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  • December 31, 2010 Susan Ham wrote:
    Dearest Andre, I wish you, your family, and all the JSO memebrs a fantastic 2011. May you all enjoy good health, prosperity, and joy.
    <3 <3 <3 <3
  • December 31, 2010 Janis wrote:
    Lovely photo, thanks. Very happy New Year to all including of course the man himself, his family and orchestra.

    This link is fun - http://www.jacquielawson.com/preview.asp?cont=1&hdn=0&pv=3148566&path=98301
  • December 31, 2010 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:

    My Prayer for the New Year

    For this New Year I pray:

    that those we love will be better persons because of this love.

    that our enemies will become our friends.

    that our pain will be turned to joy.

    that the joy we find will be given in turn to others.

    that those who see us will recognize us as a child of God.

    that everything we do will make the world a better place.

    that we realize as we try to get to the "top" we had to push someone out of the way.

    that we find we are not responsible for the results, but we are responsible for the effort.

    that as we grieve we realize that death is but a walk to the other side of the road.

    that we realize that to experience music is to awaken another part of the soul.

    that as our souls are awakened we will reach out to share ourselves with the world.

    Jeanine Ann


    1. January 1, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
      Dear sweet Jeanine Ann
      I'll drink a toast with Andre to you, being the best moderator ever!Thank you for this site,it has changed my life and I'm richer for it. I have met you and wonderful friends with which I can share my dreams and laughter. You have made a difference in my life together with our beautiful Andre! May the love of the Lord be with you and Clyde and may He bless you for all the love and kindness you show towards each one of us. HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIEND! Love always xxx
  • December 31, 2010 Terezie wrote:
    Onto haleness, luck, Love lift chalice with you in year 2011 André, Sally, Jeanine Ann and all Fans Terezie Paleckova
    1. December 31, 2010 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Thank you Terezie.  The best of everything for the New Year.  Many happy days and healthy days ahead.  Big Hugs

  • December 31, 2010 Prudence wrote:

    A very Happy New Year to all of us.

    May we all be healthy, wealthy & wise.

  • December 31, 2010 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Oh Jeanine Ann thank you each month I think you have topped them all, trully this one & the message is so BEAUTIFUL,you go to a lot of carefully choosing what is on the top of the page; you know the bears , Blue danube can you send that to Andre' I tried WWW. Andre Rieu .com but that did'nt work I'm sure it would put laughter in His Heart, those E cards are really good, we got one with the Angel on top of the Christmas Tree, & another with a piper, they are very clever & tastefull,at this time of year I love to watch The Tattoo from Scotland, My Greatgranparents on my Mothers side came from Scotland, the bagpipes really give me goose pimples, poor Jasper he hates the bagpipes, he goes & gets in the clothes basket Under the clothes,He does the same when Andre' does Amazing Grace; Did you & Clyde enjoy Roses from The South, what a beautiful setting & of course a Beautiful Dvd, Happy New Year;
  • December 31, 2010 Jill B wrote:
    1/1/11. It's not often you can write a date like that, is it??
    Happy New Year everyone with every good wish from our house to yours.
    We've had a rocky start. John is still in hospital and I've just come home for a day to pat the cat, cuddle the dog etc. I'm going back to him tomorrow.
    He's been through a lot since Monday - has lost 90% of his stomach, so will take a while to recover. He's feeling pretty miserable but is making progress more quickly than the doctors expected, so I am feeling positive about his long term well being. We won't know if he needs any further treatment till the middle of the week.
    Your messages lifted his spirits enormously, thank you one and all. I'm going to print them all out and take them over to him to remind him there are people all over the world thinking of him and saying prayers. He'll be so impressed to see you were asking for news of him days later Josephine xx.
    Andre is featuring on several of our TV channels lately, it's lovely to see his name popping up so regularly. What immeasurable pleasure he spreads and happiness to ever increasing parts of the world. I wonder if the trip to the North Pole will eventuate? That would be a DVD to outdo all the others I'm sure.
    Thank you all again for your friendship and care for John.
    1. January 1, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Jill, will certainly be continuing our prayers for John, & for you too as you are both in this thing. Feeling positive is most important. Hang in there. love & prayers from all of us.
  • January 1, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
  • January 1, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Dear Friends
    The latest addition to my Andre collection is "Live in Dublin". I thoroughly enjoyed it. The cameras cannot get enough of our lovely Man's face, neither can I.I love the selection of music, the atmosphere and the singing of a very young Carla and Carmen. In this dvd Suzan is still singing in the choir and did no solos. This is magical, mind you, everything with Andre in it is magical. Enjoy your day and may it be filled with music! xx
    1. January 1, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Deidre, Live In Dublin is the very first time I saw him on TV & I ordered that one as soon as I could.I had never heard of him before, that was about 7 or 8 years ago. Just one look, that's all it took.
      1. January 1, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        Just one look is so right Shirley!  I first saw Andre on PBS (of course) and then I got "100 Years of Strauss".  Loved it and when I watched the trailer or bonus tracks I saw the add for La vie est Belle (Berlin) and I heard him play "You are my hearts delight" and I fell head over heels for him.  They also showed "A Dream Come True" and I got that.  Well I just loved that DVD because it shows his life and when I saw him play "Jealousy" I really flipped and have been flipped ever since : )   That was 2005 and then I joined the blog around that time but cannot say when.  During those 5 years we have seen 12 concerts (live) beginning way down in Miami and all the way up to Toronto.  My dream is to get to Maastricht.  We watched "Maastricht 4" today.  I just love that concert and really all the Maastricht concerts.  Today was the first time I could watch #4 without crying because when I watched it before he was still sick and was the last DVD we had and I had all kinds of feelings.  I was so worried and didn't know if that would be the last one - you know how you feel.  So today I could watch it and be happy and I really always enjoy DJOtzi.  Clyde and I both love him.  This year would have been our year to be in Maastricht.  I mean 2010.  One of these years we will get there even if we must mortgage the house.  I don't think Clyde would go for that but he really wants to go also. 

        JILL, I am glad to hear that John is doing well.  I have been praying for him and will keep on doing so.  Keep your chin up and he will be fine.

        SYLVIA, I feel so bad that Keith is so upset about Reggie.  I am sorry for his loss.  Not only that but he has this infection.  Has the doctor ordered any tests for him?  Please keep us up to date.  I will keep the prayers going.  I wish I could be there to hug you and JILL but I am sending one just the same.  Hope you both can feel it (that goes for Keith also and for Jill's John.  I hope your New Year will get better.  Big hugs for all of you.

  • January 1, 2011 Nsikak wrote:
    Let it be known that your music has brought peace and comfort to my usually anxious mind You are special ,exceptional,and that is what matters! Thanks so much for showering peace and joy throughout the world with your masterpieces ! Happy New years Andre
  • January 1, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    A very Happy New Year one and all. Lovely picture as usual Jeanine Ann. Thats just what I did last night. Partook of a couple of glasses of bubbly.Thats about as much as I can manage nowadays or I get a very very bad stomach.
    SYLVIA.My dear friend.I am so sorry to hear your lovely Keith is upset and in pain.Trouble is when someone you love is unhappy and in pain it makes you upset as well as it must do you Sylvia. I hope he joined you in a couple of glasses of red last night as that aleviates the pain for a bit. Or maybe he is not allowed to with antibiotics.I only wish I lived closer to you so that I could maybe be of some help even if only to unload your thoughts and concerns onto. I hope you can feel this long distance hug I am sending you both. As my darling Nan used to sing to me'Look for the silver lining. Whenever clouds appear in the blue'Keep smiling and keep hugging and of course keep watching and listening to Our Darling Man.Love .Josephine xxx
  • January 1, 2011 Margaret wrote:
    Thank you Prudence for your New Year good wishes and I hope we all will be well. I love Andre's photo drinking to us all and may I wish Andre and his now extended lovey family a very happy healthy and prosperous new year I hope in April to see you all in Birmingham at the O2 love and hugs xxxxxx Margaret from somerset.
  • January 1, 2011 Shirley wrote:
    Here's to the New Year, may you find joy in each day.
    Wherever you go, whatever you do
    I pray this year is good for you.
    Remember the 3 L's.....
    Live well, laugh often, love much.

  • January 1, 2011 brian wrote:
    i need 2 tickets for andre's concert in manchester 2011 in the uk any suggestions please.
  • January 1, 2011 Suciu Annemarie wrote:
    Lieber Andre
    Einen gutem Rutsch ins Neue Jahr,viel viel Gesundheit,viel Erfolg mit deiner lieben Muzik um die Welt,die ich so gerne hohre.Mit lieben Grusse
  • January 1, 2011 Suciu Annemarie wrote:
    Alles Gute im neuen Jahr und viel,viel Musiz ,die ich wirklich sehr lieb habe.Geburstag habe ich am 10 Februar.
  • January 1, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Jill you take care of yourself I cannot speak for others but we will keep Talking to The Man upstairs, for you & John,I always assume That Is Where God Is, yet we are also told He is everywhere & with us always; Sylvia to You & Keith also go our Thoughts & Prayers how are you snow wise, the weather is trully crazy, its soooo hot here we are a bit west of Parramatta, Yet in the north of NSW, also Queensland they are having floods like they have not had in 100 years, people on The Land have lost so much crops, cattle, everything they own, the damage will go into billions of dollars, there are somethings too you can never replace; I looked at Andre' concert calender He is on The Road again, doing what only He & His people do best, I do hope its a good healthy year for him, Jeanine Ann I know how you felt, it was an awful time, it was the not knowing that got to me, I still say that Prayer,once a week, its little to do for all that He gives to us; well today is the day we can put Christmas decorations away, I was not in much of a Christmas mood this year, so only have our little tree to put away & a door thing, Christmas decorations & cats don't compute , Have a Rieully good day all; xxx ooo Miow
    1. January 1, 2011 Narelle Roberts wrote:
      i saw a photo on face book and it said happy new year 2011 and it look like a photo from a cd cover so who ever finds it
      can they please email me on (REDACTED)   Please post here and I will see that she gets it.  I am trying to find it also.  Thanks

  • January 1, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:

    How is this for a million dollar smile!


    1. January 1, 2011 Jill B wrote:
      That's got to be a 10 million dollar smile
    2. January 2, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      HEALTH WARNING. Gazing at this gorgeous smile can seriously improve your Health Happiness and Feeling of Well Being.It is a proven fact.It can also raise your blood pressure . Increase your heart beat and make you Drool at the mouth.These are just a few of the effects this Gorgeous Smile will have on you. There are many more. Some unprintable.Gaze and enjoy the effects my friends xx
    3. January 2, 2011 Gloria M wrote:
      He looks so HAPPY!!! Abs0lutely brilliant! What a wonderful way to start the New Year. Thank YOU!"
    4. January 2, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      I like the black & white photos a lot & I always love to see a happy Andre.I have a picture that I call "happy Andre" that is one of my favorites. I don't know who took it but I can look at it & it changes my whole day, just makes me want to smile.
  • January 1, 2011 thomas mccomb wrote:
    I always believed that there was no such thing as perfection. Since I first heard you about 2000, you have consistently proved me wrong.Vienna belongs to you,my friend,and your wonderful orchestra. May you continue to perform your beautiful music for many years to come. I wish you, your famiy, good health and the happiness that you bring to me and my family.
    See you in Belfast in April 2011. We are all patiently waiting.
    God Bless
    Thomas, Northern Ireland
  • January 1, 2011 Maureen wrote:
    OH that smile just captivates doesn't it, I can't stop looking and dreaming, is there anyone on earth with such beauty..
    I too watched the concert from Vienna, as I usaually do, but there was no magic there, something missing, and guess what, I know what it was, our wonderful Man and his music.
    Thinking of you Jill and John, all my best wishes for the future. Also Sylvia and Keith in your sadness.
    Jeanine Ann, love yor saying for the month,I can not go a day without the joy I get from everyone on this site and Andre's music. I think it is going to be a wonderful year for all of us here, bless you all.
  • January 1, 2011 Susan Ham wrote:
    He certainly does have a millkion dollar smile. I have felt for a long time Andre's smile could light up a room.
    Lovely to see him so happy.
  • January 2, 2011 Narelle Roberts wrote:
    Jeanine Ann you are trully spoiling us, thats what I would call a real Colgate smile, you know the one that sparkles, & those ears they are something else, how can one Man have so many Great Features &also the talent, & yet be so down to earth, Andre always speaks about Angels, I feel He had a really good one when He was born, I know He works hard but look what He shares with us, His & Marjorie's ways of entertaining us; I can remember looking up & seeing that Man on a screen playing in Big W Christmas 2008, I was hooked, line & sinker, we can never get enough of The Man & His Music, Jeanine Ann what did you think of Midsummer Nights Dream, the Children from SA.The young one who wants to be a Diva, she was good eh, she gave Her all, What a person Is Andre' to have show cased those children, hopefully the powers in SA, will assist them with a better place to practice , I heard Andre' say chooks have a better place to roost; We are in the midst of one hell of a storm thunder & lightning, my Nan used to tell me the Holy Family were shifting furniture, at the moment I think they're shifting house, we had a poodle when the Children were little she used to put her head under the bed, not her body only the head it was hilarious,; Maureen like you I receive so much from all the people I have met here Thank you one & all, I am now off to bed with my 2 favorite men Andre' on Dvd & Jasper;
  • January 2, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Good day my lovely friends
    Wow Jeanine ANN, that smile made my knees go all wobbley and I'm sure that smile is the one that captured Marjorie's heart. On the dvd "Live at Royal Albert Hall"are many stunning photos of our man in his younger days. I wish I could show them to all our friends. Tomorrow they are broadcasting "Live in Sydney"on our local TV.Thank you again for a stunning photo,where do you get them! JILL send my best wishes to John and tell him he is in my prayers. SYLVIA, hope Keith is feeling better. Tell him to hang in there! VIRGINIA- HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!! May each day be filled with joy,laughter and songs from our lovely Man! FAY, my son Juandre is flying to Australia on 21/01/2011 until 8/02/11. He would like to meet you and give you a gift from us here in South Africa?!Thank you friends for all your messages, I cannot wait to read them each day. SHIRLEY, your mention of "Live in Dublin" is the reason I bought it! Still waiting for "Roses from the South". Hugs and kisses to all(ANDRE and JSO included) xxx
  • January 2, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hi all I just love it when you tell us where you live. Thank you Fay I have just been to PARRAMATTA.I will never go to these places but thanks to you and Google I can see exactly what they look like and dream that I am there. It's so interesting to see where others live.Big hugs to you all especially our friends who are not feeling so well. Hope you are all having a better day Sylvia and Keith Jill and John
  • January 2, 2011 Rita Vanhoutte wrote:
    Dear André and orchester-members,
    The concerts in Brussel and also the concerts on television, are very beautiful and lovely shows. I hope that you, your family and all the workers around, can still make this for a long long time. I'm always enjoy it.
    I wish you all a happy and healthfull 2011.

