as my own, sometimes I'm not sure I can handle any more, but then I manage. What would we do without friends? Each one of you are special to me & I think of you often as I have many of your pictures right above my eyes. Andre has done so much more than even he realizes, not only the beautiful music, but all the beautiful people as well. It seems it's an ever growing circle. I wish you all a very lovely May Day, if I could I would hang a basket of flowers on all your doorknobs today.
  • May 1, 2008 Jeff Rubino wrote:
    Hey Every one!
    But must of all how are you doing Sally?
    hey all you andre rieu ambassadors. Have you been reviving all of your things in the mail from them? I got a letter in the mail about 5 weeks ago about hosting an andre rieu party and they are going to send me all kinds of andre rieu ballons and posters and stuff so i can do the party. Then last week i got about 500 andre rieu in wonderland postcards with if you send it out the someones address and name they will recive a poster of the cover of andre rieu in wonder land.
    And then yesterday i got in the mail a 2 Disk deluxe edition dvd of andre in wonderland which is reall cool an a 2 cd collectors edition of andre rieu in wonderland. I cant wait to see whats comming next and its all free from them from them for being ad andre rieu ambassador!
    wow Its really nice to recive all of these free gifts for supporting andre but i would always support him even if they gave nothing i would pay them to let me support him lol
    Tell me if all you ambassadors got these things!
    1. May 3, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
      I'm doing good. Not on the computer a lot yet, but am typing a wee bit better than last week. It's nice to be home and to be able to see all my Andre-Friends!

      Sounds like you have a great party planned and Denon is doing their part to make it fun and informational.

    2. May 4, 2008 Miriam wrote:
      What a joy Andre has brought to me, a musician, after a life-time of wondering why this beautiful music lacked lustre in the hands of Symphony orchestras. Can't wait to see him and his exquisite orchestra in November '08.
      Had no idea this website existed til today. Well done!
      1. May 4, 2008 Moderator Bill AZ wrote:
        Hi Miriam,

        I notice this is your very first comment on this blog.  Thanks for decloaking & saying something.

        There is a lot of information about Andre, the JSO, & his DVD's.  The more time you spend looking into prior topics, the more you will learn.

        I'll eagerly look forward to your concert report sometime after Nov 2008.

        Which concert are you planning to attend?
        What instrument(s) do you play?  As a profession or just for fun?

        I've been fortunate to attend 3 concerts here in Phoenix, Dec 2005, 2006, & 2007.  Unfortunately, André won't be appearing here on the west coast in Nov - Dec of 2008 as he will be in Australia

        I'll look forward to your continued participation on this blog

        Bill in Arizona aka
        Moderator Bill

        1. May 4, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
          Hi Miriam,  so good to have you with us.  I hope you will come back often.  This is a great place with lots of great Andre and JSO fans.  We post all concert reports and have lots of photos of Andre which you can enjoy.  We try to get all the latest information as best we can and for any official information on Andre you can go to his website at   but I will say that sometimes his site is a little slow at posting so we often have concert dates and other items which would be of interest to you.  They get very busy and cannot get the latest information out but you can buy all his CD/DVD's and all kinds of fan stuff in the Boutique.  They also have a guest book.
          Like Bill said, there is a wealth of information on Andre and the JSO right here on this site.  Hope to hear from you again.   Hugs to you

      2. May 5, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
        Hello Miriam: It is nice to meet you. You are always welcome here where everyone is a friend.
        Isn't it exciting to wait for Andre's concerts? I think that is part of the fun!
  • May 1, 2008 DJ Bob wrote:
    Dear Marilyn. I checked the site and it is working. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to start. Try again:

    Hope it works

    DJ Bob
    1. May 2, 2008 Marilyn Smith wrote:
      Got it. Thanks, Bob.
      1. May 3, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        Hi everyone.  We got back last evening, tired, frustrated but very happy with Andre's concerts.  They were just out of this world.  Will tell you about them once I recover. 

        You will not believe this but we got as far as North Carolina and the car did the very same thing as it did in St. Augustine.  We were sick.  We took and exit in Alexandria , Va hoping to find a garage and we took the right exit because there was a Chrysler dealer right at that exit.  The Lord really led us to the right place.  Well it turns out that it was not the transmission which we had replaced in florida for $2,500 (too much) and it was a simple Throttle positioning sensor and its connections which cost $130.00.  It worked fine the remainder of the trip home.  Can you believe it.  Now we must see what we can do about getting our money back.  The mechanic in Florida said it did throw off a code for that but he said he cleared it and thought sure it had to be the transmission.  But we did arrive safely.  I would say this was the most expensive group of concerts we have seen.  But it was worth it just to see Andre again and all the wonderful friends we met.   We traveled over 2,500 miles (down and back) to see him and I would do it again. 

        I am getting my photos ready today once I get unpacked and will write a full report shortly.  Did any of you visit Andre's Australian web site?     It is wonderful
        Thanks Margaret S. for your comments.  We will take it easy.  Cannot wait until you can see Andre.  Now I look forward to Atlantic City and Reading.  Thank God they are closer to home.    Hugs

        1. May 3, 2008 Marilyn Smith wrote:
          Hi Jeanine. I'm glad you got back safe and sound. Car trouble on a trip is NO FUN, but you made it. You obviously had a great time and we all enjoyed hearing about it and look forward to lots of pictures and your report (after you rest up a bit). Hugs.
          1. May 3, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
            Thank you Marilyn.  I am now looking forward to A.C.  I never get enough!! : )  Here is one photo.  I know it is LARGE Sally but HE is looking right at me over the monitor.  I was literally laying on the flowers.  Isn't he gorgeous!!!   I was on top of the world.

            1. May 3, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
              Oh here is another beauty!!  I know Sally must resize them but I can hardly wait to share.  I know you are so anxioous.  Enjoy!!!!!!!!

              1. May 3, 2008 Marilyn Smith wrote:
                Jeanine, I can't believe these pictures.
                How fabulous can it get ! I think you will be up in the stratosphere for months, maybe years, before you come down to earth, if ever.
              2. May 3, 2008 Marilyn Smith wrote:
                Wow! 2 of these unbelievable pictures. I think I am doing some floating up there myself. Thank you, thank you.
              3. May 4, 2008 Margaret S wrote:
                Hi Jeanine Ann,
                Thanks for sharing such perfect photos. We could be forgiven for thinking André is playing just for us. The eye contact is amazing. Thanks Jeanine Ann
            2. May 3, 2008 Shirley wrote:
              Great pictures Jeanine Ann. I would liked to have taken a picture of you, laying on the roses, taking Andre's picture.
              1. May 3, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
                Yes Shirley, that would have been fun to see.  I guess people thought I was crazy.  I was in heaven and Andre was so close.  I hadn't planned to take pictures because our seats were row 6 but that was not too bad.  I took a lot from the seat and I got the best during the encores when I was pushed into the flowers : )   Andre was so up and he was getting so much energy from this crowd and they from him.  He was jumping up and down and swinging his hips around when playing Marina and this made the crowd all the more wild.  I was jumping too when I wasn't taking photos.  And such eye contact I had.  He looked at me this one time and just smiled and I could not put the camera in front of his face.  He smiled so sweetly so I will just have to remember that one.  Marilyn is right, I don't think I will ever come down from that and I have two more to go.  Oh how I wish all of you could have been there.  Well I had better keep something for my report.  But I have more photos like that.  I can hardly wait to share them.  That is the fun part.   Hugs and love to all
                1. May 4, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
                  Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well! It's a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest. I hope all of you are having an equally nice day. I know some have had bad weather in the past week, my thoughts and prayers go out to you.
                  Jeanine Ann...what can I say...those pictures! Wow. I don't know that I could have held my camera still enough, that close, to get such great pictures.
                  You did a wonderful job and I'm so happy you gave us such a treat!
                  Sounds like your concert/s was great. It's too bad you had to have the problems with your car, had it not been for that your trip would have been perfect.
                  I can't wait to see more of your pictures and hear more about your concerts. I feel that I'm getting my concert this year, vicariously through your pictures and words. Thanks so much!!
                  1. May 4, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
                    Oh Marlene I was so nervous but I was so tightly propped on those flowers I thought I may as well use them as a prop to hold my camera steady.  Then there was one time that he just looked down at me and smiled and I just wanted to remember that and did not take a photo.  But I thought getting these photos was so important because of you and everyone else here who cannot get to a spring concert.  This is my way of sharing my happy moments with my dear friends.  I have thousands of Andre photos but there is something so exciting about getting more.  He always has a different expression on that gorgeous face.  I think I fell in love all over again.  Well I had better get busy on my report which I will write sans the car problems since you all know about that and even with the car problems it was a perfect trip because seeing Andre is always a perfect event and after the 'high five' all I can say is WOW.    Hugs to all
        2. May 3, 2008 Shirley wrote:
          Whew! Sounds like you had a positive & a negative experience, but apparently the positive outweighs the negative.
          I checked out the site but I assumed it was only for the Australian fans. Rest up now, we'll be waiting for your report, but good things are worth waitng for.
  • May 1, 2008 Bill VanSickler wrote:
    This comment is for the Barfoots. Recently, I saw you guys in the Walmart at Bush and Old Denton. By the time I go to where I thought you were located, ya'll had disappeared. Thanks for the Andre show comments. It was very good this year.
  • May 1, 2008 Jeff Rubino wrote:
    Hello all,
    I answered the door today and i got another big package from denon about the andre rieu ambassadors. IT was a huge mailing tube filled with 10 really big andre rieu in wonderland posters. 16 ballons and 20 mailling order forms. I am getting more mail from denon than bills! wow i cant wai tto see what comes next i cant believe that of the free stuff!
  • May 1, 2008 Jeanine Ann wrote:
    Hi everyone and welcome back Sally. We are now in the Carolinas (North). I think this has been the longest and certainly the most expensive trip of our lives. But in addition to seeing my beloved Andre I met two wonderful people - DJBob and his lovely Maria and Nan from Tampa who attended that concert. I am hoping she will share her report and her photos with us. I am really dead tired so please give me a few days to get my report together plus tons of photos to Sally. We get home tomorrow (Friday). Take care everyone. Have you seen Andre's new Australian website? It is fantastic.
    The photo of him is beautiful and he has a short video on the first page. The tour dates are of course for Australia and they have a guestbook. Hope you enjoy it. Hugs
    1. May 1, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi again.  Someone was asking for the songs in Andre's concert.  Here they are.


      Voices of Spring

      Blaze Away

      Eine Kleine Salonmusik


      Nessun Dorma  (Tenors)


      Sports Palace Waltz

      Ave Marie   (Mirusia)

      The Gypsy Princess


      Gold and Silver

      This Land is Mine    (Tenors)

      Rosen aus dem Suden

      Vilja Song     (new Soprano)  Her name sounded like Danya(?)  Nan had Danij in her report
                                                          I think Danij is correct.

      Komm Zigany  (Yeah)!!!

      Memory  (Mirusia)

      Beautiful Blue Danube  

      Oh Fortuna



                        Strauss Medley
                        America the Beautiful
                        Amazing Grace
                        Stars and Stripes

      I feel I have missed one but I cannot remember.  In Jacksonville he did not do Amazing Grace, Marena and Stars and Stripes.  He was really UP for that amazing audience.   Hugs to all

      1. May 11, 2008 Grace Armstrong Hunt wrote:
        Thank you Jeanine Ann for sharing your pics and information about your Andre in Jacksonvile. I really appreciate all the information and pictures you put on this site. I am glad you are a moderator for this site. Keep up the great work.

        I am so glad you had an awesome time and had the opportunity to see Andre ( to get great pics!). It is exciting to hear about people's experiences on this site.

        Thanks Very Much
        Love Much
  • May 1, 2008 Margaret S wrote:
    Welcome back Sally!
    So glad to see you are recovering well. We have missed your comments and information.
    Take care not to overdo it.
    There's so much happening here in Australia on the André front. It's hard to keep up and to make matters worse my computer was down for a couple of days.
    Hopefully I will be able to catch up soon.

    To Jeanine,
    I have been following your adventures for the last few days both high and low. I hope the highs outweighed the lows. You will need to take it easy when you return home. Take care.
  • May 1, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
    I wish all of you a wonderful month of May! The end of April went out like a crash for me...but all things start new now and we have a beautiful month ahead of us to make the most of.

    Oh yeah...that's a great picture of André up here Sally! Very nice...mmmm!

    Sally, the little birdhouse is so cute and very beautiful and should cheer up ANYONE who is down! I always think of those cute little birds going into their little houses...they are always so happy.

    Shirley, your words are beautiful as always. There are a lot of special friends here and when we add the friendship to the beautiful music that André gives us, it's a combination of pure happiness, don't you think?

    Constance, Whatever your situation, please know that you have friends here who only wish to send you good thoughts, prayers and love. My very best to you and I hope that everything works out for good in your life. You take care of yourself.
  • May 4, 2008 helen barcroft wrote:
    hi to all the wonderful fans out there love reading the updates about andre and the jso really feel at home here the lovely wishes and prayers of encouragement are heart felt i also join you all in prayers for every one my work is taking care of people in a senior center truly love what i do and many of the people love andre am so looking faward to baltimore this will be my forth time best to you all helen
    1. May 4, 2008 Shirley wrote:
      Hi Helen, glad you stopped by, welcome.So, your concert will be at the Mariner arena? From all the reports I've heard you will be in for a real treat. Let us know how you enjoyed your concert time. some of the girls are still floating on clouds!
    2. May 4, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
      Hello Helen:  What a caring job you have.  My heart and prayers to you and those you help.

