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You'll Never Walk Alone



A new chapter in André’s discography unfolds with his album You’ll Never Walk Alone. Coming on the back of nearly 2.5 million sales of his recordings in 2 years in Australia, this is an André Rieu “Songbook” – and the songs are those of hope and inspiration. 
While retaining everything about the sound of his recordings that his fans know and love, André ventures further, evoking the sound of great orchestras of the 1950s and 1960s. The program is music entirely new to his discography, and they include tracks requested by fans in Australia (two of these being the huge 1960s hit Elizabethan Serenade as well as Nearer, my God, to Thee) to songs from musicals – two from My Fair Lady and one from The Phantom of the Opera. 
There are classical favourites beloved by all – Beethoven’s tranquil Moonlight Sonata and Elgar’s Land of Hope and Glory. There’s a song that for a time acquired pop status, thanks to the efforts of Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman – Time to say goodbye. And in a similar vein, André as composer in Yours Forever, a song he wrote for the victims of the recent Australian bushfires in Victoria. And then there’s the title track – a huge sporting song in the UK with no less currency in this market: You’ll Never Walk Alone. 


You’ll Never Walk Alone ~ Songs of Hope and Inspiration

1. Oh What a Beautiful Morning
Comp.:R. Rodgers : arr. A. Rieu J. Douglas L. Morrish Lyrics: O. Hammerstein J. Douglas L. Morrish Publ.: Chrysalis Music Ltd  Inagem Songs Limited Williamson-Music Inc.

2. Annie’s Song
Comp.: J. Denver : arr. A. RieuLyrics: J. Denver Publ.: Cherry Lane Music Publishing Co Inc.
Guitar: Carla Maffioletti
3. Elisabethan Serenade
Comp.: R. Binge : arr. A. Rieu Lyrics C. Hassall Publ.: Marlowlynn Ltd

4. On The Street Where You Live
Comp.: F. Loewe : arr. A. Rieu Lyrics: A. Lerner Publ.: Chappell-Co Inc.

5. Con te Partirò
Comp.: F. Sartori : arr. A. Rieu (Time to say goodbye) Lyrics: L.Quarantotto Publ.: Double Marpot di Malavasi Mauro Insieme Edizioni Musicali S R L
Mirusia Louwerse

6. Mondscheinsonate
Comp.: L. van Beethoven : arr. A. Rieu Publ.: André Rieu Publishing BV
Piano: Stéphanie Detry

7. Get Me To The Church on Time
Comp.: F. Loewe : arr. A. Rieu Lyrics: A. Lerner Publ.: Chappell-Co Inc

8. All I Ask of You
Comp.: A. L. Webber : arr. A. Rieu Lyrics: Ch. Hart / R. Stilgoe Publ.: The Really Useful Group Ltd.
Cello: Tanja Derwahl

9. La Danza
Comp.:G. Rossini : arr. A. RieuPubl.: André Rieu Publishing BV 
The Platin Tenors: Gary Bennett, Béla Mavrák, Thomas Greuel

10. The Exodus Song
Comp.: E. Gold : arr. A. Rieu Lyrics: Ch. Boone Publ.: Chappell –Co Inc

11. Pomp and Circumstance March #1
Comp.:E. Elgar : arr. A. Rieu Lyrics: A.C. Benson Publ.: André Rieu Publishing BV

12. E Lucevan Le Stelle
Comp.: G. Puccini : arr. A. Rieu Publ.: André Rieu Publishing BV
The Platin Tenors: Gary Bennett, Béla Mavrák, Thomas Greuel

13. Nearer My God To Thee
Comp.: L. Mason : arr. A. Rieu (from The Titanic) Lyrics: S.F. Adams Publ.: André Rieu Publishing BV

14. Ebben? ... Ne Andrò Lontana -
Comp.: A. Catalani : arr. A. Rieu Lyrics: L. IllicaPubl.: André Rieu Publishing BV
Carmen Monarcha

15. Yours Forever
Comp.: A. Rieu / F. Steijns Lyrics: M. RieuPubl.: André Rieu Publishing BV

16. You’ll Never Walk Alone
Comp.: R. Rodgers : arr. A. Rieu Lyrics O. Hammerstein Publ.: Williamson-Music Inc.
Mirusia Louwerse, Carmen Monarcha, Carla Maffioletti,
The Platin Tenors: Gary Bennett, Béla Mavrák, Thomas Greuel


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  • April 26, 2009 Bobbie wrote:
    Can I buy it in Uk ???????

    1. April 26, 2009 Shirley wrote:
      I don't know about the UK, but I preordered mine from, they gave me an estimated delivery date of May 19th.
  • April 30, 2009 Prudence wrote:

    You'll Never Walk Alone

    When you walk through a storm keep your head up high,
    And don't be afraid of the dark.
    At the end of a storm is a golden sky
    And the sweet silver song of a lark.

    Walk on through the wind,
    Walk on through the rain,
    Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown.
    Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart,
    And you'll never walk alone,
    You'll never walk alone!

    music by Richard Rogers

    lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein

    from the musical Carousel

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