  • January 2, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre, I have asked Jeanine to pass on any details, its early here & I am not quite awake yet, this is pretty much the first thing I do each morning I make or sometimes Narelle does my first Earl Grey of the day, Jasper is first I only let Him out early, because of the sun,being so pale He could get sunburn,we had the mother of all storms last night so this morning is nice & cool. you will love "Roses from The South"apart from the beautiful music & The Beautiful Man, The Scenery The Flowers,I found it a more intimate Dvd; You will love it I'm sure, Have A Rieully Great Day;
  • January 2, 2011 Judith wrote:
    Wow, only 2nd day into the New Year and I have missed out on so much. Jeanine Ann, is it possible to send that black & white
    smile to me? Have not been getting posts.
    My fault. Thank You!
    1. January 2, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Judith my dear it is on its way to you.  Big Hugs  BTW I did not get your photo for the fan photo post.  Thanks

  • January 2, 2011 Gail Roberts wrote:
    looks like Andre Is enjoying himself hope he has a great 2011
  • January 2, 2011 Carole Miller wrote:
  • January 2, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    I think Narelle meant REDIRECT, her spelling like mine does'nt always compute
  • January 2, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Jeanine Ann I love your New Year Prayer, its rather beautiful thank you for sharing it with us, oh boy those photos are so good it does ones eyes & heart so much good, what a way to start the New Year Bless You;;;
  • January 3, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Hi FAY and Narelle, got your e-mal address and will contact you soon. JEANINE ANN, thank you sooo much for the e-mail. You are doing a wonderful job and are the best of the best! JOSEPHINE, your comment on the photo says it all! This time he left me speechless or was it the drool that prevented me from being able to speak!? No matter what photo,black or coloured, the man ALWAYS takes my breath away! I think that Marjorie falls in love with him every second she gazes into those beeaauutiful blue eyes. Pierre said that when he sees everybody going crazy about Andre,he thinks: "Hey, that's only my dad!?" Little more than two months before he is here in my own country! Kisses and hugs to all friends and their kitties.xx
  • January 3, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Jeanine Ann/Fay, I can get into Andre's new site and registered as a member and purchased some merchandise, but I am anable to send a message on the Guest Book. It seems to freeze on my screen and then I have to log out. Any suggestions!!? Hugs xx
    1. January 3, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi Deirdre, I noticed they were having some problems yesterday, I could not even get the page.  Maybe they are slowing getting some phases of it working.  Will check now.  Hugs

      1. January 3, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        Andre's Guestbook is fine now. : )

        1. January 4, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
          Hi Jeanine Ann, Once I'm finished on this blog I will try out the Guestbook and see if it's working. Thank you.xxx
  • January 3, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    good morning dear friends from a dull and dismal Southern England UK. It is a Bank Holiday here today.I have just been watching the news about the terrible floods in Australia. I hope you are all safe and well dear people.Hugs xx
  • January 3, 2011 Brenda wrote:
    Hello Jeanine Ann,
    Happy new year to you and yours and thankyou for all your work bringing us regular news/pictures of Andre.
    I am not getting any blogs at all now!I did tick all boxes!
  • January 3, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:

    From Hanne in Germany!



      (For you Bill)

    1. January 4, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Beautiful little babies. I wonder how many will be blessed with Andres talent and joie de vivre xx
  • January 3, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hi all. Can anyone please explain to me why it is when i type in ANDRE RIEU in Google the first entry comes in as VIAGRA STRIPS and when clicked on goes directly to Ande's official website !!!
    Surely only the webmaster can enter metatabs so why would he/she have put this in? xx
    1. January 3, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      You are right, I just looked!  Meta tags can be used to improve your placement in the search engines but why put viagra strips for Andre??  Like you said only the administrator as far as I know can do that.  We don't use tags here anymore but we did.  Sally said as long as Andre's name is in the title the search engine will pick up the articles we post.  I will write to the help desk.  Thanks sweetie.  Hugs

  • January 3, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    That is such a good photo of Mirusia,have any of you watched Her on U Tube singing "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" its the best version I have ever heard,She is fortunate to be with Andre', likewise Andre' is fortunate to have Her,I listen to Her voice often & am amazed at the range of music she sings be it Classical or Modern, I really enjoy all she does also Carmen She has a powerful voice, buts its her facial expressions & interaction with Andre' that I love, those so expressive eyes I guess if I was a man I would like to drown in them, but for me & drowning its Andre', Narelle & I watched A Fairytale last night, Foxtel's Studio channel usually have Our Man on Saturdays I have recorded on the IQ. box even though We have the Dvds we can only watch them in our bedrooms,& sometimes [please don't laugh] I often put Himself on in our lounge room when we go out for Jasper, He will sit on His cat tree & be happy;; RE Andre's Site I often find the guestbook freezes until the message window comes up. Deidre have you gone through the JSO's biography its good very well done without being intrusive, but then everything Andre'& Marjorie do is thoughtful & full of good taste;must get back to the everyday things in life so have A Great Andre' day;
  • January 3, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:

    Happy Birthday Ana Guiomar!  May you have a wonderful day.


  • January 3, 2011 Bill in Arizona wrote:
    I DO think Mirusias' hair style in the photo is most becoming. She had that style here in Phoenix back in Nov 2010

    I don't know if this is news or not but Andre posted something on Facebook listing the following countries he is planning to perform in in 2011 & BRAZIL is one of the countries

    "Mexico, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, South Africa, Brazil... and maybe some other countries!"

    IF this is NEWS, news perhaps it should become a BLOG TOPIC
  • January 3, 2011 Jill B wrote:
    Thank you for all the prayers for John dear people. They have worked amazingly.
    Yesterday I travelled to see him and was happy with the way he looked. The doctor came while I was there and said he can probably go home on Friday.
    Anyway, John rang this morning and said he can now come home tomorrow!
    So I think we're over that awful first hurdle.
    1. January 4, 2011 Jenny wrote:
      Great news Jill. The power of Prayer always work. God bless you both
  • January 4, 2011 Lyndall Freeman wrote:
    Happy New Year to all our wonderful friends in Australia and abroad.
    This time last year, Victoria was being ravaged by horrendous fires, which took many lives and property. The world, including Andre opened up their hearts to our countrymen and women.
    Once again our country is ravaged, this time Queensland, by flooding rains, which again has taken lives and ruined so much property and animail life.
    Dear friends, again I ask you to open up your hearts and offer prayers to our Queenslanders. A couple of months ago, one of the small country towns in our very own South Australia, was also wiped off the map because of the severe flooding we had.
    I'd like to share a poem with you, written so many decades ago, by my favourite Australian poetess, Dorothea MacKellar.

    "I love a sunburnt country
    a land of sweeping plains,
    of rugged mountain ranges,
    of droughts and flooding rains,
    I love Her far horizons,
    I love Her jewel seas,
    Her beauty and Her terror,
    The wide brown land for me."

    The words say it all. We certainly are a land of contrast.
    Andre has already sent his love and thoughts. As part of the Rieu family, I hope you will too.
    A big Aussie thank you.
    Wishing you all a bright, beautiful 2011, with good health and prosperity.
    Lyndall and Robert Freeman
    1. January 4, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      We will certainly keep our aussie friends in our prayers.Even though I've not been to Australia, I love that poem, written by a lady who truly loved her country. I have a copy of that & my favorite part is at the end,
      "An opal-hearted country, a wilful, lavish land -
      All you who have not loved her, you will not understand -
      Though earth holds many splendours, wherever I may die,
      I know to what brown country my homing thoughts will fly." A love for one's country can only be understood by those who live there. We will remember our friends there.
      1. January 4, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        I am keeping our Aussie friends in my prayers also.  I hate to see such a beautiful country ravaged by floods or any force of nature.   The people have suffered enough from the fires.  We are all with you in our thoughts and prayers.  Hugs to all

  • January 4, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    sounds like good news to me Jill it will be good for the both of you, Hospitals are ok but good to leave behind, tell your John to take of Himself & you also, hopefully no return visits;
  • January 4, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hi Jill. Thats excellent news.I think when you are at home recovering you come on leaps and bounds as you are in your own happy comfortable surroundings
    Lyndall and Robert. That is a wonderful poem. Dorothea MacKellar obviusly knows her country well. i feel so sad fro people who have lost their homes and possesions some without insurance cover. Bad enough losing everything without the added worry of how you can afford to replace things.There will definitely be prayers said in this house tonight . Take care all of you good people Hus xx
    1. January 5, 2011 Lyndall Freeman wrote:
      Thank you Shirley for printing the last verse of the MacKellar poem. The "an opal-hearted country" is very apt for Sth Australia, as we produce some of the most beautiful opals in the world.
      An Aussie opal brooch was precented to Andre in Melbourne in 2008.
      Thank you to those who have offered our country your prayers and thoughts.
      To our family and friends in Queensland, we send you our love.
      Lyndall and Robert
      Sth Australia
  • January 4, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Hello all my lovely friends,
    We watched "Live in Sydney"last night on our local TV between adverts and the whole concert was not broadcasted, but no complaints, at least Andre was on for the third part of the seies of four. Next Monday "Maastricht 4"is on.I think they chose this concert because Kimmy and the Bloemfontein Children's choir feature on it. JILL, glad to hear the good news about John. LYNDALL, we are thinking of all our Aussie fans in our prayers. FAY, Guestbook freezes for quite a while- and if I say a while, I really mean A WHILE! I wouldn't mind if a photo of our Darling freezes, at least then my eyes can feast on something beautiful. But then I will have to wear a costume because of the drool!? Will look at JSO biography, thanks. BILL, Mirusia does have a lovely face.She has the most beautiful eyes,don't you think? May ALL have an extraordinary Andre day. Hugs and kisses xx
  • January 4, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    I Love A Sunburnt Country is indeed a beautifull piece of poetry, more so because The Lady who wrote it was not born here , but came to live here in Australia, it describes this country so well, we go from one extreme to the other; I cannot understand why some type of dam, can't be put in place to collect flood waters & disperse them elsewhere or keep the water for times of drought & fire, the so called greens will fight against it ,BUT you have to realise the damage flood waters cause, billions of dollars worth of damage, produce , crops animals, you can stop a fire , but not a flood ,it has a mind of its own, it can only be redirected if some sort of structure is put into place; we can put a man on the moon , we send people up to space stations, WHY CAN'T WE BUILD SOMETHING TO HOLD BACK THESE FLOOD WATERS, OR CONTAIN THEM SOMEHOW, best I get off my soap box &; have my 2nd. cuppa;
  • January 5, 2011 Sonette wrote:
    We are huge Andre Fan's here in South Africa and was delighted to be able to attend his concert at the Grand West Arena in Cape Town. My son gave his father the "My African dream" DVD as a christmas present and we have watched most of his concerts on TV. What is mostly disturbing to us, South Africans is the portraying of GENERAL SOUTH AFRICANS (WHITE) that is as being racisct, which is not true. We give due to a performing artist whether he or she may be white, or any ethnic race of which Sout Africa have 9.
    We would like to attend one of Andre's concerts when he comes back in 2011. The history of South Africa after the release of Nelson Mandela from prison in 1990 is complex and does not always reflects in the world. Only if you have lived in South Africa before 1994 and after 1994 will you be able to understand the complexity of South Africa. Our traditional Zoeloe and Xhosa ethnic groups have a different view and taste in music. There is however a small group of people who adores the music that Andre Rieu brings to people
  • January 5, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Our Lovely Man is on the road again,He has a very full life, I don't think He would like it any other way, I hope though He takes timeout for Himself & Marjorie, I don't believe anyone wants a repeat of last years ear problem, This Man comes under the heading of Precious, I went back to "Dreaming" last night I have not watched it for some time, I find it a rather an intimate Dvd, quite a treasure in Fact; Jasper is performing, that is the only way to describe His antics I closed Narelle's bedroom door as its 7am. here , she had a rough day yesterday with pain, a sleep in will do her good, if I don't close the door Jasper will keep jumping on Her till she wakes, He believes if He is up everyone else should be too, I have drawers below my bedroom window He delights in sitting there & leaping onto me as if to say I'm awake let me out, He is so persistent,; we have a date for the hospital 3rd. February, it can't arrive too soon ,we go for a pre/op visit on 21st.all I can say about that is Thank God, can't come too soon;have A Rieully Good Day all;
  • January 5, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Please does anyone know what that white eruption is in the photos ,on Andre's site, the photos are from a concert at Hasselt????????
    1. January 5, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Fay that is probably a confetti gun going off.  They use them for outdoor concerts when they cannot drop balloons.  This was indoors so why they used it I don't know.  I guess for more effect.  Hugs to you and Narelle  : )