      I am excited for you to see Andre & his JSO again.    Please tell us all about it when you return from your moment in the clouds!


      1. May 4, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        Hi Helen,  yes I agree with what Sally said, you do have a nice caring job.  That is a profession that takes a special person who has love and compassion.  I am so glad that you love Andre and his JSO and I am also very glad you like this site.  It is full of kind, sweet and caring fans.  I hope you come back often.  Hugs to you
  • May 4, 2008 marianne peters wrote:
    Dear friends It's a bit of a desert with no new concerts in the forseeable future, but of course we have to shar our Maestro with all the folks around the world. I hope he is able to come back to Canada in the west, maybe 2009 or 2010 with the Schonnbrun as in my time of life a trip to Europe is not a possibility, now if I could win a big lottery I could be come a groupies & travel the world to all his concert, but
    that is wishful thinking. I enjoy the comment of the fans which are so positive & no-one seems to find a derogatory comment. Our Andre has released a love fest among his fans & I hope that it spills over to the general
    public as his music carries a message of love & healing that this sad old world can surely benefit from Peace. Love & Joy can come from many directions
    & Andre's music is just one such conduit
    Each time an individual does a kindnes to his fellow man the universal love grows & each one can make their own small contribution. It is now the big things we do but the succession of small
    things, which become a magnicent obsession. Love to all Marianne
    1. May 5, 2008 DJ Bob wrote:
      Dear Marianna , I agree with everything you have said. I know first hand of the universal love and kindness with all the wonderful people I have met would it not have been for Andre. His music brings together people and puts them in the spirit of love, kindness and sharing that spreads out to everyone around us. I know for sure that God brought Andre into my life to help me know the true meaning of God's Love for all of us!!

      All my best and May GOD Bless!!

      DJ Bob
      1. May 5, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        Dear Marianne and DJBob, you are both so correct.  I just marvel at the wonderful people I have met through Andre and the circle keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Andre is like a precious stone which God gently dropped in the water and the circles of water around him just keep spreading out getting larger and larger and bring more friends into our lives.  How lucky we are to have him.  Have a great day my friends.  Hugs
    2. May 5, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
      What beautiful words Marianne. I agree with you so much! Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts!
    3. May 11, 2008 Grayeme wrote:
      Marianne, would you email me at - I have something I would like to send to you.
  • May 5, 2008 Shirley wrote:
    HAPPY CINCO de MAYO ! Lots of celebrations going on to celebrate the Mexican culture. I wonder if Mexico will be on Andre's agenda in the near future. There are many in his guestbook, wanting him to come to Mexico. Can you blame them? Can you see Andre in a mariachi outfit? i-yi-yi!
  • May 5, 2008 Adele wrote:
    Hi to all Andre & JSO fans.
    is anyone looking for hotel accomodation for Maastricht ?
    Unfortunately I cannot take my father in law as planned due to his poor state of health.
    big shame, he now has parkinsons & altzheimers..
    Hotel d'Orangerie , whick looks like a few minutes walk from the Vrijthof
    1 x double room for 4 & 5 July, and 2 double rooms for 6 July.. room rate is € 135 per room per night.
    if interested please email me (with the subject 'maastricht hotel) as i get a lot of junk mail !
    thanks Adele
  • May 5, 2008 CONSTANCE wrote:

    1. May 5, 2008 Shirley wrote:
      Hi Constance, yes, it's always hard to lose someone or to see them suffer.And you are right, to just 'hang in there" and be there for them, even when all you can do is cry with them. and sometimes "where words fail, music speaks".

  • May 5, 2008 Adele wrote:
    Hi everyone, hope all Andre & JSO fans are keeping well..
    Just to let you know that tickets are on sale for the
    February 2009 tour in Austria (not Australia !!)
    check out i am virtually certain that this will be an official site, I just got middle front row seats for Innsbruck !
  • May 8, 2008 Shirley wrote:
    Hi all, if you go to Andre's website, you will find, in the "news" section, a few pictures of Andre in Brisbane.
  • May 8, 2008 DJ Bob wrote:
    I was just board between concerts so I made a new Andre Rieu photo to cheer me up!


    All my best to all you wonderful people!

    DJ Bob
    1. May 9, 2008 Marilyn Smith wrote:
      Hi Bob.
      Another wonderful photo show with a wonderful song. Thanks a bunch!
  • May 8, 2008 Eva wrote:
    Zeer geachte André Rieu,
    Natuurlijk bewonder ik uw talent en shows al sinds jaren. Uit het Rhijnland getrouwd in Wassenaar ligt Maastricht en uw muziek mij ook zeer aan het hart. Voor uw programma in Parijs of elders zou ik graag onder uw aandacht willen brengen een zanger uit Noord Holland, die echt de moeite waard is om in uw voorprogramma op te treden. . Ik doe dit volledig zonder eigen belang. Mag ik u en uw geheel gezelschap veel succes en geluk wensen.
    Met vriendelijke groeten, Eva Mennes
  • May 8, 2008 Karen wrote:
    Dear Andre ( and his FANS),
    Hello my name is Karen, the reason I am writing to you is to tell you about my two beautiful Granddaughters Talia and Sofie. They are 18mths old and are crazy about you. They see all the time on the ovation channel and they do not move until your concerts are finished and when it is time for you to go Sofie in particular cries for more Andre, I can not believe that at such a young age they love your music, it blows my mind to see them watching you on tv. If we are out at the shops and they see a music store they point at it and call out Andre it is truly amazing. Their father also plays the violin that must be where they get the love of the classical music from. We had never heard of you until we saw you on the ovation channel I must say you are extremely talented and your shows are truly spectacular and are a joy to watch. God Bless you Andre and thankyou for bringing so much joy to my little Granddaughters lives they truly love you especially Sofie. I would love to send you a photo of them but I don't know where to send it.
    Thanks again Andre
    Karen,Talia, Sofie
  • May 8, 2008 Jackie G wrote:
    In December of 2007, I was very fortunate to take my 89 year old father to hear Andre Rieu and his sensational orchestra in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was a dream come true for my Dad and a NEW inspiration for me!!! I have heard many of the selections in the past but I have never appreciated them as much as I do now. I have bought him 2 DVDs and 3 CDs and he listens to them and watches them daily. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my Dad both laugh and cry! Andre you are a "jewel" and your orchestra so talented. You make the audience love and appreciate the music you play. Best wishes and happy travels to Andre Rieu and his orchestra
  • May 8, 2008 Cotellessa Family wrote:
    We are trying to confirm if there will be a concert in Perth Western Australia 22nd November 2008
    If you can assist. Thankyou
  • May 8, 2008 Mardee Saxton wrote:
    I'm looking for a video of the woman on Andre Rieu's stage who pulls the jewels out of a box and puts them on as she sings - ?? Any idea who she is or the name of the song or the special - ? Thanks in advance
  • May 8, 2008 HAROLD NSW wrote:
  • May 8, 2008 Harry van Bommel wrote:
    In 1979 Andre and his Maastrichts Salon Orchestra played at my grandfather's 90th birthday party in The Netherlands. His daughter, my aunt, who cared for him in his last years will turn 80 next January. I would like to send Mr. Rieu a note requesting a short note or photo from him to my aunt for her birthday. Do you have an address I can reach him at?
    Thank you!
    1. May 9, 2008 Adele wrote:
      Hello Harry
      what a lovely story!
      There is a certain address, but I cannot remember what it is.. However, I also know that if you just address the letter to 'Andre Rieu', Maastricht, NL, it will reach him.
    2. May 11, 2008 Moderator Bill AZ wrote:

      The JSO Members Name or address it to Andre Rieu

      PO Box 1329

      NL-6201 BH Maastricht

      The Netherlands

      1. May 11, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        Hi Sally,  I just emailed you.  Can you call me tomorrow??  Thanks so much
        1. May 11, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:

  • May 8, 2008 Ko wrote:
    Ik ben benieuwd of er een opname gemaakt is van het concert uitgezonden op 31-12-2006 op een Duitse zender van Andre Rieu en hoe ik daarvan in bezit kan komen
    Graag reactie

    vriendelijke groet Ko
  • May 9, 2008 Adele wrote:
    Folks, I have just seen ticket sales started for the Germany Tour 2009; Various locations from 17 Jan to 27 Jan .
    Zurich also 6 Feb 2009
    I had a look at a couple of the german concerts, there are seating plans; at the time of writing there are still fantastic seats in the front row.

    HELP, please; I bought tickets for Innsbruck 19 Feb on the phone, as there was no seating plan on the web site.
    they assured me that I am in the front middle of the stage, but I am not convinced, as the numbering does not seem correct, and I was not given a 'section number'.
    Does anyone know where I can get a seating plan for the Olympic hall in Innsbruck ?
    I have been searching the net for a few days, but cannot find a plan for Andre's concert...
    Many thanks
    Isn't it exciting, Andre in Australia for promotion! The Aussie fans have given hm so much support; I am so happy for them.
    1. May 9, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
      Dear Adele:  Please check your email.  Moderator Prudence sent a layout of the Olympic Hall in Innsbruck.    Ain't She Sweet?
      1. May 9, 2008 Adele wrote:
        Many thanks to both of you for the seating chart.. unfortunately it does not show the sections 'on the floor' but I very much appreciate your kind gesture!
  • May 9, 2008 Melissa W wrote:
    Going to see AR in Reading on 5/26.
    Is the Lehigh campus anywhere near  the Sovereign Center????
    Can't wait, watch him on PBS specials all the time.

    1. May 9, 2008 Moderator Bill AZ wrote:
      Hi Melissa,

      I noticed that this is your very first comment on this blog.  Thanks for decloaking & saying something.  You'll find this is a friendly blog; something I'm sure you already know.  Just out of curiosity, how long did you "lurk" in the background before decloaking?


      I'll be eagerly waiting for your concert report & photos when you see Andre & the JSO in Reading on 26 May

      Bill in Arizona

      1. May 10, 2008 Joe Fabrizio wrote:
        Hi Bill:
        Lehigh University is in Bethlehem Pa.
        The Sovereign Center is in Reading, Pa. The location is:

        The Sovereign Center
        700 Penn St.
        Reading, Pa. 19602

        I hope this helps.


        Joe Fabrizio
        1. May 10, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
          Hi Joe,  are you going to Reading?  If so I will see you there.  I guess you will be in Atlantic City also, correct?  I remember you were sitting in the first row in Reading last year directly down from us.  Take care and hugs to you and your family.
          1. May 11, 2008 Joe Fabrizio wrote:
            Hi Jeanine Ann
            I will be going to Atlantic City. I will be there early because I will be attending the fans Luncheon at the Sheraton from 3 to 5 p.m. I will also be going to Reading, Pa. early because the meet and greet is before the concert at 6 p.m. I look forward to seeing you at both concerts.
            1. May 11, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
              That is great Joe.  Looking forward to it.  I will be at the luncheon also in A.C.  The meet and greet I passed on because I was at the one in Jacksonville and it gets a little expensive.  Did you get your tickets for Reading?  I am thinking of calling them because I did not get them and it is getting close.  Thank and Take care.  Hugs
              1. May 11, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
                Shirley are you ok there in Joplin.  Heard about the tornado and was concerned.  Gotta run now for church but will be on later today.  Hugs and concern
                1. May 11, 2008 Shirley wrote:
                  Hi Jeanine Ann, just got home & turned the computer back on. Yes, we are ok, but it was a wild & wooley time around here yesterday. Our tornado sirens went off about 5 pm &we got into our closet. The worst damage was south of us, about a 10 min. drive to where our friend lives on Highway 43. there were cars being tossed all over the road, but my friend's house was spared, they only got the softball size hail, which of course, destroyed anything glass. All tolled, so far, I think 14 fatalities. Right here, at home, only strong winds & rain. After calling all my friends & family, to make sure they were ok, we breathed a sigh of relief. Our daughter was out on the road when the sirens went off, but she was ok. When I tried to reach my brother & couldn't I was a bit worried, but when I called their cell phone, found out they were in St Louis for the weekend. Sooo, everyone I know is ok. Having been in a tornado before, I just don't think I want to go out that way! Today it's a lovely sunshiney day, had a brunch out with our daugher for Mother's Day. I'm just feeling kind of sad for all those who lost lives & property.
              2. May 11, 2008 Joe Fabrizio wrote:
                Hi Jeanine Ann:

                All tickets were mailed out Friday. I received my tickets on Saturday. I guess I am one of the lucky ones; the post mark was 5/9/2008 and my tickets and information came on Saturday. If you need to call the direct line is 610-984-8134-Erin Firestone.
                1. May 11, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
                  Thank you Joe, maybe I will get them tomorrow. 

