Semperoper 2008

Semperoper :: August 22, 2008 :: André Rieu Concert

Behind the Semperoper, the transfer car of the ZDF with Pit Weyhrich, sent at the 29.10. in the ZDF. André gave a short info. First, the JSO played behind the curtain. It is simply fantastic to be able to play in this Opera house. One pair of the Viennese Depütanten, the bride in the bride dress, the bridegroom in the wedding tails, come in with the wedding music, the young couple had married in Dresden and was introduced from André as honorary guests, the two ones opened the first waltz before the stage. Later then the barber of Sevilla sung from Sébastien Parotte, and with acting offering was Cord Peters he was shaved. Carmen and Mirusia also sing. The Debütanten and Debütantinen danced on a gallery behind the JSO. The conclusion was with long Standing Ovations of the public. It was a fantastic evening with a humorous and charming, charismatic André Rieu.

Astonishing info about the Semperoper:
Many parts are not manufactured out of marble or wood (what I would have accepted every bet) but from extremely skillfully painted finery; partly, because these materials were not available, partly for reasons of the fire protection. And the blanket of the auditorium is, because of the statics, flat, and only the painting generates the impression of a dome!

Incidentally: Law in the Semperoper is, that no photos can be done during an event.

(c) René


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  • August 25, 2008 Webmaster Sally wrote:
    René Thank You for sharing this beautiful report and photographs. I never knew how lovely Dresden is...and now that I do..I want to go there.
    The Semperoper is beyond Beautiful. It is exquisite. It must be one of the most stunning venues in the world.
    I must see it for myself one day.
    Thank you again
    1. August 25, 2008 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Thank you Rene.  The photographs are just beautiful!  Thank you so much for sharing this.  Hugs to you
  • August 25, 2008 Shirley wrote:
    René you are fortunate to be able to attend this concert. Thank you for your pictures and impressions. This is a place of beauty no doubt. If that one original wall could talk!
  • August 25, 2008 Marlene Warren wrote:
    Wow, this is beautiful! Thanks René for this wonderful story. I can just picture a groom and his bride waltzing in this beautiful Opera building.
    I smiled when you said that it was a fantastic evening with a humorous and charming, charismatic André Rieu, because we all know how well he can be all that!
    It's amazing that the Dome is painted and not actually a dome. Also, that many parts are not of marble or wood.
    I can only imagine what a beautiful building this is and what a wonderful concert this must have been! Thank you very much René, this was so enjoyable.
  • August 25, 2008 Jeff Rubino wrote:
    Thats so cool! Agian i want the dvd!!!! lol
    what andre rieu item dont we all want lol!
  • August 25, 2008 Bill in Arizona wrote:
    Thank you René, for the beautiful photos & report.

    We are all indebted to you for your interest in keeping André's fans updated.

    You mentioned Cord Peters getting shaved. Does this mean some JSO members ganged up on him & shaved his facial hair, or do you mean they cut the hair on his head. hmmmm, I'm having a hard time envisioning Cord with short hair. I'm wondering after the hair cut, if Cord gave the camera one of his famous cross-eyed kisses

    BTW, I hope we can meet before or after the upcoming concert here in Phoenix on 23 June 2009, here in Phoenix, AZ.   I have tickets & will bring my dance partner so we can polka & waltz during the concert.

    Now,  if only I can finagle a dance out of Margriet during the concert.

    1. August 26, 2008 René wrote:
      oh no, not his hair. Only as a joke for the public, he is sitting on an barber chair and the barber shaved his facial hair with many shaving soap and an razor blade,oh oh,the barber cut him an this is the Barbier from André :-O oh no
      1. August 26, 2008 Shirley wrote:
        René,Do you know what song Sebastein is singing as he shaves? I remember a scene from the opera where Figaro shaves Bartholo, but I don't remember the song.It's been a long time since I watched the tape of that one.
  • August 26, 2008 Hermina E. Kohlstadt wrote:
    Hello, Everybody !
    Semper Opera House and Dresden in general, an unfortunate history. The english bombed it for their cultural values and exceptional art. There was no industry supporting the war. An everlasting shame !!
    1. August 26, 2008 WebMaster Sally wrote:
      {{{Hermina}}}  I can see the war still hurts.  

      It is hard to deal with any one dying in a war.  I do not understand it.  There is a wonderful website out of the Netherlands, (  and it has photographs of soldiers in WWI singing Christmas songs together.  Germans & Americans, French, Italian & British.  They sang, smoked, drank, shared food.  The following day they were at war again.  In my mind I do not, and cannot understand this.  One day you show each other photos of your is my son, this is my little girl, my wife..what have you..and the next you shoot at each other.       No, I will never understand.

      The better thing is now, we can as people united, share Dresden, and love the people and culture.   I told René, I had not really seen Dresden before and certainly not the Semperoper.  There is such Beauty there.  It is really to be admired.  I can only imagine the dedication of those who rebuilt this wonderful concert hall. 

      I looked at the ceiling, where it is painted to look like a dome, and gosh, it really does look like a dome.  That's amazing.  The main curtain is a work of art.

      Can you imagine to see an Opera or Concert there?
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