    2. January 5, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Hi Fay. I could be wrong but by the shape of them they could be just the floodlights shining throught the smoke. There seem to be the same white lights in the next picture around the balcony which just appear to be lights. Do hope Narelle had a good undisturbed sleep Hugs xxx
    3. January 6, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      I thought it might be the "snow" he sometimes uses in the Christmas concerts
  • January 5, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Happy New Year everyone!
    I thought you might like to following
    poem I found. Don't know the author.
    Would that the whole of life might be
    Spent in each others company,
    But when we needs must be apart
    I hold you close within my heart.
    So let this little token say
    "I love you - love you more each day"

    Sorry I haven't written recently, but with a death in the family which is
    going to get litigious and Keith still
    in pain and limping, I can't concentrate
    on you all. I am glad Jill's husband is better and hope Narelle will be better after the hospital stay.
    Hugs to you all. Sylvia of London
    1. January 6, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Hi Sylvia. That is a beautiful poem Says it all. I shall copy it and look at it often. Do hope Keith will soon be on the mend. The weather doesn't help.Makes all the poor old bones ache. Down here in Southern England it has been rain rain rain all day.I had a sleepless night last night. I don't venture out of bed though. Too bloomin cold. I just read a book in bed in the warm. Roll on spring I say. Big warm cosy hugs to you xx
  • January 5, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Hi everyone! It's 2am. I can't sleep, so went looking through the Internet. I
    liked the clip of Andre giving a quick music lesson on his Stradivarius (!)
    to the Sydney Daily Telegraph's Music Editor. I recommend it.
    Bye for now. Hugs Sylvia of London
    1. January 5, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi Sylvia, nice to hear from you even at 2:00am, it is 10:00PM here so I am getting ready to call it a day.  The link you posted does not work.  I will check it out.  I think I remember that clip.  Wish he would give me lessons!!  I don't think I could concentrate though : )  Hugs to you

  • January 5, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Hi Sylvia sorry Your Keith is still in pain & limping pain is a BBBBBB. could'nt access that site but I think it may be the picture of Andre' & Richard Wilkins that is in The Celebration Book, He does a lot of interviews with important persons; the white thing I saw was like a huge round controlled explosion very different from anything I have ever seen on Andre's Dvds snowy & glittery if that makes sense:???????
  • January 6, 2011 Jill B wrote:
    Thank you for your continuing messages wishing John well everyone. It's lovely to see so many each day xx to all of you. Between Sylvia's Keith, Fay's Narelle and John we're keeping you all busy praying.
    John's in quite a lot of pain and finding it very difficult to eat, but he's walking around okay when not sleeping. We have a way to go yet.
    Fay I totally agree with you about the annual waste of storm water fron Queensland. I think we should start another huge project like the Snowy River Scheme was to harness it and store it for use in dry times. The Snowy River scheme employed thousands of migrants and gave them a start here, we have so many people trying to come to Australia at the moment I'm sure there'd be no shortage of workers.
  • January 6, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Dear friends
    I hope John and Keith are feeling better. Juandre and I went to Pretoria(an hour's drive from home)to hand in his application for an Australian visa. On our way back we listened to "You Raised Me Up" when Juandre mentioned that his lady friend in Australia has never heard of Joss Groban, but she does know who Andre is!AMAZING, he is more well known in Australia than Joss! When I listened to "You raised me up", I could just picture our Darling playing this beautiful song. I have not yet received my "Roses from the South", is this piece of music available on You Tube? The end of my holiday is drawing closer, we start work(school) on Monday.On the other hand, Andre's concert date is also drawing closer! The suspense is killing me!! Love you allxx
    1. January 6, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Hi Dear friend. I have never heard od Joss Grobin. We have a wonderful young man called Josh Grobin on the music scene at the moment.I think he is American He sings 'You raise me up.' What a voice he has. To look at him you would never think that voice would come out of his mouth.I think 'You Raise me up' is beautiful whoever does it. Andre's concert date is drawing near for me too here in UK. Woop Woop. Hugs xx
  • January 6, 2011 Steve Williams wrote:
    Just got back to the Uk from Germany after seeing the New Year Concert in Koln, not sure one word could sum it up.. Excellent, Stunning, Brilliant, Exciting, Colourful, Unforgettable..all those and more, Kimi was wonderful, as was Mirusia and the Platin Tenors as always, no Carmen though
    For someone who is supposed to be taking a bit easier, no one seems to have told Andre!
    HAd still camera on wrong setting.DOH! but some of the viseo has come out OK which is great!
    Andre is is GREAT form !
    1. January 6, 2011 Kay wrote:
      Hi Steve, So you enjoyed the concert then??? ha, sounds great, good luck to you - i wonder where Carmen was though, must admit she is my favourite soprano so expressive. All UK fans "Andre story" on Ch.5 Sunday it is a repeat but of course worth watching again.
  • January 6, 2011 Elizabeth wrote:
    Hello Steve interested to know about the new year concert in Koln, how did you know about concert and where did you buy tickets please, if this was adveritised then sadly I have missed it,
    was it a package deal, hotel included etc. Sorry so many questions, but I am a woman. only excuse,
    1. January 8, 2011 Steve W wrote:
      Hiya, I can't remember where I saw it listed, it may well have been Andre's site, but it was booked in Jan 2010, and tickets were going well then! Did not get seats that we really wanted, but they were still good!
      Booked via a German Ticket site, that I do know is linked to andrerieu.com, then booked hotel and travel after tickets confirmed.
      WELL, WELL worth the trip now onto the 02 in April,
  • January 6, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    so good to read your post Steve,especially as you are a male , I have heard people say Andre' only appeals to old ladys so He does but you know you have only to look at the audience's to discredit that statement, He Has also been called The pensioners Pin Up Personality, GOOD NEWS about Andre'He's a Lovely Man & its so easy to see its not just a "job" He trully loves what He does & does'nt He do it soooo well, I am almost holding my breathe till May it can't come fast enough for us, He has totally changed my daughters taste of music, which is good as since she has been in pain Andre's music has been sooooo good for her, it helps her to relax & laugh a bit, & I think Himself would pass on if He had to give up what He does I watch His facial expressions they are precious moments;
    1. January 9, 2011 Steve Williams wrote:
      Aye, a mere male, but appreciate goo music, well performed, and i do have soft spots for Stephanie, Tanja, Manoe, Jet.... I am 55, not old, but not that young, although it was good to see quite a few younger members in the audience on Jan 2nd.
      by coincidence a couple of nights ago flicking through channels, there was a concert from Vienna, played Blue Danube, followed by the Radetzky March, it was good, but so stuffy and staid, the conductoe even turned round to the audience during the Radetzky and went "shhh" with his finger to his lips!
      Can you imagine that at an Andre concert ! ??
      My son and daughter do not have much time for his music, but our grandkids (5 & 6 year old boys) really love some of his stuff !
      1. January 9, 2011 Maureen Davidsaon wrote:
        So glad you enjoyed the concert I also think Stephanie is cute and her antics are quite funny. We all agreed about that concert in Vienna being very stuffy but we have been completly taken over by the way Andre presents it to us.
        Like you my son and daughter are not interested in Andre's music but another son quite likes it and keeps me up to date with any JSO news, perhaps it is because he lives with us and hears the music constantly and I mean constantly. Cheers.
  • January 6, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre you will find "YOU RAISE ME UP" on u tube, also Mirusia singing Don't Cry For Me Argentina wow is all I can say, "You Raise Me Up will give you goosepimples, Andre'makes His violin sing, they are almost solos He plays that leave me more than weak at knees, I know He has a top violin but only in The Hands of a Master can it sing like it does for Andre', I really don't need to share that with You do I but maybe someone else does'nt know Ha Ha, I put Susan Boyle on last night, I have little claw marks on the side of my face, Jasper was'nt on my bed when I went to sleep as Narelle was watching Andre' in Her bedroom & I was reading, but I was woken up without ceremony when He came in to me, I know it reads as crazy but its a fact;
  • January 6, 2011 Jill B wrote:
    Okay Deirdre and Josephine - who is Joss/Josh Grobin? I'd hate to be missing someone wonderful, but can't remember hearing the name before.
    1. January 7, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Jill, Josh Groban is an American singer that David Foster discovered. You can bet that anyone David Foster works with is very talented. You can find out about both of them on the internet & I think you tube probably has them on too. I have a Christmas cd with Josh singing, love the Ava Maria & O Holy Night. Josh sings duets well too, like The Prayer, can't remember whether it's Charlotte Church or Celine Dion, and his You Raise Me Up is the best I've ever heard.The young man has a great voice.
    2. January 7, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Hi Jill Sorry if this comment appears more than once. My laptop is playing silly B's and I don't know if my previous was accepted
      Anyway JOSH GROBAN is a lovely young man with a wonderful voice. If you go to youtube you will find him singing amongst others You Raise me Up. Oh Holy Night and a wonderful duet The Prayer with Celine Dion that will give you goosebumps.I hope you like him I do . Hugs xx
  • January 6, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Jeanine Ann You may remember way back , months in fact I spoke about an insert with a Cd,the photo had Andre' with what looks like sticking plaster on the left side of His Oh So Lovely Face, well I have found it on Andre's site You go to photos, then go past until you come to Fans photos, there are at least 100 or more, you can have a quick view & click or if you have time to browse & enjoy, you will find what I am talking about, He has a red border, with Joyeux Noel, & of course the bandage? I'm talking about ; there are some good photos there well worth time out, to drool over or drown slowly, ENJOY; I went back to finish watching Dreaming today, very well named, there are lots of eye contact on that dvd very dreamy;
    1. January 7, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi Fay, I found that photo and I am sure that is a shadow or reflection from something.  I think if Andre were to have any bandage on his face it would not be as obvious looking as this.  It would be flesh colored to blend with his face especially on a promo photo as this probably is.  I have seen this photo many times and I don't think a fan took it.  I can post it here if everyone wants to comment on it.  There are a lot of good photos there.  I even put some on because I wanted some photos on Andre's web site.  Kind of a connection, huh.  I guess that is pushing it but it is something.  You take care of yourself and Narelle and Jasper!  Big hugs to you all

  • January 7, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Wow Steve,I love the way you described the New Year's Concert. Well done for a man, now you can just imagine how us ladies feel!? You will not normally find us speechless,but Andre, his music, his eyes,his...Darn, you see, speechless again!!Carmen also didn't accompany Andre to South Africa in 2010. No concert is complete without her. My son Juandre will once again be very disappointed if she doesn't come to South Africa in March. She just does something to a man, as Andre has noted on various occasions.
  • January 7, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Dear Josephine and Jill
    Sorry,I misspelled Josh but it is one and the same man. He performed with Celine Dion in a duet when he was still very young and unknown. She was very impressed with him. He has an angel face with a very beautiful voice. Jill, do look him up on you tube. He made I Raise You Up famous.
  • January 7, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Dear Fay,Thank you, I will watch "You Raise Me Up"played by our man on you tube. I will just make sure the floor is covered with towels!! On our TV adverts on Andre, they say that he is not only appealing to the older generation,but that his stunning performances now also draw the younger generations to his concerts. They make quite a fuss of our Man.I must tell you about Lulu. Every morning when my alarm clock goes off, she jumps on top of me with a meow, kneads my blanket(in the process,me as well),licks my eyelid(I call it,ex foliate my face) and bites my finger until I greet her. She will then lay down in my arms until I get up, spinning like a very contented little kitty.She is sooo lovable and seems to calm down when i listen to music. Meow to Jasper xx
  • January 7, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Sweet friend, Jeanine Ann
    I was once again unsuccessful to read the Guest Book and placing a comment on it. I could scroll through photos and even downloaded a screen saver, but Guest Book froze once again. It is very frustrating.I downloaded a wallpaper of Andre, Mirusia and Kimmy that is stunningly beeaauutiful, and are now using it as my background on my laptop.Any suggestions on how to post a message on his site? Thank you for your help and for solving all our problems. Love you lots. xx
    1. January 7, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi Deirdre, I cannot figure out why you cannot post on Andre's guest book.  I have been sending him love letters : ) several times to make sure it is working right.  It may be something in your computer which happens when you are on that page.  The web site is working fine.  Has anyone else been having problems?  I am sorry dear Deirdre but I don't know what else to say.  Can you have someone look at your computer?  Big Hugs to you

  • January 7, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hi Dear Friends It has been a yuk day here in Southern England. They have informed us that December 2010 was the coldest on record in Uk. Well I think we all realised that especially when our heating bills came in !!Hey Ho. Such is life. I have been enjoying Andre 'Moonlight Serenading' me today. Usually prefer the DVD as I like to droooool. But I have to say the CD is fabulous. I kept repeating Romance from The Gadfly and Intermezzo Rusticana'cos I just love those two. Definitely one I will play again and again. Hope you have all had a happy day dear friends especially the not so well amongst us. I don't like it when my friends are not well. Big hugs and love to you all xx
    PS Where are you MICHAEL? xxx
  • January 7, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre "DREAMING" is a really beautiful Dvd., if you go into Andre's site & look at photo's I think its Family, you will find a bar to click into on the left hand side, there are Andre's FAMILY photo's, there is one of Andre' as a young boy with a birds nest, including bird on His head, its precious, you can see the promise of the Beautiful person in waiting, I don't mean in looks, I mean The Character it is there for all to see, this photo is also in Marjorie's book but it's bigger & clearer on the computer, good snaps of Marjorie & their Boys as well,Family photo's,;
  • January 7, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
    Fay is this the photo in question?  Doesn't it look like a shadow?