                  Shirley I am so glad that you and your family are ok.  That is terrible about all the poor people who not only lost their homes but some their lives.  I really feel sorry for them.  We will have lots of rain and wind but I think that is about all for this area.  We get a day or two of nice weather then we get the cold and rain so I cannot get much done outside and the weeds really grew and so did my little Andres.  I had my sister take some photos because they were at their peak while we were in Florida.  They grew tall and gorgeous just like their namesake. : )   Hugs to all

  • May 9, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:
    A Beautiful Video from OceanFlower:

    1. May 10, 2008 Shirley wrote:
      Sally, this is so beautiful! it reminds me of my dad, who loved his roses so much. And the music of Andre Rieu, with Teun playing the hauntingly beautiful Last Rose. Teun, the gentle, kind man, who signed my book & wrote"Teun, Last Rose", because I told him that was my favorite. I really love this video, it brings tears to my eyes. I thank the lovely lady who put this together. thank you, thank you, thank you.
      1. May 11, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:
        I saw this and had to add it. It is a beautiful photo-story to go with the beautiful music.
        Teun - isn't he adorable? Such talent. I can think of no other orchestra where we want to know the names of the members, where we can 'hear' each individual, and yet they blend and harmonize as a single unit.
        OceanFlower did a GREAT job on this.
    2. May 10, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
      This is so beautiful Sally. The Last Rose is one of my favorite songs, it always gives me goosebumps and sometimes tears. Thanks very much.
  • May 9, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:
    This reminds me of the Happy Days with Vernice, Marilyn, Marilyn, Terri, Marlene, Johnny, Gerda & so many others as we saw Andre Rieu & his JSO in Portland & Seattle 2007.

    1. May 10, 2008 Shirley wrote:
      BOLERO never sounded so good!!! BRAVO!!
      1. May 10, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        Hi Judith,  I am around, I guess you have not seen me.  I put my Florida report on the April concert page if you want to see it.  I also will send you a few things.  Thanks for your concern.  I am still tired but I am getting things done.  I had so much mail and things to do

        It is cold and gloomy here.  The weather will not be nice for Mom's day and especially Monday we will be cold and rainy.  It was so beautiful in Florida.  Hope everyone is fine.  I am working on photos too.  I got so many but I want to lighten them up a little.  I do not use flash because I take so many in front of Andre and do not want the flash bothering him.  Hugs to all

    2. May 11, 2008 Marilyn Smith wrote:
      Hi Sally. Thanks for this video. I thought the Portland concert was great. I had such a good time. It seems like a long time ago. I remember that it seemed like the acoustics were so good - at least where we sat on the side - making the music sound so much better that I had heard it before. Or at least it seemed that way. Maybe it was just the general effect of André and his JSO. The Rose Garden Arena was pretty full and I remember that lots of people danced. I can hardly wait to go again. Hugs.
      1. May 11, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:

        Yes, so short, yet so long ago. Andre needs to return to the WEST COAST !! We need our fix of Music & Friendship.

        1. May 11, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:

          Oh...I had a great time too! Thanks for the nice reminder Sally. I enjoyed meeting with all of you, some I met for the first time, others I had met before, I enjoyed each and everyone of you.
          Yes, Sally, I agree...André needs to return to the West Coast!!
          It's an amazing moment when he's here...we not only get to see and hear André and the JSO again, but we can see our precious André friends again.
          Yes, André, a return trip to the West Coast would be beautiful.
          I cannot wait until he comes back again.

  • May 10, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
    I want to send a special Happy Mother's Day wish all the special mothers out there. You give so much to your children, to life and the happiness of a family. It's an understatement having only one day to celebrate you.
    I hope your day is a beautiful one, you deserve far more than would ever be possible to give to you.
    Fill your day with ♥♥love♥♥, happiness, laughter and some wonderful André music!! ♪♫♪♪♫♫♪

  • May 10, 2008 helen barcroft wrote:
    i am so excited my tickets came today will be at the baltimore concert in a couple of weeks. would like to wish a very happy blessed mothers day to all so enjoyed the the last rose of summer i was born in ireland and that song takes me back best to everyone

  • May 10, 2008 Shirley wrote:
    I would like to wish all a Happy Mother's Day. I would like to dedicate this to my grandmother, Sarah, who raised me.
    "A Mother's love is something
    that no on can explain,
    It is made of deep devotion
    and of sacrifice and pain,
    It is endless and unselfish
    and enduring come what may
    For nothing can destroy it
    or take that love away . . .
    It is patient and forgiving
    when all others are forsaking,
    And it never fails or falters
    even though the heart is breaking . . .
    It believes beyond believing
    when the world around condemns,
    And it glows with all the beauty
    of the rarest, brightest gems . . .
    It is far beyond defining,
    it defies all explanation,
    And it still remains a secret
    like the mysteries of creation . . .
    A many splendoured miracle
    man cannot understand
    And another wondrous evidence
    of God's tender guiding hand".
    -Helen Steiner Rice, A MOTHER'S LOVE

    Whether you are mother or not, everyone had a mother. Mine was my grandmother, and tho' she's been gone many years, I miss her still.So grandma,this is for you. I love you.

    1. May 10, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Here is another article on Andre in Australia

      May 9, 2008 - 12:05PM

      Dutch violinist and conductor Andre Rieu says it's taken decades for the music industry to take him seriously.

      Rieu today inspected Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium ahead of a concert tour of Australia later this year.

      The musician's DVDs featuring spectacular shows involving his 50-member Johann Strauss Orchestra, ice rinks, fountains, ballet dancers and a reproduction of Vienna's Schonbrunn Palace achieved unprecedented success in Australia last year, comprising 48 per cent of all DVDs sold nationally.

      But he said his success was "not so amazing".

      "Thirty years ago nobody wanted to make a record (with me)," Rieu told Fairfax Radio.

      "(The record companies said) what are you playing? Waltzes? Are you crazy? Go back to your grandmother and play for her, because we doing serious stuff here like heavy metal and pop.

      "And that went on for seven years.

      "But I said, 'Please come and listen when I do a concert and you will see what happens in my audience'.

      "And then one guy came and the next morning he called me and said we are going to make a record, and that year we sold 850,000 records in Holland alone."

      Rieu said he had a simple recipe.

      "So many people out there are longing for good music that makes them happy and that's what I want to give them," he said.

      The Australian tour - A Romantic Night in Vienna - will include the castle, two ice rinks, two fountains, the orchestra, Viennese ballet dancers and ice skaters and horse-drawn carriages, as well as solo performances by Rieu.

      Rieu travels with a crew of 350 stage builders and staff, as well as 250 performers.

      The tour is scheduled to open in Melbourne on November 14 (with a second show on November 15), followed by shows in Adelaide (November 18, 19), Perth (November 22), Sydney (November 28, 29) and Brisbane (December 3,4).

    2. May 11, 2008 Grace Armstrong Hunt wrote:
      That is a beautiful poem Shirley. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Your Grandmother was a mother to you and that is special. Really, anyone who is nurturing and loving to a child is a mother. You are right. You are very lucky to have had such a wonderful life and memories.

      Thank You

      Love Much
  • May 11, 2008 Margaret S wrote:
    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mums out there. I hope you were able to enjoy seeing/listening to André and his beautiful music.

  • May 11, 2008 Grace Armstrong Hunt wrote:
    Just a note to say Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies on this site. I received a home made card from my son, who is 10. I love it the most. I also received two lilac trees to be planted in my back yard. Lilacs are my favourite tree. I love their colour and scent. They are lavender or light purple. I also received lavender roses (my favourite rose) from my sister. My mother had tulips, cut from her garden by a neighbour, and made into a bouquet. She made a bouquet for each of her five girls, who are all mothers. Finally, I received a beautiful Boston Terrier picture frame from my dog Nelson. I also received a Kitty frame from Lovey my cat.

    Anyone else who wants to share their day, I would love to hear about it.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Love Much

  • May 11, 2008 Grace Armstrong Hunt wrote:
    Once upon a time there was this lady named Mary. She had one of the loveliest gardens in the entire village, in which she lived. Neighbours would stop by Mary's home to see her lovely garden of iris, geraniums, daffodils, etc. You name that flower, Mary had it.

    Every Saturday, Mary would go to market to find a flower she did not have in her garden. It was her passion to create a garden that encompassed every type of flower or plant from all over.
    From different countries and cultures.

    One day, when Mary went to market, she walked passed a tiny vendor area. She had never seen it at the market before. She noticed the lovely arrangements of flowers this booth was offering. Mary had never seen florals like these before. The look, aroma, and appeal of these were extraordinary, although she could not place her finger on it.

    As Mary neared the booth a man appeared from behind. He had been busy in the back taking out bags, money and such. He greeted Mary with a grand, "Hello".

    Mary asked about his floral arrangements. She asked if they could be planted in her type of garden. The man answered, "Of course Mary. These flowers will grow in anyone's garden. There is just one secret to keeping them flourishing all year around in your garden, rain or shine, sun or moon, summer or winter, they would bloom. That secret is the name of the plant".

    Mary could not believe such a flower could withstand all the elements of mother nature. She was about to ask what the secret name was, thinking this man was going to hoodwink her.

    It was then the Flower Angel appeared to Mary. The angel gently sat on her shoulder and whispered into Mary's ear, "buy one flower Mary and plant it in the middle of your garden". Then the Angel disappeared. Mary looked into her purse to pay for the flower. When she looked up, the booth and the man disappeared. There she was holding that flower, and no one else saw any of it.

    Mary took the flower home and planted it in the middle of her garden. The flower stayed in full bloom no matter what. Every week, it grew more blooms and each bloom changed colour too! Mary never knew from one week to the next what colours they would be.

    All the neighbours would come around to see such a miracle flower! News got out and people from all over came to see this flower. One person asked Mary what the name of the flower was. That was something Mary never received the answer to when she bought it.

    Mary went to the flower and knelt down to have a look at its stems. There, written in faint letters was the name of the flower.

    "Peace and Trust".

    By Grace
    1. May 11, 2008 Shirley wrote:
      Grace, what a lovely, lovely story! Did you know there is a rose named Love & Peace? I am thinking of getting one. I would love to have a special flower like the one you describe!
      1. May 16, 2008 Grace Armstrong Hunt wrote:
        Hi, I am glad you liked my story. I did not know there was a rose called Love and Peace. I bet it is beautiful. Thanks for the info.

        I am not much of a "green thumb" in the garden, the way my mother Mary was. I grew up in the country on an acre lot. Having six kids made it handy! We had a large vegetable garden. It was my mother's flower gardens that made the land. She loved to be outside all the time in the warm weather months in her garden. My one sister (I have five, and one brother)got the "green thumb" gene. She can grow anything. I just stick to violets, petunias (the tough ones you can't kill!)

        The only "green thumb" I have is when it comes to business! I know how to market and make $$. Everyone has their talents.

        Much Love
        1. May 16, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
          Hi Grace,  we always love your stories.  I look forward to them because they make me feel good - just like Andre's music does.  Please keep them coming.  Hugs and much love to you.
    2. May 11, 2008 Moderator Bill AZ wrote:
      Hi Grace,

      This is the kind of 'stuff' that makes this blog soooooo very interesting.

      Thank you, for taking the time& trouble to share this beautiful story

      Bill in Arizona

      1. May 11, 2008 Grace Armstrong Hunt wrote:
        It was no trouble at all Bill. I enjoyed it. I am glad you found it so interesting. As for time, well, I scratched the story out of my head when I was thinking about the nine months I carried a life inside of me. You know feeling it grow and move.

        I also remember the 26 hours of pain and agony until he finally came into this world. Sometimes it is through the memory of pain and agony that you create the most beautiful of things sometimes.

        Love Much
    3. May 11, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
      What a beautiful story this is Grace, thank you so much for sharing it. There couldn't be a more perfect time for sharing this, than on Mother's Day.

      Whether this story was meant for mother's or not, I would have to say that Mother's are truly, "Peace and Trust".
  • May 11, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:




    1. May 11, 2008 Marilyn Smith wrote:
      Right, Sally, a Happy Mother's day to all mothers, and they can take different forms as we know. They deserve our best wishes.

  • May 11, 2008 Grayeme wrote:
    Jeanine Anne, please email me at :--
  • May 12, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:
    Shirley we have all been worried about you and those near you. I hope you have been kept safe. Tornadoes are a fierce show of nature!
    I'm praying for those in Florida too, and we need to keep China in our prayers and thoughts.
    I wish we could export some of Andre's music to help cheer them. For now I'll pray for the best.

  • May 12, 2008 Shirley wrote:
    Hi all, we are ok, but some of our friends to our south were not so lucky.The storms are bad in so many places,Burma, China, US,nature is no respector of persons or regions.Our hearts & prayers go out to all those who in these situations. Wouldn't you know, we are due for some more storms tomorrow. Guess that's what you can expect when you live in tornado alley!
    1. May 12, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
      Yes, that is one of the reasons I don't live in tornado alley.
      I'm so happy that you are ok Shirley, I didn't hear about the tornados until yesterday. I'm sorry about your friends, I just hope everyone is ok. Buildings can be replaced, it's the people we all worry about.
      Just stay safe Shirley! I'm sending my thoughts and prayers your way!

      Yes, there are many disasters at the moment. I know there are so many without homes, and so many who have lost loved ones and heart goes out to everyone. Life is hard enough without mother nature adding to the situation. I guess that's life, as they say, but I still can't help but be so sad when these disasters happen. I send everyone my love, thoughts and prayers!!
      1. May 12, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        Hi everyone,  I just saw on the news that China had a 7.8 quake and they were talking about 900 children buried alive in a school.  All these disasters are terrible and the cyclone in Myanmar (not sure of spelling).  These poor people - I just feel so bad for them and all the little children who are now orphans. 

        Shirley I am so glad you are ok.  I am sorry for everyone who lost their homes but they do have their lives and that is the most important thing.

        On a lighter note, did you see all the beautiful photos on Andre's site from the promo tour?   They are great!  I just don't know how he does it, that big promo and then back to Canada and United States for more concerts.  He must have so much energy.  I am glad he does but I hope he takes care of himself. 