    1. January 8, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Hi all. Well I think it is the shadow from his bow.Far too long I think to be a sticky plaster. Dare I say not one of my favourites.There are far better photo's around.Wonderful photo of him as a boy. Oh those eyes even at that age. Love him whatever. Hugs xx
    2. January 8, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
      Hi friends, my son says it is a part photo/part drawing and that the "plaster"is part of the drawing in the picture. It does look strange though and this photo will not be incorporated into my own Andre Photo Gallery. There are much better photos, just scroll back and you will see what I mean.
    3. January 15, 2011 Jan McG wrote:
      Lovely photo. Is Fleur another grandchild?
  • January 7, 2011 Maureen Davidsaon wrote:
    Hi,all the lovely people on this our favourite Andre site. I have been at my daughters in country Victoria, no broadband connection so I have so much to catch up on and I will definately look at those photos. 5days without this site is just too long. I also have a new laptop and have installed that beautiful smiling photo of Andre as my screensaver, Just so beautiful, cheers to all.43593
  • January 7, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Jeanine Ann Thats it, I will be interested to see what others think, I am asking you to do more work but can you go into Family photos & put the one with the birdsnest & bird, I can see so much in that young face, boy He must have had girls swooning after Him even then, for me I can see such quality there, maybe thats not the correct word, I can't think ; too tired, as it was back to Vinnies to day, & my body & brain does'nt get any younger, thanks for that Photo, I would think if it was a shadow it could have been removed;????????
  • January 7, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre, the guestbook on Andre's site does pause for about 30 sec. do you log in to start it up, then log in again I find sometimes I have to put my password in again, otherwise it wont work, the Photo of Andre as a boy is in Classical & so it is, lets know what you feel about it;
    1. January 7, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Fay I didn't notice that pause so maybe you must log in again or be sure you are logged in for the Guest book.  I remember when I went there I was not logged in and then had to log in before I could post a message.  I am working on a concert report which is short but lots of photos from Wendy in Florida who went to the Orlando concert.  I have been trying to get it finished but so many things come up and I have had lots of work here taking down Christmas decorations and cleaning the house.  Cotton was sick last night and I think it was because we had to give her an appetite pill so neither of us slept well at all.  We worry about her so much.  She is just so sweet and we have had her for 17 years and she is in her 18th year now.  So anyway I am getting ready to pack it in for the day.  It is 10:30 here so we try to get to bed between 10:30 and 11:00.  Have a good day everyone, I am going to have sweet dream of Andre, the only thing is I never dream of him except day dreams.  Guess that will have to do.  Big hugs to all.  Love you all

  • January 7, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
    Here you are Fay.  It is cute, isn't it? 


  • January 7, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Jeanine Ann you really are a beautiful person, I wonder what Deidre will make of The Child, The Look is there in those eyes; thank you I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do, I hope your Cotton is a little better they are a real worry when alls not right, play Her some music to settle Her, you have a good rest;
  • January 8, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Hello my lovely friends

    I have at last managed to comment on the Guest book! Thanks for your help.FAY, during Andre's concert in Sun City, I purchased a Gala Concert booklet with photos of Andre as a child(including the one with the bird's nest), AR as a young man(Looking very much like the young Elvis Presley ,to me anyway) as well as numerous photos of concerts (including a photo taken with the sexy BOND Girls) and a summary of his life story. It is an A4 size booklet, glossy and very beautiful.CAN ANYONE HELP ME!? Which book is the better one to buy: :My Dream Come True/My Music My Life?? I invited some friends to watch "Live in Dublin" with me later today. Juandre first wants to chase me around on the squash courts(just maybe it will be the other way around today - dream on girl!)before my friends come over. JEANINE ANN, hope Cotton gets better. It is very upsetting when your "child" is not feeling well. May all have a super,drooling(Josephine)Andre Day, filled with love and MUSIC!!xx
    1. January 8, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi my friend Deirdre, you really cannot do without A Dream Come True which is a DVD now, started as a VHS on Andre's site, I have played that so many times.  At the end when he is standing up in the church tower overlooking the city of Maastricht and so lovingly says "My Maastricht", I cry every time.  And you must see him playing "Jealousy" in the DVD.  Then again you cannot do without the book "My Music, My Life".  I have an extra copy of "A Dream Come True" and would gladly send it to you if you want.  Just email me.  Take care my sweet friend.  Big Hugs and Love

    2. January 9, 2011 Ilse van Graan wrote:
      Dear Deirdre: I have an extra copy op My Music my life - if you want it you are welcome to ask Jeanine Ann for my email information.You will received it in a few days as I live about 210 km from Heidelberg in the Free State.
      1. January 10, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
        Hi Ilse, thank you so much I will ask Jeanine Ann to forward your e-mail info to me.
  • January 8, 2011 Jill B wrote:
    I've had a listen to Josh Groban on You Tube - very nice.
  • January 8, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Good afternoon all and it is a good one here in Southern England. The sun is shining and the birds are singing Ahhh
    Don't know if I am going to make anyones mouth water but I have just made some lovely(even though I say it myself) fruit scones and we have enjoyed a cream tea with strawberry jam amd fresh strawberries( moment on the lips,inch on the hips !!) whilst watching Gigi with Leslie Caron and Maurice Chevalier'Ah yes, I remember it well'he has just sung. Lovely old film
    Wonder if Andre likes our English tradition of cream tea. I think he might as he enjoys his food and played 'Tea for two' Happy afternoon Hugs xx
  • January 8, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Liewe(Afrikaans, my home language)/Dear Jeanine Ann, I always wondered where you saw Andre playing "Jealousy", I looked through all my dvd's and couldn't find it.You have just convinced me that I have to get both the book and dvd. Andre would be proud of you, you are a very good Marketing Agent AND Moderator!
    JILL, I knew you would like Josh Groban. He sings like an angel, but don't dare fall in love with him because our Andre would be very jealous. (Ha Ha- we wish!)JOSEPHINE,we also enjoy scones with cream and strawberry jam here in South Africa. I suppose it is a tradition we adopted from the British in the days when we were a British colony and Queen Elizabeth visited our country. Prince Andrew and William also visit our country quite often, they were here in 2010. In fact, we saw William once in Plettenberg Bay in the Cape, when he came here to play in a Polo tournament. A very down to earth guy. We also drink cream in our coffee, it is called Cappuccino. Do you drink it in the UK as well? I'm off to bed, I wonder who will play on his violin just for me when I'm in Dream Land!? Hugs xx
  • January 8, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre My Music My Life book for me was a must have there is a lot of "Stuff" in that some will so make you Laugh, Its a bit like a biography,there are some precious moments included in that book, there is a book called Dreams Come True which Marjorie wrote about twins being invited to a concert By Andre' The Dvd "A Dream Come True" is well worth having, & not related to the book of a similar name; gosh you must be fit to play squash, I don't even think I could play tennis anymore sometimes my legs won't do what my brain wants, I can remember when my Nan was 76 I thought she was ancient, I have to admit there are times when my body feels like that but my mind does'nt, or maybe I'm in my 2nd. childhood; today is the remembrance of The Baptism of Jesus, in our Church, Father & Servers had bowls that had specially blessed water & they walked around The Church Blessing everyone, I don't think I have ever seen this happen before, I found it rather cleansing & beautiful; Have a Rieully Great Day all;
  • January 8, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    I liked Josh Groban singing You Raise Me up , But I prefere Andre's version on The Violin, I like Celine Dion & Josh Groban singing The Prayer by far one of The Best version, He has a good voice; Josephine Can I come for Afternoon tea, Ha Ha you are a long way from Australia, so don't panic, it will just be in thought;
  • January 9, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Sweet friends, the last day of my Summer Holidays! JILL, I knew you would like Josh Groban. JOSEPHINE, we also enjoy scones with cream and strawberry jam. We are coffee lovers here in SA and drink it with cream(Cappuccino). We also drink Rooibos Tea, it has very good medicinal properties and is also used in beauty products. Do any of you have Rooibos Tea in your countries?I wonder if our Darling would like a cuppa!? FAY, Swan Lake is magnificent. I've never seen any dancer with such balance, amazing! Good day to all xx
  • January 9, 2011 steve welch wrote:
    Hi everyone and a happy new year to you all.
    Does anyone enter into correspondence with JSO members? I f so which of them have replied.
    Regards to all, Steve
  • January 9, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hi dear friends. This is the 3rd time I have typed this,previous 2 disappeared Grrrr.
    DEIDRE I am so glad you enjoy cream teas. As for coffee we really seem to have gone up market here in UK. Once we only had the choice of black or white. Now we have Espresso Latte Americano Cappuccino Frappuccino Mocha and many more. The person who serves them now has the grand title of Barista. Starbucks seem to have take over. Personally I dont care for the 'buckets' of coffee they serve. I can never drink even half of it. I only drink Espresso or Americano as I don't care for milky drinks. I sound like a right fussy madam don't I. Sorry.
    JEANINE ANN Dear lady you keep on tempting us and getting the drool going telling us about Jealousy but I can't find it anywhere.Maybe when you have a bit of time to spare you would be kind enough to put it on here for us to enjoy
    FAY. I do wish you could join me for afternoon tea but as you say it will have to be in our imagination. Just like I imagine things with Andre !!
    Love to you all. Talk again later. Hope this one will 'submit'Fingers crossed xxx
    1. January 9, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi Josephine, sorry you had such a hard time with your posts.  Can you please tell me what you mean by cream tea.  I am thinking it is just cream added to a cup of tea (regular coffee cream) but I guess there is more to it.  I love the milky drinks but I also like the espresso and frappuccino drinks.  The only thing I don't like at Starbucks is the regular coffee.  It is terrible.  We drink Caramel Macchiato's (sp) all the time except in summer, then we go for the frapps. 

      Now for "Jealousy", I will be most happy to try to get this on for you and all the fans.  I need to take it from the DVD and into a file so that I can upload it.  I think my husband can help me there.  Just give me a little time and we will work on it for you.  : )  I think Clyde has done it before but not from my DVD's.  Take care and big hugs to you.

  • January 9, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre, I have not heard of that tea thats not to say we don't have it as it could be sold in Health shops, myself I am addicted to Dilmah Earl Grey, & Nelly preferes English breakfast, I am an awful person if we visit anyone I always carry a bone china mug, & my Earl Grey, if I can't drink that I will go without, its an awful way to be , luckily my friends know me well & accept my strangeness, I was a coffee drinker, a very fussy one , 1986 I gave it up for Lent & found I had lost my taste for it< I used to drink about 10 cups a day, now I only have a rare one , Did you know Andre' has His own coffee bean mix,you will find that on the Dvd. "My Music My Life" & on The Dvd, Sydney 2009 He says if you come to Maastricht the coffee is always ready, oh what would it be like if we could knock on His door & enjoy a cup of coffee with Himself & Marjorie, oh well I can always dream can't I, for the above is only a dream; My 3 Great Granbabies are coming to visit today, 5, 4, 12months old, they live in Inverell which is 10 0r 12 hrs by car I usually only see them once a year, my house will look a wreck when they leave but I don't care, Inverell is north west of Sydney , very hot in the summer & light snow in winter, have a lovely Andre' day all;
  • January 9, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hi Fay. I am so glad I am not the only 'fussy' person. I always carry Lapsang Souchong with me as most restaurants don't serve it. I like to mix it with English breakfast. I often wonder what they think in the kitchen when my tea pot goes back. Also I have to drink it out of a bone china cup and saucer. All my friends and family keep a special one for me.Sad in a way as there are more important things in the world to think about but if you can manage to enjoy what you like then why not?I have learnt another thing about Andre today then Fay about his own special coffee mix. Wouldn't it be great to shate a cup with him.I hope you have a wonderful time with your Great Grandchildren. It must be absolutely wonderful to have them. I don't even have Grandchildren let alone Great Grandchildren.
  • January 9, 2011 Carole Miller wrote:
    Has anyone gotten Andre"s Roses from the South"? I have, and it is the greatest I have ever heard. I just ordered the DVD, and can't wait to get it. He just gets better and better all the time. I say that all the time, but how true it is. His music helps me so much now, because I really miss my husband, Robert. I program one of his CD's on my stero every night so I have all night music. It is so soothing, especially if I wake during the night. God Bless Him for all that he does for the world, but especially what he is doing for me right now. I wish everyone a Blessed New Year full of happiness and good health, joy and peace to all. I am on my daughter's computer, as I don't have one, so I don't get to talk to you all when I want to. I am at my daughter's on Sundays for dinner, so that is my only chance to claim my spot on the computer. Will close for now, sending you all hugs and kisses. Carole L. Miller
    1. January 10, 2011 Jill B wrote:
      Hello on Sunday Carole
      I love "Roses from the South" too and have bought a few copies to give for presents during the year.
      1. January 10, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        Jill, how is John doing?  I am still praying for him and for you too.  I hope he is continuing to improve.  Big Hugs to you

        1. January 10, 2011 Jill B wrote:
          No Jeanine Ann, he's a bundle of misery. He only managed two days at home before I had to take him back to the hospital. He can't tolerate any food, so is a worry. Thank you for the prayers xx
          1. January 11, 2011 Shirley wrote:
            Jill, the prayers of many friends are with you.
            1. January 11, 2011 Jill B wrote:
              Thanks Shirley. It's very comforting.
          2. January 11, 2011 Judith wrote:
            Jill, my thoughts and prayers have been on going for your strength, and a healthy recovery for your dear husband. Today, I went to the 'Shrine of St. Jude' here in my area. I have prayed at the Statue of St. Jude and lit a candle for intersession and strength during these very trying times. I spoke with the priest there, and he has told me that they will be praying for your husband during their "Healing Mass" and asked I tell you they will be praying for your peace and strength, and courage in knowing St. Jude is a powerful Saint. (St. Jude is my Patron Saint whom I have prayed to for SO MANY years, and he always brings me through my many prayers). As Shirley has posted, we are ALL praying for you my friend, as you and your beloved husband go through these times. Sending you many hugs. Keep your chin 'up' luvy!
            1. January 12, 2011 Jill B wrote:
              Thank you so much Judith. That's wonderful. I'm sure the prayers have been answered already as John is considerably better today. He's been able to eat a weetbix and a vegemite sandwich - a huge improvement on the last two weeks. It's amazing really as yesterday he couldn't even eat clear liquids.
              I'm glad things are a bit better in your household too Sylvia.
              1. January 12, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
                Oh the power of Prayer!  Thanks Jill for letting us know.  Hugs

  • January 9, 2011 Jill B wrote:
    I haven't heard of Rooibos tea Deirdre, nor cream tea Josephine. The capucchino we have in Australia is made from strong espresso coffee topped with lots of frothed up milk. We're a nation of tea drinkers, but once instant coffee came in years ago we started drinking gallons of coffee too.
    I won't fall in love with Josh Deirdre.
    Being in love with Helmut Lotti, Daniel O'Donnell and Andre all at once is about as much as my ageing heart can cope with.
  • January 9, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Hi everyone! This is nothing about Andre, but I need your help with my computer! To the left of my emails, it usually says Hotmail then underneath it
    says Inbox, Junk, Drafts, Send and Delete. Apart from Inbox everything has
    disappeared. It now says Inbox, Folders, Quick Views, Flagged, Photos,
    Office docs, Mesenger. Please help me.
    I can't see what I have sent or deleted.
    Hugs Sylvia of London
  • January 9, 2011 Maureen wrote:
    Jeanine Ann I have heard 'Jealousy' just WONDERFUL. Another joyful experience fot all of us.
  • January 9, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Oh peace & quiet, its lovely to have greatgranbabies visit but it even nicer when they go home I had to lock Jasper in my bedroom , then He went outside which I dont like late in the PM. children don't understand I now have Andre' playing to wind down, its been beautiful but hectic, children don't just sit & play quietly, they of course have a cat at home ,who is not spoilt & used only to us, Jasper is not used to children & being childhandled I was terrified that He would bite He's good at that if he does'nt get his own way, I guess what I'm saying is Jasper is our spoilt child;my fault entirely;
  • January 10, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Dear JANINE ANN, would you please be so kind to forward Ilse van Graan's e-mail info to me(she gave me permission- see her reply to me on Jan 9). Thank you so much my dear friend. FAY, seems to me we are doing something wrong in our e-mails when it comes to photos!? Your photos have also gone astray and I only received the message part. I will let Juandre tell me what I'm doing wrong.JOSEPHINE, I would also like to hear "Jealousy", because I have a problem with that. I'm very jealous to share Our Man with others, and Jeanine Ann is working very hard to get me to share. I must say that I'm improving because all of you are setting a very good example to me. BUT, IF our Man one day comes to visit me, I WILL NOT SHARE HIM WITH ANYONE!! Oh, dream on Girl!!Lovely Andre Day to all xx
    1. January 11, 2011 Ilse wrote:
      Hi Deirdré - Alternative. Phone my school during school hours and I will tell them to supply you with e-mail. They both speak Afrikaans  (REDACTED)

      Ilse I will email the phone number to Deirdre.  I took it off for security concerns.  Thanks much

  • January 10, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hi Jeanine Ann. A Cream Tea consists of obviously tea and a scone topped with lashings of clotted cream and strawberry jam.I used to own a Tea Room and served fresh strawberries with it as well. Yummy. Normally eaten between 3pm and 5pm it originated in an area we call The West Country which consists of the counties Devon Cornwall Dorset Somerset.Devon in particular laying claim to fame as that area is well known for lovely thick clotted creamThere are several theories about when it began one being that in 1661 Catherine of Braganca married Charles 11 and brought the practice from Portugal
    We also have Afternoon tea. Which is normally eaten between 3pm and 5pm and consists of dainty sandwiches particularly cucumber,cakes pastries and scones. My favourite especially with a glass of champagne !!
    Then we have High tea normally eaten between 5pm and 6pm and consists of cold meats eggs fish sandwiches and cake. Sadly however these traditions apart from cream teas have largely died out due to peoples working patterns. Lots of love to all xxx
  • January 10, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Hi dear Fay, do you have :Live in Dublin? It is currently one of my favourites. The music is beautiful and the cameras are constantly on his(you know who) beautiful face. HIS EYES ARE REALLY BLUE ON THIS DVD! I go ballistic when I watch this DVD and have to cover the floors with towels for all the drooling. We should all get together for tea with Andre, don't you think!? Stunning Andre day to all! xxx
  • January 10, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hi Sylvia. I have sent you an email with info that may help you get your computer sorted. Hope it works. Hope you are well and Keith is feeling better
    Fondest wishes dear friend.Keeeeep smilin xxx
  • January 10, 2011 Brenda wrote:
    Hello Jeanine Ann and everyone,
    I too am looking forward to seeing "Jealousy" as I have always liked the tune and am sure Andre's version will be just wonderful!
    To all UK fans - I have just been to see the new film "The King's Speech" with Colin Firth.It was an excellent film!He should get an oscar for his portrayal of King George VI (Bertie).It is extremely well-cast.It can really reccommend this film.
    Not sure if the film will be released in US and AUS.Go if you get the chance.
    Watched Dreaming again yesterday - it's just PERFECT.
    Warm regards to all.
    1. January 10, 2011 Helen wrote:
      I agree Brenda. Dreamy Colin Firth & Geoffrey Rush both put in great performances. The film opened in Australia a few weeks ago & it is the best film I've seen in ages. Geoffrey Rush & his family live not far from us in Melbourne & we see him out & about occasionally. Wish I lived near Colin Firth & of course the even moreso dreamy Andre, too.
  • January 10, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hi dear friends. I must be honest and tell you I gave up voting for Person of the Year 2010 because for one thing it made no sence voting for people already deceased and I could not make head noe tail of the voting system. I just decided to have a look and see who won but unfortunately can't see it anywhere on the site. Does anyone know who one please. Probably Michael Jackson. Voting for 2011 looks just as confusing. I looked once and our Man was 3rd Looked again 2 mins later and he was 4th with someone called Anouk Teeuwe appearing out of nowhere in 3rd place. I give up. I am not worried. Andre will always be my No1 man of the year (Joint place with my other half!!!)
    Lets say Andre will be No 1 unatainable man of my dreams xxx
  • January 10, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    The film "The King's Speech" is in cinema's in Australia I need to go to see this I kind of grew up With King George being The King in my school days, we always said a prayer before class, "I Honour My God, I Am Loyal To My King, I Salute The Flag"; this is not said anymore in case we upset other nationalitys ; Deidre I have The Dublin Dvd we have 42 of Andre' I have doubled up on 4 which I had to buy to get "A Dream Comes True", it came as one of a set of 5; You can never have Too many is my motto when it comes to Andre' & His beautiful Music;, I have also recorded 6 on The IQ. box as I don't have a dvd player in our lounge room just our bedrooms when I go out I often put Himself on for Jasper see I told you He was SPOILT;
  • January 10, 2011 steve williams wrote:
    Just as a point of interest, how many have joined Andre's club as a 'Gold' member, and have you had your free gift yet?
    1. January 10, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi Steve I for one have joined Andre's site as a "Gold" member.  I was curious to see exactly what we get and how it would work.  I received an email stating that I would receive a gold card plus a membership gift but it may take a while.  So far I haven't seen anything but they may have had a lot of fans who also opted to be a "Gold" member.  How about you Steve, did you also join?  I am curious to see what the gift is.  Big Hugs

      1. January 12, 2011 Steve Williams wrote:
        Yes I joined almost the same day it was announced, but all has gone very quiet since then, think I have had one email reminding me about the 10% discounts.
        bit like you... curious
  • January 10, 2011 Jill B wrote:
    Sylvia my email list scrambled like that about a month ago as well. The technician told me to click on my email address at the top of the list and it would restore the items originally displayed. It worked for me. Good luck.
    Josephine, I'm glad you're not drinking tea with cream in it! We call your cream tea a Devonshire tea here. They are extremely popular and almost all cafes sell them.
    1. January 10, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Sylvia, what email program do you use?  I have never had that happen but anything is possible with a computer.  I use Incredimail and it is pretty good.  How is Keith doing?  Hugs

  • January 10, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Likewise I received an email re gold card with the note that it would be a while, I did receive a Dvd, Roses From The South, with a note hoping it would Help my Narelle to feel a little better, & thanking me for my message, I passed the copy I already had to someone else who had a stroke last year, I would'nt part with the one from Maastricht or the note enclosed, from The Andre' Rieu Team; that is rather special to us; its a lovely Dvd, I think I have said before has Andre' ever made a flop I reckon A big NO , the earliest I have is the Christmas in the Stable one, I love each one for its content, I did prefere Maastricht 3 with the wind players, but have gone onto love My African Dream, for the raw emotions Andre' has shared with us,& following on Midsummer Nights is so good also, I am waiting on Celebration, its contents seem a really nice mixture its on back order; I went back to My Dream Comes True last night ' I agree with you about Jealousy its a powerful piece of Music played by a Man who puts a lot of powerful feelings into His music, I am addicted but its a nice addiction is'nt it;
  • January 10, 2011 Maxine wrote:
    Please pray for the people of Queensland, Australia. So far 9 confirmed dead & 66 missing.It is still raining & the rivers haven't peaked yet.Even Brisbane, the capital, is being evacuated.
    Go to ;- www.news.ninemsn.com.au
    to see photos & videos.
  • January 11, 2011 Brenda wrote:
    Just noticed on Andre's website that he is on BBC Breakfast from 6.00 am on WEDNESDAY 26th JANUARY.
    Hope he makes it this time.
    1. January 14, 2011 Ruth Pomeroy wrote:
      Hi Brenda Thanks for the info, I am a UK fan. Have ringed my calender and will set my alerm clock for 5.30am
  • January 11, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    WOW,WOW,WOW Jeanine Ann Wendy's photos are incredibly good,gorgeous,beautiful,stunning,unbelievable ...I better stop because the space is limited! Good news, back at work two people approached me to tell me that Andre's music is beautiful and that he is an excellent performer. I have the collage in my office and everybody knows that I'm crazy about our Man. Our school principal and his wife are now also hooked. I told them to watch Andre's concerts on our local TV and they loved it. I think that many more people in South Africa now knows about our man and that he has gained even more fans here. Please let me know what the time difference is between the USA and SA as soon as you have bought the time clock. YOU ARE THE BEST MODERATOR EVER! Come on ladies and gentlemen, let us know what you think of the photos after you have dried yourselves(the drooling,you know!?)I'm in 7nth heaven,love to all.xxx
    1. January 11, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      For the different time zones go to http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/
      1. January 11, 2011 Judith wrote:
        Ah ha Shirley, 'thank you' for the zone info-I have been procrastinating on my looking this up for so-so long. Many thanks!
  • January 11, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Dear Friends, I would like to share my views on the Three Tenors.Garry is just Garry and has a great voice. Bela is a Lady's Man and a charmer. On My African Dream he told the make-up artist to: "Make me look beautiful, I don't want to look old."He has a very naughty face and I think it must be fun to be around him. Thomas has the most beautiful baby-blue eyes and Andre always says he is very kind. When I look at him I can only see kindness. THE LADIES: Carla has a magnificent voice and I think she will sing beautiful in operas. She sings the high C notes with ease and grace. Carmen is beautiful with her black eyes and she can charm any man out of his socks! Lovely voice too. Mirusia has gorgeous hair, beautiful big eyes and a lovely strong voice. Our Andre says she is always in a good mood. I sometimes wonder if companies/people approach them to rather come sing for them? If so, I know that they will never leave our Darling. He takes such good care of them and dresses them beautifully!! Well, I would like to know what the rest of you think. May your day be filled with beautiful music. Hugs xx
  • January 11, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Oh dear. My heart and prayers go out to the people of Brisbane. I have just been watching the news on the terrible floods.Shocking and so sad. The world's weather has gone mad .xx
  • January 11, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre I put my comment on the site with the photo's they are excellent eh, like you I just love Photos of Himself & co.My Daughter in law who came with my granbabies looked around & said you've added a few photos Mum Ha Ha, the only room without a photo is the bathroom,; you go back to school earlier than we do in Australia, I think NSW goes back 1st. Feb. some states differ, I think most of Queensland will go back very late as a lot of school halls are being used for all those poor people who have pretty much lost everything & have had to leave their homes, on the news they are telling us this is a 1 in 100 year flood, its awful, what would be the most important item, I used to think photos, I have so many I could'nt take all so I guess it would be Jasper, maybe in the next 100 years they can come up with a way to collect flood waters for reuse & not have so much destruction, its all very well being green, but floods do so much damage, to property, to livestock, to land, billions of acres of sugar cane are under water a lot of our produce comes from Queensland & northern NSW, plus so much soil will be washed away so much more damage than a few new Dams would cause, I am no expert but have always felt tempory ones could be built to catch the overflow for a lot of damage now is because one dam is over full & they have to let the water go, or the dam will burst, in my mind I have always felt that if a few small dams were built between rivers & inland this water could be diverted elsewhere when we are in drought; oh well end of my soap box for the day have a lovely day with lots of music, I have just thought I'd leave the photos & take my Dvds & Cds guess who's??????;
  • January 11, 2011 Marlene Warren wrote:
    I read the news today about the terrible flooding and weather happening in Australia. My heart and prayers go out to all those affected.
    I know there is so much damage.
    I hope that the devastation will end very soon.
    1. January 11, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      My thoughts and prayers go out also to these friends affected by the floods.  I do hope everyone will be okay.  I saw photos of houses floating away - that is horrible.  Your friends are with you.  Hugs from here