        Got my tickets today for Reading, not as good as last year but not bad.  Floor A3, row BB (second) seats 1 and 2.  That could set me up for another high five!  Not sure though.  This time if I do get one I will have Clyde try to take a photo.   Take care everyone.   Hugs

  • May 12, 2008 Grayeme wrote:
    In 60 years of hearing Waltzing Matilda played by all and sundry, on all types of instruments, until I just sat quietly and listened to Andre's instrumental arrangement of it, did I realise what a beautiful slow waltz tune it is.
    1. May 12, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
      Grayeme:  I was thinking the same thing!  I have heard the song as a 'ditty' a 'fun' song, nice but folksy.

      With Andre Rieu & his JSO playing the gorgeous music, and Mirusia Louwerse singing so wonderfully, today I heard Waltzing Matilda played with Reverence & Respect.   It is a BEAUTIFUL song.

  • May 13, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
    I love both versions of Waltzing Matilda, André playing it on his violin, and Mirusia singing it. Both are incredibly beautiful. Yes, reverence and respect are a good choice of words.
  • May 14, 2008 Grayeme wrote:
    Has there been any word on whether Andre is taking the Schonnbrun Castle stage and "A Viennese Night" Concert to the USA. I notice that after this current tour of the States he does not go back there again before at least March 2009. Anyone know of a plan to take it there in 2009.
  • May 14, 2008 Grayeme wrote:
    I think now is an apt time to post a link to a website that tells the story of Waltzing Matilda and explains why us Aussies are so attached to it. The site has all the words with explanations and you can also play about 6 different styles of the song.
    1. May 14, 2008 Shirley wrote:
      Thank you so much Grayeme, interesting, to say the least. You know, I've heard that song all my life but never really knew all the words. I can't tell you how many western movies I've seen where they've played that music. Usually at a town dance and all the prarie folk would dance to that one.
    2. May 14, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
      Thanks Grayeme:  Just a few days ago, I found this site and a few others .. giving me a good background read on Australia.  I love to read the history, origins and about the peoples of this planet we share.    All good stuff to know.
      1. May 14, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        Hi Grayeme,  Thanks so much for sending that clip of Waltzing Matilda.  I have been singing it all day and I took my violin and starting to pick out the notes, not have any sheet music, and I got the first part of it so now I must find the sheet music.  My husband loves it too.  Cannot wait to get the CD.  Take care my friend.  Hugs
        1. May 14, 2008 Grayeme wrote:
          Here you are Jeanine Ann - this will get you started.

          1. May 14, 2008 Grayeme wrote:
            This is probably a better one Jeanine Ann. Bear in mind as you go through them that the original score for Waltzing Matilda was the Scottish Regimental March "Craigielea"
            Cheers and have fun.
            1. May 14, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
              Thank you so much Grayeme.  That was so sweet of you.   That will be perfect for me.  Thanks for going out of your way for me.  Hugs to you
            2. May 15, 2008 Darcy wrote:
              Hi Grayme, the tune goes back even further. It was a lovely Celtic/Scottish air called Craigeelee that was used by the Jacobites under Bonnie Prince Charles as a song as they made their way into England. As you would understand marching was done by the English troops not by clansmen. However over the years it adapted to the more military sound as Thou Bonnie Wood of Craigielea. When Miss Christina MacPherson played it for A B Banjo" Paterson he wrote his lyrics intending it to be of a gentle nature. Being of Scottish parents he would surely have heard it sung in his own home in a non military fashion as folk song. He had high hopes of being the paramore of Miss MacPherson but being already committed to another the parents objected. Anyway the arrangement of Andre's and the lovely voice of Mirusia brought back all the gentleness of the original song. Interestingly our present national anthem "Advance Australia Fair" was also written by a Scotsman and first played in 1878 Nov 30th on St Andrew's Day so it predated Banjo's effort by about twenty years. Without a doubt it is a lovely version and as far as I am concerned the best I have ever heard.
  • May 14, 2008 Shirley wrote:
    I'm trying to play catch up on all the reports. I'd like to thank all, especially Margaret, Helen,& Janice & anyone else whom I've forgotten, for sharing their experiences and pictures. Wow! Nothing like getting up close and personal with Andre, huh? You Aussie's have been fortunate to have so many chances to see him & get your things signed, but hey, you all deserve it. You've been the ones who have put him high on so many charts. Signs on taxicabs? Now that's promotion! Just wait til Nov. and Dec. You think you're excited now?
  • May 14, 2008 Arthur wrote:
    I have been a fan of Andre's wonderful orchestra since I purchased the first DVD. I have spent a lot of money buying tickets for my family to attend his Perth event and I thought it worthwhile to inform him that in spite of what some might tell you most of us we want to hear the type of first class music we have seen on his DVDs and minimum second rate local input. Tuscany in particular, although I couldn't understand a word had music of such universal appeal and quality that everyone I know was thrilled.
    Over done attempts to cater to perceived local preference spoiled the New York and the Albert Hall events and I hope that his people agree with this view as I hope that this is not repeated as in my view and many like me, there are very short on musical substance but remarkably not in talented musicians and singers. I think you will find that the silent majority of those buying tickets for Andre's performance here and in any part of the world are of similar mind.
    We love the type of music which Andre's orchestra makes magic with, the other we can hear on TV and the radio any time should we wish. Thank you for the pleasure you have given to so many people and I hope that you stick to real music.

    Best wishes for a successful tour.

    1. May 14, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
       Hello Arthur:
      You spoke of "local" talent.  Gary Bennett of the Plantin Tenore is from Brisbane.
      Mirusia Louwerse is also from Brisbane.
      I share this with you as, yes, Andre will add a local song or two, but in your case, he has not some local talent that is going to stay local, but world class talent that truly is a delight to see and hear.  Have you heard Andre's newest CD: Waltzing Matilda?  I would appreciate to know your thoughts on his arraignments and treatment of some of Australia's songs.
      I am an American, of Irish heritage, but when I heard Mirusia sing, I Still Call Australia Home .. it made me cry.  There was so much love of her homeland and pride in her voice, the music of Andre & his JSO so beautiful...tears came to my eyes.  I am thankful Andre recorded the song, as I had never heard it before, and who better to sing it than a native Australian who has one of the world's most beautiful voices?
      I can understand when you say you want to hear more of the classics you've seen Andre play on his DVDs.  Do you have any favorite songs?  One of mine is The Swinging Bells of Limburg.  I also like the Tirol-Rock, performed at the close of the DVD titled Gala.
      Andre reads what his fans have to say, and does hear our voice, yet he is always true to his own musical heart.  That's why he is so popular.  When others told him to stop, his music was outdated and for his grandmother, he knew right away, his music was for everyone and every heart.
      Thanks for your input.

      1. May 14, 2008 Adele wrote:
        Hello Arthur

        Having closely followed ‘Andre fan sites’ over the past year and a half, I draw the following conclusion. Admires of Andre Rieu fall into 3 categories;

        1. The vast majority of us, who like anything and everything Andre does, waltzes, 'local preference music' etc. whatever he plays, we like it.
        This would account 85% of ‘fans’, concert goers. The rest is divided;

        2. Those who prefer mainly waltzes and classical music; I think you would come into this category; ideal for you are the Schonbrunn and Live in Vienna DVD's.
        We attended the Vienna concert; my husband fell asleep during the performance. ‘too many waltzes’, he said.

        3. Those who actually do not like too many waltzes, and ‘serious music’. They prefer ‘spectacle’. (Bolero/I will follow him’ etc) . They like the ‘fun bits’, the jokes, tunes like ‘Music of the night’ and songs that they can sing along to; therefore they like ‘local preferences’.

        I am intrigued to know what you did not like about the Albert hall concert. Was it ‘tea for two’ ? very English. I loved it. It was, in fact the only ‘local preference item’ that you refer to. The rest was ‘international’.

        Well, I do hope you will not be disappointed with your concert in Perth;
        Andre himself has said that it will have an Australian flavour. He even said he is bringing Australia to Maastricht! Whatever he does, it will be a huge hit.

        1. May 14, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
          Very Well Said Adele.  I think you've got it Spot On.
          1. May 14, 2008 Grayeme wrote:
            I hope you have not wasted your money by purchasing tickets to the wrong concert. All of your critical points are of the very things that Andre set out to do in his attempt to bring classical music back to the ordinary people in the street. It is very difficult to deny or argue that Andre's recipe for success is not working.
            Cheers to you - loosen up and enjoy the Perth concert for what it is.
        2. May 16, 2008 Grace Armstrong Hunt wrote:
          Hi Adele: I think I am a mixture of numbers 1 and 3. I like all his waltzes, skaters, the whole thing. I also like the humour and personality of his performances. I guess I am "Here for a good time not a long time". If Andre does have encores, I certainly would stay to the end! Australian, Austrian, American, Canadian, whatever the origin, Andre magically turns it into something that is a wonderful thing. Maybe I have it all wrong, but that is just how I see it anyway.

          Thanks All

          Love Much
          1. May 16, 2008 Marilyn Smith wrote:
            Hi Grace,
            You say it just about right for me, too.
            Altho, my favorites are his solos, and I love the waltzes and the classical stuff (I particularly loved "Live in Vienna), I love it all. André makes it all fabulous.
        3. May 16, 2008 Shirley wrote:
          Adele, I think I am in the #1 group. I like the variety that Andre provides.I do not understand "local preferences spoiled" , nor "short on musical substance" nor "second rate local input". Doesn't sound like any concert of Andre's. I believe that Andre gives an honor to the place when he adds "local" flavor and to some of us who aren't too familiar with all the music of the places he goes, it's new to us. I love the "serious" as well as the fun,and my goodness, I grew up loving the waltzes, so I'd say I like a bit of everything.
      2. May 15, 2008 Darcy wrote:
        Hi Sally, FYI Gary was born in Launceston Tasmania an Island State of Australia south of Victoria not Brisbane sadly, though I must admit it is our favourite place to holiday here and if it was not for children and grandchildren we would probably live there. A beautiful place.
        1. May 15, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:
          Hi Darcy, I thought I had heard Tasmania, when the official site has listed Brisbane I went with that. Good you can correct me, and get the correct information out there.
          Is Tasmania, more brush? more tropical? more outback? weather is different?

          1. May 15, 2008 Darcy wrote:
            Hi Sally, is there anywhere I can send a short word doc with some website addresses that show you what Tassie is like? It is somewhat like a combination of Scotland, New Zealand and some parts of Canada. No super highways, lovely green countryside, rainforests, old colonial ruins, frendly people, Known to get hot but more likely cooler than the mainland. Gets snow on the mountain tops in winter. Just lovely and the air is so clear. I have plenty of personal photos but the various websites give you a mucher clearer picture.
            1. May 15, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
              Hi Darcy.  Check your email.  I sent you a reply.    I think this would be great information and all the fans would love to read about "Tassie".
  • May 14, 2008 Al Ursitti wrote:
    I have watched Andre's musical show on television many times, from Italy and other countries, and really enjoyed his violin playing and full orchestra performances, but I need your help!

    I need to know the names of the conductor, orchestra, and titles of a DVD, CD, or old record album which has the background theme music the “Marche Miniature Viennoise” played on the Bishop Fulton J.Sheen’s 1950s weekly inspirational TV series “Life Is Worth Living” …in the USA. The music, which I want to buy on DVD, CD, or old record album purely for the pleasure and enjoyment of listening to good classical music, and not for any business purpose.

    Every time I try to research for the answer on my personal computer Fritz Kreisler’s name always comes up. I don't believe that it is Fritz Kreisler and/or his orchestra (which I have listened to separately by itself) that is on the “Life Is Worth Living” program, because Kreisler’s arrangement of Marche Miniature Viennoise is very different from the background theme music played on the “Life Is Worth Living” TV program …..his performance is a little more louder, sharper, and with a faster tempo than that which is played as the background theme music for Bishop Sheen which is more smooth and soothing. For the better part of two years, on and off, I have had no luck in getting the answers to this question from my PC search engines, the Library of US Congress, and many other classical music sources. I also viewed the "Life Is Worth Living" program on a DVD from NETFLIX and I could hear portions of the background music, Marche Miniature Viennoise, but there are no Artistic Credits given at all, let alone Credits for the music, shown at the beginning or end of the program. You are my last hope ……I’m sure that Andre's life-long appreciation for good classical music and possibly some rarely found “good pop music” your professional music library archives and fan club members could help in coming up with the answer. If I didn't know any better, with all the time and effort I've put into this search, I could easily believe that there is a kind of “conspiracy” against me (just kidding, of course). To repeat again, I am not seeking this information for any business purpose.

    And by the way, what is the significance/meaning of the word “Miniature” in the title, and who was the original composer of the “Marche Miniature Viennoise?

    And finally, did Andre and his JSO or MSO orchestra ever play the “Marche Miniature Viennoise” and if so, how and where can I find it to listen to?

    Many Thanks! Al Ursitti

    1. May 15, 2008 Shirley wrote:
      My goodness, you've certainly given an extensive search already. I wish I could help, but I've only heard that piece a couple of times, once by Joshua Bell, and on npr when they played some music that was heard on the last voyage of the Titanic. Marche Miniature Viennoise was on that list. I'm sure the reason that the name of Fritz Kreisler keeps popping up is because he actually did compose it. As for hearing the version on the Life Is Worth Living series, I'm not familiar with the theme there. I would be interested to know if you ever find it. Did you try maybe going to Bishop Sheen's website and hitting the "contact us" button? maybe someone could answer your question. At any rate, I'm really hoping someone can help you. If Andre has ever played that piece I'm not aware of it. One last note, I would imagine the "miniature" just means a short piece as I think Kreisler composed several short pieces. I'm 71 yrs old and I don't know the answer to your question so lets hope you find out for all of us.
  • May 14, 2008 Frank Erceg wrote:
    Andre, is one of the best violinists I have ever heard at all times. I have purchased all of his CD's and DVD's. Andre, You are one of the musicians who have inspired me to play violin. Thank you for inspiring me to play the instrument. Sincerely Frank Erceg
    1. May 14, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi Frank, I agree 100% with you and he has inspired me to take up the violin too.  I am not a young girl in fact I am over 60 and he has inspired me so much that I now practice every single day for an hour and am thinking of spending more time on this lovely instrument and I want to take some lessons.  Our local "Country String Shop" has a violion symposium on Saturday where we can play, look at different violins, listen to students playing, ask questions, meet the teachers so I will take my violin and get evaluated.  It should be lots of fun.  The man who runs the shop is a Luthier and he makes gorgeous instruments.  He has been so nice and helpful to me.  He said I would be surprsied how many older students he has.  Good luck to you Frank and please come back to see us.  Hugs
    2. May 15, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
      I agree with you Frank, although I'm not at a point in my life that I am able to do anything even remotely connected to practicing an instrument...however, it would certainly be fun to do, even for a nice challenge.
      I think about all the violinists that I have heard over the years, and there are so many that are great. I listen to them play a piece of music and it's very beautiful. Then, I listen to André play the very same piece of music. All I can say is, is that André has a way of bringing the music to life. It seems that he "adds" happiness and life, feelings and emotions, to the music he plays.
    3. May 15, 2008 Moderator Bill AZ wrote:
      Hi Frank,

      I see this is your very first comment. 

      Allow me to be the first to WELCOME you to this very friendly blog.  You will greatly enhance your enjoyment of André's DVD, by regular participation, because you will learn soooo much more about André & the JSO

      I'll look forward to your comments.

      Bill in Arizona

  • May 15, 2008 Vernice Warneke wrote:
    Sally, So glad you are back! I sure will miss not having Andre and his orchestra visit the west coast this year. I will compensate by playing all his Dvd's and cd's whenever I feel the need! I just close my eyes and dream!
    I sure enjoy all his concerts I have attended, especially the last Portland one. It was great.

  • May 15, 2008 Paul Nicholson wrote:
    Recently I organised to put an Andre Rieu ring tone on my mobile (cell) phone. I don't quite recall where I saw the original advertisement for the ring tone but I believe it was from the official Andre Rieu site.

    Anyway, I didn't have a problem about being charged for the original ring tone; it is good to hear "Second Waltz" every time the phone rings.

    My service provider is Telstra. Somehow, through what Telstra describes and admits as deceptive marketing, I have "agreed" to be charged weekly and the amount added to my Telstra account.

    Telstra say they are powerless to stop my account being debited. I explained that I understood that I was party to an agreement between me and Telstra; they provide a (telephone) service and I pay for it. That's fair.

    But somehow, someone, a third party, can add costs to your Telstra account and Telstra are powerless to do anything about it.

    There is no one in the entire Telstra organisation that is able to stop my account being debited.

    Andre has given us so much pleasure; all of us.

    I must say this is the one dark moment for me.

    I know Andre and his organisation are not to blame; perhaps, however, they (and the managers of sites such as this) should be very careful about advertisements for ring tones and what appears to be the deceptive practices that go with them.

    So, in the words of Telstra, my account will be charged $3.95 per week indefinitely.

    I was originally advised to send a STOP message to the provider when the next message arrived. I have done that twice; no effect.

    Telstra gave me a 1800 number to call (1800 195 773); that diverts to a number in the United Kingdom and they leave a message saying they are not able to answer your call.

    So there you go, my one dark episode since discovering Andre and his beautiful music last year.

    Please, please, everyone in Australia, particularly if you are a Telstra customer, think very carefully before downloading an Andre Rieu ring tone.

    If you do you face the prospect of your account being debited (in addition to the original charge which is fair --- you expect to pay for the original ring tone) "for the term of your natural life".

    Incredible how such things can be allowed to happen in the sophisticated world of 2008.

    As they used to say; "let the buyer beware" or "there's no fool like an old (me at 57?) fool".

    I would be interested to hear if others have had similar experiences with Andre Rieu ring tones and/or Telstra.

    Paul in Melbbourne
    1. May 15, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
      Hi Paul:

      How horrible.  I don't know what site you found this on (I"ve seen a few advertising A.R. ring tones too), but it's not from Andre's site.    Can you send a site link to my personal email?  I'll see what I can find out too.

      I know Andre would be upfront with anything he does, and he would expect the same of any company associated with him.  That's just how he is, with all things.   So this smacks of something less than honest on the part of the ring tone company.

      Also, call your credit card company if you used one to pay for the download.  Inform them of the fraud / deceit.  I would write to the phone company who is billing you (I know you contacted them, but put it in writing, registered mail) telling them to stop billing for the other company, as it is fraud.  Tell Telstra you no longer agree, and in fact didn't agree to begin with, they CAN stop the billing.

      Do you have a local version of "7 on your side" or something of the like, a news station that helps consumers?  I'd call them.

      I looked for ring tones a while back and found some to buy, it was a one time purchase of 3 tones for US $9.00.  (none were of Andre's music).  It was then I found out that many places did indeed charge monthly.  I way.

      Good luck.

    2. May 16, 2008 Margaret S wrote:
      Hi Paul

      Try the Telecommunications Ombudsman

      They successfully helped me a few years ago when I had a problem with an internet provider. Hope this helps.
      1. May 19, 2008 Margaret S wrote:
        Hi Paul
        How did you get on with the Telecommunications Ombudsman? Hope you were successful in removing the ringtone.
    3. May 16, 2008 CONSTANCE wrote:
    4. May 17, 2008 Lyn M wrote:
      Hi Paul, I am wondering if the ad you responded to for the ringtone was on the 'Persoon van het Jaar 2008' voting site. They regularly list ringtones and I am certain I have seen an Andre one advertised there. That does not help much though with your predicament.

      I think Margaret S's suggestion of contacting the Telecommunications Ombudsman is a good one although they may not have any jurisdiction outside of Australia.

      Hope you are able to get this problem sorted out. Cheers. Lyn
  • May 16, 2008 Grayeme wrote:
    To all my friends in Canada and the States going to concerts on the current tour, "Have a Great Time and Keep Safe."
  • May 16, 2008 Adele wrote:
    Hi Paul and all!
    I am horrified to learn that you have been 'ripped off', for wanting to have an Andre Ring tone.
    my mobile plays the second waltz, and SMS arrive to the tune of the Cinderella Waltz.
    and all for free!
    Basically you download music from your PC to the mobile.
    to do this you need a bit of software called 'Sony Sound Forge 7.0'.
    go into google or the like and you will find it, as a free download.
    Unfortunately I am not able to talk you through the process of downloading, as a friend of mine did it for me, and i will not see him until August.
    Download the software, then go into the 'help'.. section.
    I did not have any embarrassing feelings about doing this, as I, like most of us spend lots of money on DVD's, concert tickets etc.
    I do hope you get something sorted out.

  • May 16, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
    Paul, I'm so sorry for your experience. I downloaded "Morning" André's version, which I love very much. I had it for a very long time until my phone gave out.
    The company had charged me $2.50 for the download, and that was all. When I got my new phone I tried to find it again and could not. I did sign up for another service that charged $25 per year, for all the "free" downloads you want, haha, but I only want André, so it was a waste of money, as they didn't have what they advertised...which was André music.
    I've seen "Second Waltz", but trying to get it, was challenging.
    I have tried downloading other classical music, but when I got my bill, the "free" download cost me $10(each try). I called an cancelled.

    I've now decided that until something is truly "free" as advertised, and also has André music, I'm going with my new phones own ringtone, which, by the way, is quite nice,"(new phone, again).

    I would definitely get that charge taken off your bill Paul...I'm sure there is a way. To have something for "life" should come with you when you are born!
    1. May 16, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      It seems like we all have the same problem with getting Andre ring tones.  I tried it also with Verizon and wanted the Blue Danube but then they did not have Andre's version.  I settled for some Philharmonic Orchestra (I forget which) and it sounds pretty good but not Andre's.  I paid $3.99 for the song which was fine but some third party person came in and they are charging $1.00 a month for all the downloads I want and I only want the one I have until I can find a real Andre song.  No matter what we try, Verizon said they cannot take the charge off.  $1.00 a month is not a lot but it is just the idea of charging when I don't even use it.  One of these days I will get a real Andre song on my phone but it is the Blue Danube.  Hugs
      1. May 16, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:
        This link deals with California Law, but I would think it fairly standard in the US.

        Try this, it might give you some good advice.   Thanks to Pru for the find.

        Cell Phone/Ring-tone/Laws
  • May 17, 2008 Inge Cossette wrote:
    If I did not see last night André in the flesh in Montréal, I would truly believe we lost him to Australia, but he comforted the Morealese that we are his most favorite audience, haaaaaa, I guess he tells that everywhere. He had the fabulous Mirushia with him the 3 tenors and one of my favorite, Carmen, I missed my all time favorite, Carla, a few jokes were even new and he spoke in the two languages, not only French. Also the banner man was present and held up his lots of banners, I nice evening . I took oodles of pictures and we had lots of fun. Inge
    1. May 17, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi Inge,  glad you had so much fun at the concert.  That was very nice that he spoke French also.  So glad Carmen was there.  I really missed her.  When you said you took "oodles" of photos that got my attention.  : )  I took so many photos of Andre in Jacksonville and Miami and I guess I got my camera stuck on Andre.  It was like no one else was around : )  I did get a few of the singers but I did concentrate on my favorite subject.  When I got next to those flowers I went crazy. 
      What did Carmen sing - song of Vilja?    Cannot wait to see your "oodles" of photos!!  I will send you a photoshow of mine.  I have your email.  Take care and thanks for the report.   Hugs to you

      1. May 17, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
        Hi Inge, thanks for your concert report. I'm happy that André is back in the rest of the world for a moment in time .
        Jeanine Ann...speaking of "photoshow"...I'm still waiting on the one from you while you were in Florida! You know how much we like those pictures and concert reports!
        1. May 17, 2008 Moderator Bill AZ wrote:
          I just did a google search for "Andre Rieu" & "Johann Strauss Orchestra".  Why don't you do the same.  You will be pleasantly surprised to see Sally's website popping up right at the top of the search

          Congrats, Sally!  This is proof positive that this website is being peeked at by more people than we can possibly imagine, every day

          Bill in Arizona

  • May 17, 2008 Inge Cossette wrote:
    Hi Jeanine Ann , you got it wrong, André usually speaks only French here, but yesterday he did everything in both languages. If you want pictures from me, you have to give me your e-mail. Thanks for your offer. Inge
  • May 20, 2008 Shirley wrote:
    ONLY 5 DAYS TO GO JEANINE ANN! are you ready?
    1. May 20, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:

      Yes Shirley, I am ready!!   It will be a hectic two days driving to A.C. Sunday morning and driving back after the concert (3 to 4 hours) and picking some sleep and then get ready for Reading but I will be up for it!  Will let you know all about it.  Front row center in A.C. and 2nd row aisle seats in Reading - the very aisle which Andre comes down!! : )

      I have attached a link to my photo show from Florida.  Hope everyone enjoys it.
      Love and hugs

      1. May 20, 2008 Shirley wrote:
        PLEASE, would you take a picture for ME?
        1. May 20, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
          I sure will Shirley - of what??? : )   Hugs
          1. May 20, 2008 Shirley wrote:
            why the man & the violin, please.
            1. May 20, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
              Okay Shirley - I knew that   I will take a special one and call it Shirley's photo!  Hugs
              1. May 20, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
                Hi everyone,

                I forgot I had this photo on my cell phone.  I took it the day Andre left the hotel in Ft. Lauderdale.  It is not the clearest but you cannot do much with a phone camera.  Hugs

                1. May 20, 2008 Moderator Bill AZ wrote:
                  The blond lady in the background, is Kirsten Cornelis, in case anyone is interested.
                  1. May 21, 2008 Ali Morales wrote:
                    Hi Bill: Would appreciate it if you would please send me your email address. Thanks much. Ali Morales
                    {{redacted}} {{{sent to Moderator Bill}}}

                    *redactions due to those who spam people from our Blog.  I want to protect Fans from rabid individuals who spam nice people.
                2. May 31, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:
                  I like this photo! Andre & Kerstin, hard at work, and still Smiling!
      2. May 20, 2008 Shirley wrote:
        Jeanine Ann, just now finished watching the photo show. you have some very good shots. I could almost feel your excitement. don't you think the balloons look like little jellybellies?And I noticed Ruth in there too, don't you think she has a great smile? And the violin, gosh that's such a beautiful instrument, I would like, just once, to run my finger over that beautiful wood, and just so you know, not just because it's Andre's, , but there is something so special about a violin like that, it has to be the most wonderful thing to play. I can see why you want to learn to play yourself. I'm knowing that you will be in 7th heaven in a few days. You have great seats too.
        1. May 20, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
          Hi Shirley, you know I never thought about getting a photo of the balloons but they look so pretty falling from the ceiling.  Ruth has a lovely smile and she is always smiling especially at a concert!  I doubt if we could ever get close enough to that violin to touch it but would that be thrilling.  I guess if we would reach for it we may get shot!    Oh I wish so much I could play like Andre or even anyone at this point.  I forgot to mention that I went to the 2008 Violin Symposium last Saturday and it was really nice.  They had many beautiful violins and the man I bought my violin from is a Luthier and makes gorgeous instruments.  He introduced me to a teacher.  She is a nice younger lady who is a professional violinist and so I begin lessons on June 2nd and I need them.  I can hardly wait to get some instruction.  You can only go so far with a DVD.  There is no interaction with a DVD so you get to a point where you say - now what?  So I am hoping to learn a lot. 