  • January 11, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Hi everyone! Thanks to everyone who prayed for my darling Keith. He is 99.9% better and has no pain. He asks me to thank you also. Re computer troubles, I forgot that keith pays a firm called \Zuumedia quarterly to service our machine and do repairs. I
    contacted them and you can see what they are doing on your screen by remote
    control. They made it all right again, plus some other problems I had. Hurrah!
    I have just received Live in Australia
    and Christmas aroun d the World dvd's which makes 33 I now have, plus an Andre polo shirt, a t-shirt and the book
    My Music, My Life which I devoured and
    read in 1 hour. Then I ogled all the
    photos in the book. Keith caught me
    kissing Andre's face on the cover deeply
    and longingly. I think he was jealous.
    Must not do it again. I have found some products from elena's natural collection run by a Danish Burns Nurse
    which some doctors will let you have via the National Health Service. Keith, who is my official carer, has been using the products on the back of my leg for 4 days and says the texture of my skin and the cosmetic look is
    definitely getting better. Unfortunately the intense pain is still bad in the middle of the night but for less time. Our thoughts go out to everyone in Queensland with the floods.
    Who can I send money to, bearing in mind I am in England. Look after yourselves dear friends. Hugs Sylviaxx
    1. January 11, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi Sylvia, so glad that Keith is feeling better.  That is such great news.  So happy too that your leg is getting a little better with the cream, hopefully the pain will go away with use of those products. 
      You are really stocking up on the Andre goodies.  Don't forget you still have some credit here.  Will email you and let you know how much.  You really must watch that kissing Andre stuff - that can be dangerous : )  or just don't get caught haha.  Hugs to you both

  • January 11, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Hi friends! Further to your blogs re cream teas. I visited Sydney in April
    2007 and met my cousins there for the
    first time. They took me out to Vaucluse House where we had what they
    called Devonshire tea. Wow, was that yummy. Very like our cream teas. I fell in love with Sydney. The air seemed so pure there. Ever since I had
    my heart bypass, my chest feels tight,
    particularly in London, but it felt
    absolutely comfortable in Oz. I found
    the service everywhere I went was so much better than in London. The people
    there were so friendly. When I want to send flowers to my cousins in Oz, I don't use Interflora, but a lovely florist called Luscious Budz in Rose Bay
    who I just ring and pay with my debit card. I managed to get a lovely toy for my 4 year old cousin there. They
    don't sell them, but she was visiting
    Adelaide and saw a little wooden train
    and bought it for me to send. They
    supply flowers, chocolates and honey.
    The prices are very reasonable. I recommend anyone who has never visited
    Australia to go if they can. I was lucky when I went, as I was quite ill
    after we had stopped in Singapore, so
    they put me in Business Class for the
    last 13 hours of the flight (Keith only
    got 1 hour) and treated me like a princess and gave me a bottle of champagne and 2 pairs of designer pyjamas. How lucky I was. It is now
    3.15am I am going to make another effort to sleep. Hugs to you all. Hope
    I haven;t bored you. I know I go off on a tangent some times! Sylvia of London
  • January 11, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    He's great to Kiss eh Sylvia only one problem He can't kiss us back, just as well it would hurt Marjorie, I have a lot of respect for That Lady, She has a Husband that still loves her, that is something in todays world, I heard Him interviewed once He was asked who He would choose to die first Himself or Marjorie" Andre's Answer was Himself, He said without Marjorie He could not live He shuddered at the thought of life without Her, that said an awful lot to me about the person that He is, I have to say I loved Him even more for that statement: A rare & Beautiful Man:
  • January 11, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Hi Jeanine Ann! Just watched on You Tube Andre falling asleep while playing Brahms Lullaby. Is there any chance you
    could show it on this blog? It is so funny. I think other people would like it too. Goodnight Sylvia
  • January 12, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Jill so sorry to read your man is not 100%its really hard when someone you love & care for is not well , I continue my prayer we all started last year when Andre' was ill, I have just added a few extra words for friends & their loved ones who are ill I always feel sure that prayers are heard , the outcome I always think we need to trust & leave to God , likewise I know prayer is a private conversation, I won't go any further into that as this site is really for Andre' & friends; as a bit of information, I think Andre's concert in Brisbane was at Suncorp Stadium, in 2009; which at the moment looks more like a huge swimming centre,I have never seen the like of these floods; in my life time,I have seen a lot of floods this one is so widespread, the water so angry & fast flowing; Sylvia That book, "My Music My Life" is so good eh, what did you think about when Andre'was serving Mass, I can visualise that I laughed so much I nearly choked,at the best of times theres lots of smoke, thats the function of what we now call The Thirable, You have a piece of burning charcoal, & you add incense, which causes the whole to smoke even more, & of course the more you swing the more it smokes, I found that bit hilarous, I am now off to bed, I think I'll go to Maastrict 3 tonight, so God Bless all, sweet Andre' dreams;you know its funny I never seem able to dream about that Lovely Man:
  • January 12, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Dear friends,our hearts are going out to the flood victims in OZ. We saw the devastation on local television and I sooo wish I was there to hand out a dry blanket and give them a hug of encouragement! We are thinking of them in our prayers. SHIRLEY, thanks for the zone info - you are so clever Girl! Sylvia, no more Andre kissing - give Keith a kiss from all us girls on the blog! JUDITH, how is John doing? Lovely Andre day to all.xx
  • January 12, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Dear friends, SIMPLE PLEASURES(our Andre)SHARED WITH A FRIEND ENDOWES THEM WITH RICHER BEAUTY, A DEEPER AWE,AND A MORE BLESSED DELIGHT! So true, don't you think. Thank you our Darling Andre, that we can share you(our passion) on this blog!! JEANINE ANN, my sweet friend. You are a precious possession whose value increases with time spent with you on this blog.Thank you for being YOU. I made contact with Ilse via a fax with the phone number you provided. YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION! Love and kisses and Miow to Cotton.
  • January 12, 2011 Shirley wrote:
    As have others, we have been hearing & watching the news on the flooding in Australia.This is devastating wherever it happens, but it seems so tragic because of all the horrible fires they had & now the floods come.I think the weather is weird everywhere & I read that all the fish & birds that had died were probably a result of stress from the weather. Seems 2011 has started out on a negative note for many. Let's pray for better times ahead.
  • January 12, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Thank you for all your concerns about the people who are in flooded areas we are a country of many different moods, fire floods drought,it is in times like this that you begin to see people as they really are, there have been so many people offering their help, its beautiful; the Brisbane River has peaked, likewise the Clarence river in Grafton,the people of that town are used to floods they have huge levee banks, on this mornings news the river has peaked, the levee banks were not been breached,: We are a lucky Country for more reasons than one; The weather this year seems to be crazy all over the world, do you think someone is sending us a message????: JEANINE ANN thank you too for your thoughts & messages, the media heave been saying up to date technology has made reporting so much easier, people easier to contact, also some have sent up to date photos of their areas & news via mobiles, there have been no politicial bitching, even our ex Prime Minister , Mr Rudd with His trousers rolled up going from house to house, helping people to evacuate directing them to the right centres,; Have a Great Andre' Day all:
  • January 12, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Hi everyone! I just received the book
    Dredams Come True which I will read in the middle of night. Its written by Marjorie and looks lovely. For the last 13 months I have been buying dvd's
    from Ovations, Hans Music Spot and Marbecks, and since I became a Gold member have been buying practically
    everything the boutique sells plus my friend Shirley made me a lovely mug with
    Andre's picture on. I just added it up in pounds sterling and I was quite horrified how much I had spent. I dare not tell you how much in case Keith sees! Still I never go to the cinema or theatre since I became disabled and
    don't buy makeup, so I suppose that is my one luxury. I don't begrudge it because Andre, his family and Orchestra
    make me feel so happy and take my pains away. I don't know if any of you older people knew Willi Boskovsky who
    conducted the Vienna Philharmonic for
    25 years at the New Year's Concerts in Vienna, but Deutsche Grammophon have put excerpts from all those concerts on
    DVD which Ovations is going to send me
    with the new Celebration dvd. I used to
    write to Willi Boskovsky who I met in
    London at a concert at the Royal Festival Hall. I can hardly wait to play it. Although I am enormously fat
    now, when I was 20 I was lovely and slim
    and people used to stop me in the street
    thinking I was the actress Millicent Martin. I used to be the most outgoing
    optimistic person ever, not the moaning Minnie I have become. By the way the
    Andre Rieu tulips are coming along nicely according to gardener Keith. He
    bought me some lovely yellow roses today
    to cheer me up, so I cooked him a lovely
    organic corn fed chicken stuffed with
    garlic and oranges, with orange juice,
    honey and Hungarian paprika on the outside. It was so juicy. Keith loved it. Hugs and kisses Sylvia, Keith and
    some of the teddy bears, particularly
    Isadore, Horatio and Grissom xxxxx
    1. January 12, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi Sylvia,  So glad you got the book.  I am on my second read but I don't have the time  so I don't know when I will have it finished.   I would love to see some of your teddy bears and I think the other fans would like that also.  If you can send some photos to me I will put them on the blog.  Thanks Sylvia and my best to Keith.  Hope he keeps improving.  Hugs

    2. January 13, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Sylvia, I remember Willi Boskovsky very well. We would sometimes catch his
      New Year concert on our TV station. I loved his style & he seemed to favor the Strauss
      & Mozart pieces I love so well.Willi seemed to have fun with the music, much like our Andre does. So, you collect teddy bears? I, too, have a small collection, about a dozen or so, that I bring out for Christmas. Then I also have a bell collection, I've loved the bells ever since I saw the movie, It's A Wonderful Life & the famous line, "every time a bell rings an angel gets it's wings". Your chicken dish sounds delicious! You & Josephine & some of the others cook up some yummy foods, makes my mouth water.I hope you & Keith have a wonderful day.
  • January 12, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:

    Hi dear friends,

    Here are the fan photos for those of you who want to see what the others looks like (I think it was Inge who started asking).  You can still send photos to me and I will add them to this page.  Thanks




    Jill and John




    Jeanine Ann


    Gloria Futcher and Husband

    Lyndall and Rob Freeman from Australia - Lyndall
    is the lady who give us the So. Au Friendship Group.
    These are two of the sweetest people I know.


    Also two of the sweetest people I know,
    Shirley and Dan
    (one of the photos which disappeared)

    One of the other photos which disappeared.  I
    only wanted you to see Clyde and Cotton!

    1. January 13, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Wow. Just look at us all. Don't we look guilty.Like in a line up. Yes we are guilty 'me lord' We plead guilty. Of being hopeleslly and totally devoted to our Wonderful Man Andre. We accept our sentence to spend the rest of our lives drooling and dreaming about Him and we show no remorse.Big hugs xxx
    2. January 13, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Such lovely ladies! Although I have to laugh at my picture, looks like I put my "mad face" on, but, it's the one I sent Jeanine Ann Cameras & I have never gotten along well, especially for a posed shot. When I was a kid they used to call me "The Great Stone Face" because I rarely smiled for a picture. Soooo, at my age, what ya see is what ya get! Anyway, it's nice to "meet" you all.
    3. January 15, 2011 Jan McG wrote:
      It's good to put some faces to names - what a lovely looking lot!
      Jan xoxo (not Jann)..
      Take care all!
  • January 12, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
    Here is Andre playing Lullaby and "falling asleep".  There were two and the one was disabled to embed so I am using the version that I took in Wilkes-Barre in June, 2010.  As you can see I was very close to the stage!!  I also have some stills that I can add if you want to see them.  Hugs

    1. January 13, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Thankyou Jeanine Ann. Love him to fall asleep next to me like that (naughty naughty!!)He is just so full of fun I bet there is never a dull moment being around him. I can imagine him playing and running around with his grandchildren an making them laugh and scream and Marjorie saying calm down Andre you are getting those children over excited. But then he is used to getting people over excited especially me xxx
  • January 12, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Hi Jeanine Ann! Wow the photos you have just put on the page! What beautiful women belong to our blog!
    Just finished reading Dreams Come True
    by Marjorie. It was fantastic and interesting. I am going to sound coarse
    now but I loved the description of the
    toilet in Andre's castle where you don't
    have to use your hands because the lights, hot water etc. is all done auto-
    matically. Unfortunately I am good at losing photos, however, if I can find any I'll send them to you. Unfortunately, I feel a bit stupid as you all have living animals like cats and dogs and I only have stuffed animals
    but I can't help being scared of animals. I hope Jill B's husband is
    better. I have lit some votive candles for him, people generally who are not well, plus, of course, the poor
    people of Queensland. I can't sleep again, so I am going to try to finish my
    cryptic crossword. Hugs from Sylvia,
    Keith and her beloved teddy bears xxxx
  • January 13, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Lovely I could sit here & listen forever, thank you Jeanine Ann you are more than kind, love the photos of the fans, I don't know how to put ours on I will learn eventually, Deidre can I tell you something weird, I already knew What Jeanine Ann looked like, I kind of imagine what people may look like, I was'nt far off with you , your a bit thinner in the face, but you are familiar, yet I have not met you, strange eh; Josephine you have great taste we have the same screen saver, I want to change it to one on Andre's new site once again I don't know how, this year I am going to try & do a seniors course at the library, I can really only access & send emails, go into sites like this & Andre's + U tube, & Google I google a lot, I Googled Andre' Rieu Photos & had a happy time browsing, I am a very determined BBBBBB I will get there eventually, I am off to bed with my 2 favorite men, Andre' on Dvd & Jasper, who takes up half my bed, I have no room for a husband 'if He was still alive He'd throw Jasper out man that would be a to do, night all ;xxx ooo miow;
  • January 13, 2011 Jill B wrote:
    Sylvia it's very nice to hear someone saying such flattering things about Australia. I feel special living here and having been born here as a fourth and fifth generation Australian, but it's very special when you hear someone else saying they also think it's a good part of the world.
  • January 13, 2011 Gloria M wrote:

    I love the sound of your chicken! I am going to have to give it a go. I hope Keith is feeling OK - how lovely to get the yellow rose (my favourites).
    1. January 13, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
      Dear Gloria M! Glad you like the sound of my chicken, so I am going to give you another recipre. My mummy was Viennese so I thought you might like a
      Viennese cucumber side salad. Take a whole cucumber, peel the whole of it,
      then slice on the grater which has a slit on the side, which will make paper thin slices. Put a little salt on top of the cucumber and then a plate on top of the bowl. After an hour, wash your hands, then take handfuls of the cucumber and squeeze all the liquid out.
      The cucumber will have become half the size it was. In a glass put a little olive oil, some white balsamic water, a
      little water and some sugar. Stir well then pour over the cucumber. Put some finely chopped spring onions in and stir
      the lot a few times. Put the side salad
      in a glass dish, sprinkle just a tiny bit of paprika on top for colour. Even
      people who say they don't like cucumber, like this dish. Bye for now.
      Hugs, Sylvia, Keith, Isadore, Grissom and Horatio amongst many others. We used to have 150 teddies, but last summer we gave 100 to the local Toy Library. You should have seen the children's glowing eyes when they saw them. We now have 50 teddies (well not quite all are teddies. We also have
      a kangaroo with a Joey sticking out of her, a large panda with a little baby one, Beatrix Potter fox, goose and rabbit) When one is unhappy, just looking at their sweet faces, cheers me
      up enormously. Although we shouldn't have all you bloggers addresses, I wish we could at least know what countries you all come from.
  • January 13, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    DEAREST JANINE ANN, thank you so much for the photos, it is wonderful to put a face to the name. Ladies,you all look wonderful just as I imagined! Andre also "fell asleep" during his Sun City Concert here in SA. JILL, my son Juandre is arriving in Oz on the 21st Jan for his first visit. In 2008 he visited Washington DC for a People to People Leadership Summit, and just loved it.FAY, many people who meet me for the first time say that they have seen/met me before. I jokingly reply:'It can be, I have a very common face." Ha-Ha. SYLVIA, you are lucky to have Keith spoiling you so much. Teddy bears are cool too, not only cats. Have a Rieully great Andre Day to all fans andCats.xxx
  • January 13, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hi Dear friends. It has been a very sad news I have been watching tonight. The terrible floods in Australia, now the mud slides in Brazil. The death of the darling 9yr old girl born amongst the tragedy of 9/11 and now killed at the hands of a mad gunman who was trying to kill a congresswoman now critically ill from gunshot wounds.I almost feel guilty that I am so lucky with my life. We all go through bad times when we wonder if things will ever be right again but I have never experienced anything like these events. Hugs to all xx
  • January 13, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hi All Thought you may like to read this. It's beautiful No wonder Andre loves Maastricht I have just got to go xx
  • January 13, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Sylvia You sweet Lady, you don't need animals, we are all different in this life , you have your cuddly bears, you also have a real live husband to cuddle, & from what you say I fancy you love each other very much , That is what life is all about, we don't hear anymore abot your snow problem has that stopped, the weather patterns of this world seem to have gone bonkers, usually at this time of year we are having bad bush fires, instead we are having floods crazy, thank you for saying kind things about our country, I LOVE IT, have never been out of it, travel overseas was not my thing, I like my comforts & of course my music over the years my tastes have changed a little, I started out as a teen falling in love with Al Jolson, but I like a "bit" these days of a Man who likes to play A Violin,He's a lovely man, I think Al Jolson would approve, don't you, we are waiting on Andre's new "Celebration" Dvd. its on back order,I think the release date is the 15th., I can watch over & over, we are even getting Him on Foxtel's Studio channel every Saturday, Ovation channel have Andre' also but that is not part of our package, I record Him on the IQ box, as Jasper likes to sit on His Cat Tree & watch during the day if we go out, yes I am crazy it helps to make the world go round, have a lovely Andre' Day all; xxx ooo Miow;
    1. January 13, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Sylvia I like Teddy Bears too.  I think they have adorable faces.  You all know I hate winter, cold weather and snow and yet a have a collection of Snowmen.  I think they are so cute.  I have all kinds of snowmen things.  They are so cute.  I just got two (a set) at the antique shop last week.  Most are not expensive either.  They have a lot of teddies Sylvia.  Some are really old and have the cutest faces.  I have a little one which is stuffed with straw and was my mothers when she was a little girl.  She was born in 1920 and they were very popular then.  Hugs to you

  • January 13, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
    Hi everyone here are two more photos.  Shirley wanted to smile and show Dan so I thought I will show Clyde!  Send your photos in to us!

     Shirley and Dan
     Jeanine Ann, Clyde and a little bit of Cotton behind us. 

  • January 13, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Dear friends. I have just had a Wonderful surprise. We had Sky TV installed this week and were flicking through the Channels and low and behold there he was 'ANDRE' in Wonderland. It was fantastic. I loved the Chinese girls Ki Mo and No. Those girls are wonderful and such good sports to dress up and act silly.If only Andre's message to the world would come true.He does try his best to spread peace and love. That was followed by Maastricht 2.Brilliant. Next Thursday there is La Vie est Belle I lost my heart in Heidelberg and Songs from my Heart 5 WHOLE LONG WONDERFUL HOURS OF ANDRE I can't wait. Well I am off to bed now but I know I won't sleep
    Good night all Off to dreamland for a couple of hours xxxx
    1. January 14, 2011 Gloria M wrote:
      Like you, I just came across these programmes!! Lovely....
  • January 13, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Dear all! I find the only (little) sleep I get is from my recling easy chair in the living room. I do have an
    electric adjustable bed in the bedroom
    which has the hardest mattress, so I
    never use it. Just tiptoed into the bedroom and just stood watching Keith
    sleeping soundly. He looked so handsome and younger without the pain of
    the arthritis when he is awake. I don't know what I would do without me. He is my soulmate. Sometimes he can read my thoughts.. He didn't have a happy childhood with his family and also
    spent 3 1/2 years in Hospital when he was 3 with TB, but he and my mother just
    adored each other. I try to make up to
    him for every hurt and slight he has
    ever had in his life. We are now married 33 years. We have almost the
    same tastes, except he likes watching
    scifi films on tv and I like watching Greta Garbo. She is my idol. Sleep
    well. Hugs again from silly Sylvia who does like to waffle!
  • January 13, 2011 Maureen wrote:
    Josephine, I enjoyed the trip through Maastricht being seen by someone with very descriptive eyes. I went trough Europe last year on the Rhine cruise but we didn't get to Holland but as I follow where Andre is with his concerts I have been to some places. I think we are up to Berlin, went there in the 60's
    Lovely photos of Andre's fan club, I don't have a photo as yet.
    Fay, I think the reason we don't dream of Andre at night is because we spend most of our day thinking about and watching him to saturation point, but how sweet it is. Hope we all have another lovely Andre-filled day.
  • January 13, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    lovely Jeanine Ann I will have to get busy next time my son is here I will ask Him to put Narelle & self on, your cotton is a bit like Jasper He knows when the camera is out, I'm sure He likes to pose; for anyone interested the water is receeding in Brisbane, but because of the weather is travelling south, for anyone who knows Australia The Macintyre River at Goondiwindi is now in flood, it is an ongoing problem, but you know its times like this that brings out the best in most people;
    1. January 13, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi Fay, I watched the videos of the Brisbane flood and just could not believe the horrible devastation.  Those poor people.  I wish I could help them but just don't know how.  I remember I sent something after the bush fires and maybe they will have something similar that we can do.  Everyone is in our prayers and thoughts.  How is Narelle doing?  I am praying for her also.  Hugs to you, Narelle and Jasper and Meow from Cotton, Patches and Micetro.

  • January 14, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Hi Josephine, I can now see why Andre calls it "My Maastricht". It is a beautiful place and the hometown of a beeeaauutiful person!!How fortunate to have so many hours with Andre on TV. But, I beat you. I have him 24 hours with me : photo on table at work and at home, and photo under pillow at night. I'M ONLY JOKING. You see, the jealousy side of me showing again. JEANINE ANN,I'm still working hard from my side to share our Lovely Man, but I'm slowly getting there. Clyde's kindness is showing on his face too. Love Cotton in the background. Warm hugs and the love of Andre to all! Meow from Lulu.
  • January 14, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    thank you Jeanine Ann I love that name Micetro, a bit of a play on words Am I right?, Narelle I take a day at a time, we have a Hospital date 3rd. Feb., I have to say again Andre's music is our salvation, it does'nt kill the pain, but when she takes the endone , Andre's music helps her to relax, I love The Man, but I have so much to be greatful to Him for; I wonder Jeanine Ann does Andre' know the power of His Music;??Thank you for caring so much; Yes those floods are unbelievable, I don't ever remember it like that, the fires we have at times are bad, but they can be stopped, there is no stopping flood waters, they carry such power, A cement bikeway broke apart At least 1/2klm. was floating down the Brisbane River, a tug boat had to get down this rageing river & try to manoeuvre it between the pylons of at least 4 bridges, boy I bet He needed a change of undies when He finished, there have been lives lost, & still some people are missing,all the homes torn off their stumps will have to be demolished & rebuilt,houses flooded to the rafters, will need to replace fridges stoves washing machines, & can you imagine how the insulation will STINK, perhaps those houses will need to all be rebuilt, the furniture is what we call rat sh!!!!, how do you dry sodden matress's, computers ,televisions& all the tech. stuff a lot of people have today, huge trucks were picked up by the water , some were on top of buildings, very sad, the Military have been called on to give a helping hand in many ways; Aussies are a tuff lot they will survive
    1. January 14, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      I have been reading some of the stories & news on the Couriermail & the Herald Sun.
      The flood pictures & stories are heart wrenching, the heroism of so many, through
      this devastating time. My heart is so full of many feelings. God bless you all.
    2. January 14, 2011 Prudence wrote:
      Wise words for us all:


      "Facing backwards I see the past

      Our nation gained, our nation lost

      Our soverreignty gone

      Our lands gone

      All traded for the promise of progress

      What would they say....

      What can we say?

      Facing the future we see hope

      Hope that we will survive

      Hope that we will prosper

      Hope that once again we will reap the blessings

      of this magic land.

      For without hope I cannot survive

      Remember the past but do not dwell there

      Face the future where all our hopes stand."Israel Kamakawiwo ' Ole ( Facing Future)

  • January 14, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Good afternoon dear friends from a mild sunny UK. I have just had to drag myself away from Maastricht 2 or I will never get anything done. I think it is my very very favourite of all I have seen so far.Andres face when he is conducting the choir whilst the fabulous Ber Schillings is singing is just EXUISITE. As has been noted before Andre seems to enjoy himself so much when performing in the City he loves.It must be a great feeling for him knowing that his fellow countrymen (and women) adore him also to know he is going HOME to Marjorie after the concert. I have been to Maastricht and Vrigthoff Square so many times with Google Earth I almost feel I have been there in person It is my ambition to get there one day. Pleeeease !!Bye for now dear frinds Big Happy Hugs xxx
  • January 14, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hi again. I forgot to say last time. Sylvia has asked for everone to tell us where they live. I have asked this before and I know everyone kindly answered but I have lots of senior moments and have forgotten again. I know it is asking you Dear Jeanine Ann to spend time doing more work for us when you do enough already but would it be possible to have a page that stays on the site all the time a bit like the Birthday page where we ourselves could add the area and County we live in,maybe even accompanied by our photo so that we could refer to it. I love it when people put on the area they live so I can Google it and it makes me feel closer to them. Many thanks. Big pretty please hugs xxx
  • January 14, 2011 Gary M. Bourret wrote:
    FYI - Mirusia posted a website and 800
    number a few days ago on Twitter to make
    donations for Queensland flood relief.
    Also, Ovation Shop in Australia shows a
    Andre DVD Celebration being released
    about Jan 21. It features Akim C.,Renate
    D.,Suzan Erens and others. Does anyone
    know if this DVD is repackaging old
    performances or have we been blessed with a NEW performance by Suzan Erens?
  • January 14, 2011 Gloria M wrote:
    I like that idea BUT I don't even know how to send a photo to Jeanine Ann! Can someone please help me?
    1. January 14, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi Gloria, I am going to email you with instructions on mailing a photo to me.  Thanks much, I love to see what everyone looks like and to know where they live.  When you send the photo please tell me where you live and what big city is close to you.  Big Hugs

  • January 14, 2011 Bill Tegan wrote:
    I noticed Laura Engel is not listed on Andre's web sight. Did she leave the chorus? If so, where did she go?