          Well in a few days I will be in 7th Heaven again or still.  When you get to the last concert (that you know of) it gets a little depressing.  I always like to see one in the future even if it is next year but I guess we will all have to wait until the new schedule comes out.  I just hope he comes somewhere in the U.S.A.  With the upcoming Australia concerts the West Coast is out for December and that is a shame but I know we must share him and the Aussies are certainly deserving.  They have waited a long time and I am so glad that they will finally share in our happiness.    Hugs

          1. May 20, 2008 Moderator Bill AZ wrote:
            You do know that Carmen Monarcha will be part of the May concerts along the east coast, don't you?
            1. May 25, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:
              Bill, I just heard from Charles, and he said Carmen was at the concert, but did not have any solo songs. Mirusia was the only soloist.
              Virginia said the same thing.
              Mirusia has a beautiful voice, really one of the best I think.
              Still, many of the concert goers are asking why not have more soloists.
              Me? I am happy recovering from surgery with my CDs where I hear all songs and everyone!

      3. May 24, 2008 Marilyn Smith wrote:
        Hi Jeanine. Loved your photos. Boy, he looks so good. I haven't had my computer for almost a week (it had a virus), and just got it back, so have been unable to watch the photoshow til
        now. Thanks so much for all that you do. Have a great time at the concerts.
  • May 23, 2008 kati wrote:
    1. May 23, 2008 Shirley wrote:
      HI KATI!! I've missed you.Katie,you may get older but you will never get old. I love your spirit.
  • May 23, 2008 jeff rubino wrote:
    hey Jeanine Ann,
    did u get the pictures form the andre rieu concert that i went to? i sent them to you via walmart to your weathergirl email address. thanks
    1. May 23, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi Jeff, I sure did get them and they are wonderful, especially the ones near the end!!  Thanks so much.  I will have more next week when I get back.  We are having a fan luncheon in A.C. so I will get some photos of that too and anything or anyONE else I see.   Hugs
      1. May 23, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        I want to wish everyone a very Happy and safe Memorial Day!  Please pray for all our men and women who have given their lives for this beautiful country in which we live.

        This photo was taken in Jacksonville when Andre was playing "America The Beautiful".  Hugs to all

        1. May 24, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
          This is a very nice photo. Perfect for Memorial Day .
          I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend! I have to work .
  • May 25, 2008 Virginia Baker wrote:

    Hi, Jeanine, Sally, et al. Was in Bridgeport on Friday. Not full but a good crowd. I must say the sound was quite good, better than in a lot of arenas, not too loud. It was almost like being back at the first concerts, mostly orchestra pieces. Mirusia was the only female soloist. Carmen and Kalki were the other two female singers but they did not do solos. I wish he had had Kalki or Laura do a solo. There were only two violas there. It was a very pleasant concert, as I said, sort of like attending the first two North American concerts. Mirusia was lovely. I wonder why they had her sing Memories which I consider Suzan's song. She did it well but Suzan enunciates a lot better. She also did Ave Maria which I associate with Carmen even though it was different. With all the music in the world I would have been happier if she had done something else, although I admit her Ave Maria was beautiful. Her voice was "toned down" a little from last year - very soft and beautiful. I felt the audience was enthusiastic but not overly so. Everyone seemed healthy, not sniffing like last year. They had trouble getting the balloons to drop. Some of them did not come down. This was the type of concert that would have been perfect in the theaters in which he used to appear. Our beloved maestro has put on weight! Right in the tummy. Guess that means there's more of him for everyone. He used to say he weighs 170, but most recently he said he weighs 180 -- and it's all in one spot. Lyn was not there nor were the viola players Pierre and Linda. There was a sign, no cameras. There was one annoying woman who would walk down the aisle stand right in front of the stage, hold her camera up high and take pictures when Mirusia was singing, etc. A very pleasant evening. With one more female soloist would have been perfection.

    1. May 25, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:

      Thank you for the report Virginia. I wish Laura, or even Kalki had solo songs as well. Laura’s voice is beautiful. Different and Delightful, she added much to the concert when I heard her voice. And Kalki has really developed her voice, she keeps improving and her voice was pretty to start with!

      I have an old recording of Desi Arnez singing Bolero (a different song that what Marcel plays). I think Laura’s voice would be perfect for it.

      I know what you mean about pesky people with their cameras blocking your view or getting in the way of the show. I try to tell people, take a digital camera, and use NO flash. I do not even ‘aim’ or ‘look’ when I take a photo. I hold the camera up, press snap and put the camera down. With digital photos, I can take 200 pictures, and maybe 65 will turn out good. That’s 65 shots where I didn’t annoy anyone, and the ones I delete, didn’t cost me a thing. Best of all…I enjoyed the concert, not aiming and adjusting my camera.

      Trudy was just telling me at the concert in Milwaukee, others kept standing up in front of her, blocking her view of the stage all together. L

      I had a gentleman write about who sang Memories; I had to ask him when and at what concert he heard it. He heard Suzan, but it was confusing at first.

      I love it when the balloons hang up. Makes the concert more real, human to me. And I always laugh at the one balloon that waits until the last moment to drop. I think they like falling by themselves. HA.

      I am so glad to hear there were not so many sniffles this year! Let this be the year we all get healthier! *And good music is conductive to that.

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. J

  • May 25, 2008 Carol wrote:

    Last night was the most magical night. I felt like we were up in heaven. Our seats were very high up, but on the side, so I could see the clarinetist smirking each time she whistled!!! So great! I have just two negative points to make regarding seats. I didn't like that Laura Savini asked where the 5,000 people who donated to PBS were sitting. Of course, we, in heaven, could see they were orchestra seats. Point two: many elderly people make their way up into the heaven seats b/c they love this music and Andre Rieu. Can't we be kinder to them? Some were 80 years old, and climbing, b/c they can't afford the PBS donation. Nor can I, but I felt bad for them, as they have physical hardships.

    As for me,I wished I had seen this particular concert from a closer and more central view. The music was played with such lightness of mood, while every note was precise and played as seriously as if it were a traditional classical concert. The colors were exquisite ---I felt I was in a Spring Garden. I took a deep breath, the ride began. Rieu is the classical musician everyman. I love everything about the way he brings classical music to people. He educates, charms, and heals as if he were teacher/music therapist/ and Pan!

    I just wish I had a set list. I am wondering where I can get one for this concert.

    To all you fans out there, I just can't say enough. I wish I could repeat last night. I am a stay at home mom who went back to school for music, and I keep hearing Rieu's comment in my head, "Put on the Strauss Waltzes and you can heal anything. In fact, I can't wait to hear what happens after the concert tonight." Well, if he can heal me of my blockages to music theory, I will be playing those waltzes every day!!!!

    1. May 26, 2008 Adele Geritzen wrote:
      Hi Carol
      As a European, I am rather disturbed about all this ‘pledging business’ by PBS.
      As a ‘foreigner’, it seems that PBS ‘sponsors’ Andre; has done so in the past, and may do so in the future.. Although recently I have read that Andre may disassociate himself in future from PBS.
      I have heard that people have to pay ‘way over the odds’ for their tickets through PBS, in order to have decent seats. For sure, Andre does not see this money.
      Here , in Europe, it seems to be on a ‘first come, first served system’.
      For example, I have centre front row tickets for Innsbruck and Munich in Feb 2009. At a price of about € 95/100 per ticket. (I think about US $ 200.. ) this is the ‘regular price’.. I don’t think that any TV stations ‘intervene’. People, like me. just keep watching the official sales web sites.. and if you are fast, then you are in the front row.
      (with the exception, perhaps, of Maastricht. I have been fast but I know the front rows for the Saturday concert are reserved for citizens.)
      Well, I suppose PBS attitude is that they promoted him years ago, without them he would not have become so well known, but they are still profiting.. for sure Andre has a contract with them. ‘Front rows , PBS at inflated prices ‘ .
      Does not sound nice to be asked in the middle of a concert ‘who of you paid loads of money to PBS ? ‘ pretty poor taste.
      Things may change, and I hope so.

      All the best..

      1. May 26, 2008 Carol wrote:
        Hello Adele,
        Well, I wholeheartedly agree with your opinions regarding PBS. I used to have the utmost respect for this kind of television, even as the pledge advertisements drove me to switch it off. After 20 minutes of wonderful, educational tv, the pledging drones on, b/c it is public television, (as opposed to the other type of tv which is supported by corporate sponsors) and needs monetary support from the people.

        Public television is respected here in the US because the other type of tv does not give us the obscure artist, author, travelogue, etc. Mainstream television has gotten very "dumbed down." One would just wish that PBS did not have to exist to see such wonderful programs.

        It's interesting how you, as a European, view the "pledging business," and that you see PBS as intevening for Andre Rieu. Yes, I can see exactly what you mean---it is advantageous to both PBS and Rieu in that both parties are able to widen audience and fan base, respectively. It would make sense that Andre does not see that money.

        It sounds as if Europe and the USA have much the same system with tickets for concerts in that it is first come, first served. Ticketmaster or Telecharge is usually how most tickets are purchased, or one can always go to the venue box office (not always convenient). By the way, how considerate of Andre Rieu, that a citizen of his home town can reserve seats first!

        Sadly, I would not have heard about Andre Rieu had it not been for PBS. My mother-in-law first saw Andre Rieu on PBS. She is American by birth, and very proud of her of Bavarian heritage. We go to German restaurants and I listen to German music because of her (and love it all). She would ask us if we had ever heard of Andre Rieu , and we had not. After seeing a PBS concert or two, we watched, enthralled. We gave her a birthday gift by taking her to the concert last Sat. evening at Nassau Coliseum (a venue used for hockey games-- really not the best for acoustics). It was the first time we had ever seen Andre Rieu in concert. Still, very impressive despite all the negatives. She was so happy!!

        I am happy to hear that Andre Rieu may disassociate himself with PBS,because I believe there is a conflict of interest, if PBS donors can get preferred seating. I am not even sure what the smallest donation would have to be in order to get a great orchestra seat, and they still have to buy tickets, but I am not sure at what price. One would need to spend between $100-200 USD to obtain a good view, just the same as your ticket. I dream of front row seats whenever I want to see a musician, or group or artist. Since I am not working full-time, I will have to dream until such time as I can afford good seats!!! I am going to play the Strauss waltzes every single know what Rieu says...."you never know what can happen."
        Best Regards!!!
  • May 25, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
    Thank you Carol and Virginia for your concert reports! I always enjoy hearing about all the details of an André concert. How many encores were there?
  • May 26, 2008 Grayeme wrote:
    On Andre's website, in the Boutique, he has a video called "A Dream Come True" released in 2000. Do any fans here have this video and could you tell me whether it is re-produced on any of the DVD's. Many of Andre's DvD's are released here in Australia under different names and I am starting to get quite a collection of "double-ups".
    Will buy it if it is something I have not got. Cheers.
    1. May 26, 2008 Virginia Baker wrote:
      To Grayeme: I had the video "A Dream Come True" on VHS. I never hooked the VCR back up when I moved here in 2003. I remember it as being the story of his life and how he got where he is today. Lots of childhood pictures, etc. I remember liking it at the time. I doubt it is on any of the DVDs.
    2. May 26, 2008 Adele wrote:
      Hi Grayeme
      I think it was at the end of 2006, I bought through ebay, a 2 box set.. Live at the Albert Hall / la Vie Est Belle (Life is beautiful), this was the concert from Berlin. it included 'A Dream Come true, as a kind of 'add on'.. But remember, that I am from England/Italy.. and i bought the set from someone in France!
      if you dont already have 'Albert hall & La Vie Est belle' then i suggest you have a look on ebay for the box set.. so 'normally' you will get the 'A dream come true, thrown in'...

      1. May 26, 2008 Grayeme wrote:
        I thought it might be similar to the trailer on Royal Albert Hall. I have both those DvD's. Thabks for the answers.
  • May 26, 2008 jeff rubino wrote:
    Hey sally,
    I wanted to tell you that at the may 20th concert this year that i atteneded. Carmen had 2 solos and Mirusia had 1 solo. They were both so amazing!! thanks
    1. May 26, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
      Hi Jeff:  That's good to know.  

      I could not imagine Carmen at a concert, and her not having a solo.  I, just guessing, was thinking maybe her voice is sore, she didn't feel 100% or something.  Of course, that's just guesses, and I hope she is 100% tip-top shape feeling well. !

  • May 26, 2008 Adele wrote:
    Hi Folks
    hope all you Andre fans are keeping well..
    question.. in Australia, what is the format for DVD's please ?
    By the way , those of you from Perth, what do you think about the fact that the Schonbrunn staging will not be coming to your city?
    Andre says that the stadium is too small for the stage set.
    I don't quite understand, as the set is in pieces anyway; so why don't they just 'cut a bit off'..
    you see, i am not very technically minded !!

    1. May 26, 2008 Virginia Baker wrote:
      In one of the interviews from Ineke and Ruud, when he said he would be playing in NY in August of 2008, he said that the set would have to be modified a bit by cutting out a couple of sections in order to fit wherever they were going to put it in Central Park. So, either the venue is a lot too small or for some reason it is not advantageous for them to bring the set there. I saw where the company that was doing the 3D versions did one for New York so hopefully next year....
  • May 26, 2008 kati wrote:
  • May 26, 2008 Adele wrote:
    Hi Folks
    Sorry, have I missed something.?
    ‘Andre has put on weight and he has said it himself’
    I must have missed a video clip or an interview somewhere?
    Please tell me where. The man who gets only 4 to 5 hrs sleep a night, and does jogging and has a fitness machine in the bus.

    Also, Mirusia , singing ‘Memory’.. Some of you don’t seem to like her version.. I know Suzan’s version, and I loved it.. so could you please elaborate. OMG, its one of the few pieces that I can play on the piano, and I love it!
    I am in total suspense.. relying on my fellow Andre fans..
    1. May 27, 2008 Virginia Baker wrote:
      Hi, Adele. Years ago Andre was quoted as saying he weighed 170 pounds and was 6 feet tall. Recently, can't remember now where it was he said he was 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds. There was an interview recently where he referred to both his and Marjorie's gaining weight but I thought he was referring to an earlier time in that interview. I was not criticizing, just observing. If I get time I'll flip back through and see if I see it. It has to be on one of three sites I regularly look at.
      1. May 27, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        Hi everyone.  I am back and all I can say is WOW.  Details later but first I just want to get three photos to you from last night in Reading.  A father had his tiny baby in front of Andre and he (Andre) went over and asked if he could hold him (he was playing and dancing to Marina).  Here are the photos.  I am dead, I only got up at 11:30 this morning and I have tons to do.  I am sorry they are not edited and are a little dark but I will do that later.  Hugs

        1. May 27, 2008 Grace Armstrong Hunt wrote:
          Hi Jeanine Ann: thanks for the wonderful pictures. I read the review and it was wonderful. I am glad you had a great time in Reading!

          I wonder what this baby will think when she is older? These pics are a adorable and priceless for this baby and her dad. A King of Waltz holding onto a Little Princess of Daddy's!

          Love You Much
          Your Soulmate Friend
          1. May 27, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
            Thank you Grace.  Wonderful memories for that dad and baby.  She (or he) was so cute!  What a wonderful moment for them. 
            Storms coming so will be back later.

            Much love to you Grace,
            Your soulmate friend forever!!

            Will email you shortly

        2. May 27, 2008 Shirley wrote:
          Oh Jeanine ann, I love these pictures.That baby doesn't seem the least bit bothered.
        3. May 27, 2008 kati wrote:
        4. May 27, 2008 Marilyn Smith wrote:
          Hi Jeanine. You are amazing - you come up with the best pictures. Can hardly wait for your report. Thank you !!
    2. May 27, 2008 Marilyn Smith wrote:
      Hi Adele. I too love "Memories". I also like to play it on the piano as I have a very nice piano solo.
  • May 26, 2008 Inge Cossette wrote:
    Sally, I think you are right, Carmen sang in Montréal the Villja song solo and she was in other pieces together with the others, only Mirusia had two solos, which disturbed me , too, because we knew them from Suzan and Carmen, but I missed most of all Carla.

    The order of music pieces were the same, only here he played "O´Canada" and spoke French and English. About the seats from PBS I am annoyed , too, because this year they really shot up, they always mention that with André they make the most money. I will not pay for seats in the nose bleed section, but those horror prices from PBS not either, so if they do not go down, then we will miss the next year´s concert.
  • May 26, 2008 Kay wrote:
    Regarding tickets, I pledged to PBS last December to get tickets to the Long Island concert and they were in the upper level, first row, toward the front. About a week before the concert, I found two much better seats on Ticketmaster near the stage in the loge just 8 rows from the floor which were much less expensive. It was just a fluke probably, but I was ecstatic to have good seats. We gave the other tickets to my brother and his wife who live in NJ and they went with us to the concert. They loved it and now Andre has 2 new fans.

    I thought Andre seemed a bit subdued only because he didn't jump at all and very little arm waving. Aside from that, he was very happy, lively and enthusiastic and the music was magnificent. He played 7 encores which lasted about an extra half hour and the audience was still screaming for more when he finally walked off the stage. No solo for Carmen and they didn't play Gold and Silver after the intermission. All in all, a wonderful evening of pure entertainment and enjoyment. Pictures to come later (after I get back home).
    1. May 27, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:
      Kay, same thing happened to me. I had PBS tickets and they were in the first mezzanine, behind a column! I checked ticketmaster right before the concert, and bought seats on the floor.
      On the other side, I've had 1st through 4th row via PBS. Guess it all depends.
  • May 27, 2008 jeff rubino wrote:
    Hi Carol,
    The PBS station over here in the north east of america charges $1000 per ticket for the first 3 rows and $140 a ticket for the rest of the rows. now if you call about months after tickets go on sale to PBS around here you will have seats that are pretty far back. Another thing is if people call really late they still have to pay the 140 per ticket. my first andre rieu concert i did not know that and i ordered to late. i still paid 120 i think it was at the time and i was 450 rows back so i hope that they fix the way to buy tickets hes worth it but they can never tell yuo where u are going to sit or ask u where u want to sit. but no i learned lol so i usually get the 5th or 6th row. thanks and i hope this helps and one who wanted to know about the PBS seating arrangments!
    -Jeff rubino
    1. May 27, 2008 Marilyn Smith wrote:
      The PBS station in Portland has just charged $150 for the best seats, but what I have a problem with is that they won't tell you where you will be seated,
      and they wait until about a month before the concert before they send you a ticket (and hopefully you will get it ok). The Rose Garden Arena said that PBS had all of the tickets on the floor.
      I wish it were a more informative system. I know PBS is responsible for bringing André in the first place but they sure have an iron grip on the
      process now. I read someplace (here maybe?)that André was thinking of separating from PBS. Maybe that would solve some problems.
  • May 27, 2008 Shirley wrote:
    Jeanine Ann, can't wait to hear all about your concerts. I know you had a marvelous weekend. Did Andre play anything special for Memorial day? We've had a rather stormy few days here. lots of lightning and thunder yesterday, so bad we couldn't get out to the cemetaries. I felt bad about that because Memorial Day is very special to me. We did watch the National Memorial Service from Washington, on PBS. I did shut my computer down because of all the heavy lightning. Maybe the storms are moving your way now.
    I've read everyone's comments about PBS & mostly I agree, but like many, if it hadn't been for them I would not have found Andre. You know who I am missing? MARIANNE! I hope she's ok because I sure do miss her.
  • May 27, 2008 Carol wrote:
    Hi Virginia,Jeff, and Adele,
    Thank you Jeff for the heads up on PBS tickets. $140 is still too dear for me....but the feedback is appreciated!
    It sounds like you are an expert on the soprano solos! The woman who sings Memories and Ave Maria---her name is Mirusia? The tonal quality of her voice is gorgeous. She sings, truly, as Andre says, like an angel.

    Virginia, am I to understand that Andre Rieu will be in Central Park in August -2008? Schonbrunn staging? I will make it my mission to be there.

    I am inspired by you, Adele, so I will try to move fast to get to see that concert in Central Park. If its not raining, concerts there are FABULOUS....and not to be missed.

    Thank you all,
    1. May 28, 2008 Virginia Baker wrote:
      Well, I can't swear to it. But he definitely announced twice that he would be in Central Park this year in August, but I don't see that happening. Someone, can't remember who, said he/she heard June 2009. And supposedly the company that is doing the 3D computer models have made a model for NYC. I am only assuming it is Central Park. Everyone keep their ears and eyes tuned!
  • May 27, 2008 Adele wrote:
    Hi Carol & Jeff and all those interested in the PBS pledging system.
    I am from England/Italy, so I only know what I have read on fan sites.

    Carol , you say that Europe and the USA have much the same system in ticket sales… i.e first come, first served, at regular ticket prices.

    But if PBS gets the best seats, and them gives them, as I understand it, as ‘gifts’ to those who pledge up to US$1000,( to get one ticket ) as Jeff says then, it is not really the same system, is it ?

    Look at Australia; Ovation , the pay channel over there, really was the one to put Andre on the map. We all agree on that.
    However, Ovation does not have this pledge system (Aussies will correct me if I am wrong) One can purchase tickets thru Ovation web site or other sites.
    What I did notice with the Aussie ticket sales, which I found a bit disturbing, was the ‘VIP’ seats.. i.e. one of the front rows, with cocktail & dinner for an enormous price.
    Thank goodness this does not exist in Europe yet (apart from Switzerland/Zurich which employs this VIP system)
    Interesting to read that some of you ‘pledge’ with PBS, and then discover you can better tickets, much cheaper through ticketmaster..

    Listen folks; you know what Andre should do, if he wanted to be really nice to his true fans, i.e. US.. Those of us who spend as much time searching for good seats at his concerts as he spends practicing his scales..
    He should put a posting on this web site a couple of days before tickets go on sale for a particular venue.. in such a way that we would be able to get the seats of our choice… then all would be resolved.
    1. May 27, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:
      I try to warn people that even when we have Ticketmaster, Presale codes, those codes do not always give you the best seats. Most of the time they do, but not always. Those tickets, like PBS are for "blocks" of tickets reserved for a certain group's sale. PBS won't tell you where the seats are, that way you will still pledge when they are not up front. It is how they make the money to continue to bring us Andre's concerts, when they are not available on National Networks. (their loss, what a shame!)

      I would like to see some company sponsor a tour and put it on National TV. And yet, PBS has made Andre a household name for most of us.

      The first time Andre appeared in Portland, there was no PBS involved. A fan, Dora bought 4 tickets via ticketmaster and got us 2nd row ticketmaster prices! Wish that could happen all the time.

      Andre could buy the venue, sell his own tickets and bypass PBS, but that's a risk.

      At any rate, we get to go to his concerts, see his new soloists, enjoy those in the JSO we know and hear the beautiful music. All GOOD
    2. May 27, 2008 Lyn M wrote:
      Yes Adele, you are correct to say that Australia does not have the pledge system like North America. The ticket sales here are handled by the ticket sellers contracted by the stadium ie Ticketek in the case of Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide and Ticketmaster for Melbourne and Perth. The VIP packages you mention are corporate hospitality packages for businesses to entertain their clients.

      There were also pre-sales before the ticket sales opened to the general public. These are similar to what Sally mentioned - 'blocks' of tickets reserved for certain groups (stadium members had first opportunity to buy, then Visa preferred sales a couple of days before the general sales opened).

      Ovation Channel are also selling tickets but these are more expensive and include some extras (pair of opera glasses, official programme, gift voucher for Ovation Shop, commemorative postcards).

      There were also some other ticket sellers offering various packages for a limited time and unsold tickets then came back to the official ticketsellers to sell.

      I hope that explains our system here.

      I am enjoying reading all the reports on Andre's North American concerts.
      Cheers. Lyn
  • May 27, 2008 Adele wrote:
    Virginia.. thanks for the info re Andre’s weight ! even 180 pounds is quite light
    In an interview (but I don’t remember which one) some months ago , Andre mentioned doing a concert in Central park this summer..
    But I don’t think any of us have heard anything since then , HAVE WE ?

    Re ‘regular’ ticket prices in the USA ( apart from PBS) for some reason I have the feeling that top price is usually about US$ 70.. please someone correct me if I am wrong..
    Which by the way, is very cheap by European standards..

    Top price Masstricht is € 73 = US 115
    Top price Germany tour beginning 2009
    = about € 95/100 = US $ 150/157
    Top price French tour October 2008
    = € 65 = US$ 102
    Top price for the ‘world stadium tours in Europe (with the Schonbrunn stage setting) Amsterdam/Brussels/Paris , varies between €140 and € 151 i.e. US$ 220 / US$ 240.
    1. May 28, 2008 Virginia Baker wrote:
      Well, I haven't heard anything and it looks impossible to me for this year. I think it will be in 2009. Keep eyes and ears open.
  • May 27, 2008 jeff rubino wrote:
    hey Carol,
    How do u know that andre rieu will be in central park with his romantic vienna night????????? I heard nothing about it. I cant wait to see when tickets will go on sale! thanks for the heads up!
  • May 27, 2008 helen barcroft wrote:
    just back from baltimore concert it was fantastic carman did a lovely solo every one around were on there feet clapping and cheering what a lot of joy andre and jso spreads around the world
    1. May 29, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:
      Hi Helen: You must still be on a cloud after seeing Andre and his JSO!

      Did you have a favorite song? part of the concert?


  • May 28, 2008 Carol wrote:
    Hi Adele,
    RE: Getting tickets without PBS. sorry if I didn't explain very well. Donating to PBS is not the usual route for Americans to purchase most of their concert/theatre/opera seats. I did not realize one could donate to PBS for tickets, and then buy them, until I was at Andre's concert.

    If one chooses NOT go through PBS, our systems are very similar in that once the information is leaked, or if ticketmaster/telecharge/box office are holding presales, people know (if you are lucky to read or hear about it) when they will go on sale. Once the tickets DO go on sale, (even if its presale) it can't be helped that it is first come first served---again, USA people correct me if I am wrong. There would be no other way would there be to do that. Orchestra ticket prices are always exorbitant. I could be wrong, but I think the range of ticket prices for Andre's Coliseum tickets through ticketmaster were anywhere between 53-200 USD. When I saw Paul Mc Cartney in NYC at Madison Square Garden, and the Dixie Chicks at the same venue, I realized there was another situation going on. One of the ticketmaster agents informed me that they hold some really GREAT seats until 5-10 days before the actual concert, and then they release them online. Wow, then it's scramble time. It doesnt seem fair to the people who bought early....but then it gives the "slowpokes" (like me) a chance. The "earlybirds" buy as soon as they know, but then it's possible that the latecomers might actually get a better seat than the early purchasers, and it is just being in the right place at the right time. IT's so crazy!!!

    Anyway, Sally is right on about the PBS way, even PBS can hold back blocks of tickets--and Sally purchased early through PBS but got better seats through ticketmaster. (It's kind of like airline travel)

    However, as Sally notes, we just do the best we can --- at least we have this wonderful way of experiencing Andre Rieu and JSO..

    Regards to all,
  • May 29, 2008 Shirley wrote:
    Good morning all, I've really enjoyed reading all the comments about the recent concerts, especially in Andre's guestbook. Looks like another successful tour. What I especially enjoy reading is the comments of first time concert goers, as usual, so many are almost surprised, like one young woman who told her dad it was nap time but as the concert began she thoroughly enjoyed herself. I know when I have lent or bought someone a dvd of Andre's, the comment is always the same, "well I've never seen anything like that at all"! And 99 out of 100 will love what they hear.
    1. May 29, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
      Amen to that Shirley.  I love to see and hear the first time concert goers.  I love the excitement they feel.

  • May 29, 2008 Mike Allen wrote:
    Andre the Sleeping Pill?

    Ever since my late excursion into the health care system, I've had a small problem falling asleep at night. Then I discovered that if I fired up the Homecoming DVD I am sound asleep by the Chainti Song. (A blessing. I don't have to suffer through Suzan's inept solos.) It has to be the DVD, the CD doesn't work.
    1. May 29, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Oh gee Grandpa Mike, I think that would have the opposite effect on me.  I could never sleep while Andre is on!!  I am glad it works for you though.  : )   Hugs to you
    2. May 29, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
      While I was in the hospital, I would put on one of Andre's CDs and sleep peacefully.  The music was soothing.

      (I like Suzan's singing, her voice reminds me of seeing a musical.)
      1. May 30, 2008 Virginia Baker wrote:
        I too like Suzan. Sometimes her voice is a bit strident as in "I belong to me" but no one sings "The Hills are Alive" or "Please don't go" better than she (as far as I am concerned). I have enjoyed watching her grow. I remember the first time she sang a solo here in North America, she looked like a scared little girl. Long blonde curls with her arms stiffly at her side. She has come a long way.
        1. May 30, 2008 Marilyn Smith wrote:
          I agree. I like Suzans' voice much better now. Her voice along her has matured and to me sounds much richer and she acts like she has much more presence. I really liked the way she did "The Hills are Alive".
    3. May 30, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
      I too, enjoy Suzan's voice. I think that she has a lot of power in her voice and I have enjoyed hearing her since I first heard her sing "The Rose". I only wish that I had a beautiful voice like that.
  • May 29, 2008 jeff rubino wrote:
    Hey grampa mike,
    if i fell asleep every time i watched or lisened to Andre Rieu I would be in an eternal coma! lol i could never fall asleep plus there is always that song that the beginning always surprises you or like the persian market at the end its so loud while the song was some what soft and thats what keeps every one on there toes you never know what u will get from andre rieu but u know it was more than satisfy you!
  • May 29, 2008 Shirley wrote:
    I find that Andre's music can relax me enough to go to sleep. The only one I can actually go to sleep before it finishes is the Walzertraum cd because when Andre is playing "Romance for Clara" I go to sleep fast pretending I am Clara!!
    1. May 30, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
      Shirley, I must agree with you on the song "Romance for Clara", it's a most beautiful song. In many ways it is a perfect song...not only did André and his brother Jean-Philippe write it, it's very romantic, you can almost follow along with every note, as if it's telling a story of love and happiness. This is one of the songs that I have on my "sleep" cd.
  • May 29, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:
    Let's all say Hello to Carmen at her BLOG

    Carmen Monarcha's Blog
  • May 29, 2008 Marilyn Smith wrote:
    My favorite André CDs to send me to sleep are "Musik zum Traumen" and "Romantic Paradise". They work like a charm.
    1. May 29, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:
      I take a compilation CD in the car with me. It is made up of André's up-tempo songs. Keeps me awake and keen while on the go.
      Yet, for relaxing I listen to the slower songs.
      While in the hospital, I was restless. Especially after a few months! André's music was so soothing, it was as if I could dream before I fell asleep. I could see Andre & his JSO. Each member. I 'watched' their concerts as my mind relaxed. My body could relax and Slumber was peaceful.
      Thanks André!
  • May 29, 2008 DJ Bob wrote:
    Hello Everyone. We had a great time at the Atlantic City concert;

    Here are a couple of videos from "You Tube" that I recorded of the two solos that Mirusia sang that are just beautiful, as some of you were asking about:

    The first is "Ava Maria"

    The second is "Memories"

    Be sure to watch in the full picture frame.

    I hope you enjoy! More photos and videos to come later!

    All my best and may God Bless

    DJ Bob (Hooked on having met Mirusia the day after the concert and having a wonderful conversation with her - Photos to follow)

    1. May 29, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
      Oh these are so beautiful.  Mirusia's voice is so clear, so pretty.

      Words do no justice ...........

    2. May 30, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
      Mirusia is beautiful, her voice is marvelous. I enjoyed these so much!
      Whenever André touches the bow to the violin I get goosebumps.
      Ok, I'm hopeless, I'm as excited as if I were at a concert.

      As for the previous conversation...probably the most relaxing cd for me is "Musik zum Traumen" and the second would be "Romantic Moments".
      What I do is take the most relaxing songs and burn them on a cd and listen to that to get me to sleep. I very rarely listen to the entire cd before I'm asleep, and if I do listen to the entire cd, then it's because I just can't sleep, and nothing would help.
      I've tried other artists/cd's/music...however, it's André that puts me to sleep. He just has a way with that violin of his!
    3. May 30, 2008 Marilyn Smith wrote:
      These videos are wonderful and really showcase Mirusia's fabulous voice. Beautiful ! Thanks for this superb treat. Marilyn
  • May 29, 2008 Grayeme wrote:
    Jeanine Ann
    Received your package today, Thank You so very much, still getting through it.
    It is just great how the fans on this blog are so willing to share and help each other. Just great.
    1. May 30, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      You are very welcome Grayeme.  So glad you are enjoying them.  I love sharing because I want all my sweet friends to have everything that I have and more.  I am sure there are many things I do not have but I will always share what I do have.   I sure wish I could be with all you wonderful fans in November and December not just to see Andre but to meet all of you.  Perhaps some day we will all get together.   Hugs to you
      1. May 30, 2008 Grayeme wrote:
        How about a "World Andre Convention". You up to organizing that Sally ???
        1. May 30, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
          Wow.  Wouldn't that be something!

          I am just now getting addys loaded into the new db.  Once that is up and running, we could get things going quickly.

          We could even hold an event in more than one loction at a time.  We would wire access and communicate. 

          (lots of work)(but...)(lots of fun!)

          1. May 30, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
            Hey Sally are you talking about a convention in some city that would be easy to get to?  I will help you!!!!  I love to organize and have done many such things.  Wouldn't it be exciting!!!!  We could get to meet everyone even outside of the States if they could come.  Let's all talk about it.  We could get a representative from every State to work on their particular area.  I guess I am getting ahead of myself but this is something I had planned a long time ago for Jose Carreras but we never had it.  That was a long time ago.   Keep in touch.  Hugs
            1. May 31, 2008 kati wrote:
              1. May 31, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
                Hi everyone, whatever we decide and wherever we go - don't let this idea die!!  Andre deserves this and it is up to us to see that it happens and widely publicize it Why don't those of us who are interested in promoting this draw up a plan and then we can see which is more feasible for all of us and one which gets the most publicity for Andre and the JSO.   Hugs

                Here is a little inspiration:

      2. May 30, 2008 Grayeme wrote:
        In Maastricht. May as well go all the way!!!
  • May 30, 2008 Grayeme wrote:
    I don't think Jeanine Ann is going to let us off this one Sally. Better start a "World Andre Day" blog. As a trial run we have an Andre Day where we all organize a gathering in our own area's. At the gatherings we could all screen the exact same Andre Concert simultaneously and see how many people we can get watching the same concert at the same time. To allow for time differences we could declare a time ie. 7pm wherever you are. Then we could report in to the blog as our time comes and we could follow the screenings around the world. A bit like the millinium new year. Be a good way to test the support for a bigger event. Thats my first try. O k everyone, input needed on this one. I know of a retirement village on the Gold Coast in Queensland that had 53 fans from the village at the screening of an Andre DVD in there community hall last night.
  • May 31, 2008 Adele wrote:
    Hi folks..

    they have hust released some more tickets!

    you need to be very fast...

    Friday and Sunday A2 (centre block)
    ROW 1 & 2 are available...!!!!
    Saturday a few tickets in A3 row 5.

    this is the link to the correct page...
    good luck to those still needing tickets..

    good luck !!!
    1. May 31, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
      THANK YOU !
  • May 31, 2008 Grace Armstrong Hunt wrote:
    Hello everyone on Andre's Fan Site: I just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoy and enjoyed reading all your information about Andre and any ideas that are circulated among friends.

    My respect to the moderators and the hard work they do to keep this site going.

    It is wonderful to see people admire something and someone so much.

    I wish you all the best at any concerts you are attending and any conventions you are involved, so you can meet fellow fans and friends.

    Music is one of those things, as stated on here before that binds people together. Thanks for upholding that and keeping it going.

    My most deepest respect to you all.

    Love Ya Much

    PS: As from the movie "The Truman Show", "If I don't see you at any particular time this day, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Night". This is Grace Armstrong Hunt signing off...
  • May 31, 2008 Carol wrote: guys are GOOD. I am inspired by your creativity in coming up with ideas of how to get together. I now don't feel like reading my newspaper. I don't want to know about the awful things going on in the world. Because, here is a group of people healing themselves through music. You've given me hope. I also love the blogs about what kind of Andre music helps you sleep.

    Thank you all, I don't know what to say, I am so overcome with joy that I found this website, and Andre's music.

    Talk to you soon!!

  • May 31, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
    Great idea about the "World André Convention"!!!! I have thought too, that it would be great if, say, the people here on the West Coast who will not be having a concert in this area this year, if we could all get together and have our own "concert"...or..."convention" as Grayeme has suggested.
    I'll miss seeing André this year, but if André fans could get together and have a day of fun and music and whatever, then, we would not miss the concert as much.
    Then I start dreaming with the idea that if André would hear of this "World André Convention" (nice title Grayeme), and he would see how important he is to us we dearly miss a concert in this area...then maybe he will know how special those concert moments are to his fans.
    Isn't it nice how many with the same thoughts...well...things work together for the good, if we all work together with our "causes"!

    I know that some cannot travel, such as me, but if we had something in our own would be great.
    1. May 31, 2008 CONSTANCE wrote:
  • May 31, 2008 DJ Bob wrote:
    Hello Everyone, As I have said before dreams do come true (When you wish upon a star): To see my dream come true go to my website:

    and you will see what I talking about!

    Also go to another page on my site to see pictures of our wonderful pre concert lunchon in Atlantic City.

    Wishing everyone much love and happiness and may God Bless!

    DJ Bob (Hooked on dreams) because I am still dreaming!!

    1. May 31, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hey DJBob I didn't know you met with Andre!!!!!  I thought you were talking about Mirusia.  Oh you are so lucky and I am so happy for you!!  I am so glad your dream came true.  One of these days mine will too.  I must just be patient and the time must be right.  When I saw Andre at the hotel in Ft. Lauderdale they were checking out but Andre was so busy and like I said in that concert report Johann was so perturbed by that woman who was bothering Andre so I was so afraid to approach Andre and I figured the time was not right.  But I am glad that it was right for you.  Your photos are great, thanks so much.  I am sending you two CD's from A.C. and Reading concerts.  I hope you like them.  When you get time please email me and let me know how this glorious meeting with Andre came about!    Hugs to you and Maria
    2. May 31, 2008 Marilyn Smith wrote:
      DJBob, your pictures are so amazing. How in the world did you manage to get the one of André and yourself. Where was his bodyguard. I think that with all of your photoshows, you have a very fun life! Go for it! Marilyn
      1. June 1, 2008 DJ Bob wrote:
        Dear Marilyn, For some reason there were no bodyguards anywhere! It was early the next morning after the AC concert and maybe the bodyguards were still sleeping! While waiting for Andre to come down from his hotel room my wife and I got to meet and talk to many of the members of the JSO also. They ALL were sweet and very friendly also.

        Maybe because we were in Atlantic City where there are many casinos I got lucky and hit the jackpot!

        Wishing you all the best and hoping your day will come to meet Andre also

        DJ Bob

        1. June 1, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
          Wow DJBob you sure were lucky that morning.  His bodyguards are usually all around him.  I know they were the morning we waited 2 hours to see Andre.  I thought Johann was going to stare a hole through us : )  Every JSO member was walking around the lobby coming back from shopping at the Sawgrass Mall I would presume.  I am so shy that I could never approach Andre even if I was dying to and I always am.  I am so afraid that some guard would come after me.  I still say that lady with the balloon who was bothering him outside the lobby was at fault plus Andre was busy and Johann was in a bad mood.  His bodyguards preceed him so I don't think they were sleeping but were probably busy doing something.  So good for you Bob - get 'em while you can!!   Hugs to you both and our love.
    3. May 31, 2008 Moderator Bill AZ wrote:
      I thoroughly enjoyed your slide show, Bob......& left evidence of my visit by signing your guestbook <g>
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