    Bill Tegan
    Surprise AZ USA
    1. January 15, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Wow Bill . I thought surely there is not a place called SURPRISE But, surprise surprise wnt to Google maps and of course there is. I have been along N Primrose Street. N Litchfield Road. W Crystal Lake Drive Sun City. All over the place. Wonderful huge open spaces. Thankyou for taking me there Bill
      Josephine. Stockbridge Hampshire UK
  • January 14, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Dear Fay, Juandre bought some Australian Dollars from a friend. The $50 note is beautiful, I love the little "window" with the stars on it. Never seen something like that before. WHo is the lady and the gentleman that feature on the bill? AND what is a cat tree? Johann took a thick branch and wound some rope around it and fitted it on a stand. I hung some cat toys on it and the cats just love climbing onto it and sharpen their nails on the rope.Is your cat tree something similar? Hugs and love to you and Nelle and Meow to Jasper.xx
  • January 14, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre, Dame Edith Cowan, a person who championed the rights for women & Children, the Gentleman was the first Australian aboriginal to be elected to parliament, the little window is a security feature, which has the southern cross, I am told that if you are overseas & travelling that when you can see that star cluster in the sky you are getting close to Australia, & it is on our flag also: a cat tree is a series of platforms covered in carpet, they are fitted to a centre square upright with a heavy platform at the base, cats can scratch their claws sit on the platforms, its their own bit of space saves wear & tear on lounges & beds, they come in many sizes I have one with 4 platforms near my front door, Jasper sits on it to watch outside, Also tv inside, we also have a little one with a box on the base so the cat can play in & out of it it has a pole covered in rope for claws with only one platform, a must have for all cat lovers; I have to admit my ignorance about our money each thing on them means something of importance;
  • January 14, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Josephine I so enjoyed my tour of Maastricht, the person who did that was clever, I felt like I was there, thank you for sharing that; is it any wonder Andre' loves His home town, I hope Maastricht realise what a Special person they have in their midst, I am sure He attracts a lot of tourism, hope its welcome: Re Andre's new Dvd Celebration, I have looked at the content & feel some of it if not all is taken from different Concerts, I guess we will have to wait & see, I have it ordered with Ovation its not available yet, as soon as I get it will let you all know, how Andre' would have time to get new concerts out on Dvd I don;t know have any of you looked at his concert dates, thank God he has a break after the concerts in Maastricht, maybe Himself & Marjorie will have a Holiday???
  • January 14, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Dear JEANINE ANN,(HELP!!)The helpdesk send me guidelines how to obtain the VIP Package for "A Day with Andre". I am still stuck.I have to contact ticketservice and then follow the link in the agenda on the website next to the concert of my choice.Firstly, I don't know where to find ticketservice. On the web I clicked on CALENDER(there is no AGENDA!?)and then on the concert in Cape Town and then on ticket/info and there was nothing on VIP Package. What am I doing wrong or where do I go!?Thank you my dear sweet friend once again. PRUDENCE, love your poem! Come on FRIENDS, we would like to "meet" your faces/photos as well. FAY, my cat tree is something similar to yours. Thanks for info on note, fascinating!JILL and SYLVIA, hope your husbands are doing well. Happy and gorgeous Andre Day to all. Fill this day with love and music! xxx
    1. January 15, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi dear Deirdre, I have been looking everywhere for information on the Day with Andre package and cannot find it.  Which concert are you going to?  I went to the "calendar" on Andre's site and clicked on buy tickets.  I just picked Cape Town since I didn't know which one you wanted.  I looked all over the page and they did not list the package.  I checked Sydney in Australia and they have the package with the details but I wonder why nothing ls listed for Cape Town.  What did the Helpdesk tell you?  Did they say the package is available for So. Africa?  The ticket service would be Computicket.  I presume you already have your ticket.  Let me know Deirdre and I will try to find some information for you.  Do you know anyone else who has the package?  Hugs

      1. January 16, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
        My dear Jeanine Ann Helpdesk just told me what links to follow. I'm going to Cape Town Concert on 11th March.Computicket has no packages, I'm not even sure if they are available in SA. I will send an Email to Hunta Live Productions and let you know if they can help me. I phoned Computicket and they cannot help me, they are only selling concert tickets and tickets for a variety of shows. I guess Andre/South African market is too new on the scene. Ilse also doesn't know about any package.Thank you so much for all your trouble my sweet friend. Warm hugs and kisses.xx
  • January 15, 2011 Jill B wrote:
    Thank you for the prayers everyone.
    John came home today and is managing okay.
  • January 15, 2011 Jan McG wrote:
    To all Andre Friends & Fans,
    Please continue prayers for our people in Queensland, NSW and parts of Victoria during this devastating time. It will take years to re build the losses, not to mention the personal lives of those affected. AUSSIES are made of tough stuff, and we appreciate your support. Recent support from UK & US has been phenomenal and much appreciated.

    Jan xoxo

  • January 15, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Good afternoon all. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday lovely sunshine today dull wet and blowing a hooley.It's my other half Darrell's birthday tomorrow so I have just made a birthday cake and going to ice and decorate it later. Have family coming for the day tomorrow so as it's Sunday I am cooking a roast. According to them I make the best cauliflower cheese ever so have to make that to go with the roast. I am so glad we got Sky installed. I can record all of Our Darlings Concerts and then load them onto discs. Oh happy days.Oh well better go and flick the duster round. Housework has become so much less of a chore now I can do it with Andre. Love to all. keeeeep smilin xxxx
  • January 15, 2011 Elizabeth wrote:
    Can anyone tell me the name of the lady in the JSO who played the harp, and really let her hair down on Andre's dvd THE HOMECOMING during the CHIANTI song/dance,toward the end of the dvd. this lady wore glasses. She suprised the whole orchestra with her antics,Thankyou Elizabeth.
    1. January 15, 2011 Moderator Bill AZ wrote:
      That is the 1 harpist whose name I don't know.  I don't even have any photos of her on the photo website
      Here is the set of photo I have of all the harpists I've been able to identify, HERE

  • January 15, 2011 Elizabeth wrote:
    Thankyou Bill for repyling, none of these ladies is the one I am looking for, but thankyou for trying to find her for me. Elizabeth.
  • January 15, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Dear JEANINE ANN and FAY, my son and I went shopping for some goodies to put in your gift bags. We bought some toys for Cotton and Jasper. When we got home, Lulu literally climbed into the bag to remove the toys. She just loved them, so I guess we made the right choice. I hope you like chocolates, we got you my favorite. I have tasted chocolates from different countries and nothing comes close to our Cadbury chocolates. I won't tell what else are in the bags, you'll have to wait. We also tasted some homemade Belgium chocolates. I had dark chocolate with chillies, what an exquisite taste.Jeanine Ann, your goodies will be posted and Fay, Juandre will take yours with him to Oz. JOSEPHINE, we also had some scones with cream and strawberry jam. That was good, but it would have tasted much better if I could have shared it with our Man!
     Wouldn't that taste really gooood!? I'm getting carried away again. I think I must rather go to bed. I wonder who will be in my dreams? Hugs and Meow from Lulu.xx
  • January 15, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre, in Australia we have Ticketek, they do all of the packages, do you have a similar business that handle tickets & promotions, other than that I just don't know ? it sounds like a good package but did'nt something come up where Andre' said when he was told He had to cut down his work load; He was cutting out all those extra bits, Deidre I love your Ideas about the cream, wicked but wonderful:
  • January 15, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    JanMcG. hello stranger how are you doing are you in flood reach,? we are all thinking about those affected, I believe you can stop a fire but flood waters are so wild, with a wild mind of their own, if you have never seen a river in flood, trully you can not conceive its power; We used to live on the Mid North Coast of NSW at a little place called Hat Head,it did'nt flood but surrounding areas did, Kempsey the closest town did, I was told that The Macleay River in flood was the fastest flowing river in the world, it was frightning to look at; I bet you are looking forward to Andre' this year are you going,? don't be a stranger, keep in touch & have a Rieully Great Day:xxx ooo Miow!
    1. January 16, 2011 Jan McG wrote:
      Hi Fay! Safe where I am right now & hoping the Maribyrnong River behaves. Parts of Bacchus Marsh were 'well watered' last week. My friend & I booked a holiday in CRESWICK a few days before it was inundated. It's a devastating situation for so many in several States, our hearts go out to them & pray Mother Nature turns for the better. Also a devastating situation in Brasil with mass flooding.
      Certainly looking forward to Andre in May here in Melbourne - only extreme circumstances would keep my away!
      I hope that Narelle finds much relief after her surgery and recovers quickly.
      Jan xoxo
  • January 16, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Good afternoon all from a dull dismal UK.BUT am I downhearted NO I AM THE HAPPIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. Because in July I AM GOING TO MAASTRICHT.!!!
    We had been discussing last week going if would could find a Hotel overlooking The Square even if we didn't have tickets just to enjoy the atmosphere but there were no Hotels available for the Concert dates. However last night I was browsing some of Andre's sites and spotted that he has added another date to Maastricht July 23rd, Unfortunately by then it was 10pm and they had gone on sale at 10am and the best tickets had already gone. We had a discussion and decided to go anyway so we have tickets in reasonably good seats and a Hotel just off the Square as people in reviews had said hotels on the Square get a bit noisy at night. So I am so EXCITED A dream come true. Mind you we haven't arranged travel yet as there are no flights from UK direct to Maastricht so we have to decide whether to fly to Amsterdam or Brussels and then get the train to Maastricht. Love to you all from Happy Lucky Me xxx

    1. January 16, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
      Hi Josephine! I have just been looking at the Internet and it states that one
      can go direct to Maastricht from London
      City Airport and London Heathrow. Please doublecheck your info. Hope you and Darrell had a lovely day today and that he enjoyed the birthday cake you
      made for him. Hugs Sylvia, Keith and us
      her lovely teddies
    2. January 16, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Josephine, I'm so hap-hap- happy for you!!!
    3. January 16, 2011 Brenda wrote:
      Hello Josephine, I am so glad to hear you have booked for Maastricht.My daughter has agreed to come with me to Maastricht this year.Can you give me some help?How did you find your hotel>Did you book online?what sort of charges per night?
      We thought we would use Eurostar to Brussels (as we can get on here in Leicester to St Pancras,then transfer to Eurostar.Only problem we are unable to book until March (they say)
      Will you stay for a few nights?Sorry to have so may questions but don't know who to ask.Is it best to book concert ticket first?Are all the best seats gone for 15/16/17 July.
      Hope you can help.Regards,Brenda
      1. January 16, 2011 Josephine wrote:
        Hi Brenda.As far as I know there are no decent tickets left now for 15/16/17th July and those left are at a very expensive price.Also there are no reasonably priced hotels left for those dates near the square only about 6 miles away. If you can go on 23rd there are still tickets. We got them from Andres own site and 2 tickets in Block B1 cost 145 euro We are staying 3 nights 22/23/24th.The Hotel is not the Ritz but we don't intend spending much time in it. The 3 nights cost about £400 for 2 people. We got ours on the internet on Bookings.com.It is just around the corner from the square. I typed in Hotels near Vrijthof.There are Hotels on the square for the same price and even a bit cheaper. There are tickets for 23rd so If I were you I would check Hotels ASAP. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need any other information. I do hope you can go I am soooo excited
        It is quite reasonable to fly to Brussells and then get the train to Maastricht Hope this helps xxxx
        1. January 16, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
          Hey Josephine, I am sooo happy and excited for you!  I know you will have a wonderful time and now I am green like Sylvia.  I want to go so bad and I am determined to go before I leave this earth, God willing.  We almost went one year but then something beyond our control happened but that is a long, sad story.  You really must have tickets early and above all that hotel room.  That is even more important than the tickets.  I have seen tickets show up at the last moment on Ebay and sometimes we get news of some on the blog.  Some just cannot go at the last moment for one reason or another so you must keep looking around if you have no ticket at all.  But I think that no matter where you sit you would have a great time.  Just being in Andre's home town and be able to see the Castle and have your picture taken in front of it, see his birthplace and the churches.  If you would like I can send you a bunch of information and where you can go in Maastricht.  Just let me know and I will email some things to you and to you Brenda and anyone who is going.  Big Hugs

        2. January 17, 2011 Brenda wrote:
          Dear Josephine, Jeanine Ann and everyone!
          WE'VE DONE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!We have booked to see ANDRE in Maastricht on 23rd JULY.
          I am so excited!!!!Had trouble actually booking tickets and are in B3.Not first choice but by the time we had sorted out problem with credit card the 2 tickets we had booked in better block had gone.Hotel booking was easy - we are in hotel Matuchi, on Kleine Gracht.It is a short walk from Vrijthof
          so we are glad (no taxi needed).
          We are staying 2 nights
          22nd and 23rd July then leaving on Sunday 24th.We want to see Andre's castle of course.
          Perhaps we could meet up for coffee sometime?Thankyou for your help.
          It's exactly a year today since I bought Forever Vienna and the rest is history as they say.....I was hooked!!!
  • January 16, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Wow Josephine,aren't you lucky, girl! That is definitely a dream come true!It just shows you, we must keep on wishing and dreaming. At this stage I'm dreaming to meet Andre in person in Cape town in March. Just maybe my dream will come true as well. Lovely Andre day to all! xxx
  • January 16, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Josephine, you are one very excited lady, if I am not mistaken, you will have a RIEULLY Great Experience I'm sure, Just think you will be able to see where Andre' went to school, perhaps walk by The Castle that is so much a part of History, there is so much History in Europe, we don't have that here in Australia, Andre' often mentions that Romans actually lived in Maastricht,:I do hope you will have a wonderfull time, I'm, sure you will;
  • January 16, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Hi Josephine! Keith said to me just now that I had started turning green. He couldn't understand what was causing it, until he read your blog and realised that I was the most jealous person on earth! Actually I am very happy for you and hope it will be every
    thing for which you have wished. I feel sure that Maastricht will be miles
    better than the Dome concert you are going to in April. Maastricht seems to
    have a special ambience of its own.
    Bye for now. Sylvia, Keith and the
    gorgeous teddies
  • January 16, 2011 Brenda wrote:
    Hi Josephine,
    Thankyou for the information - very helpful.Not sure if my daughter can go on 23rd July.Have to discuss it again.
    Would really love to see Andre in Maastricht.
    Regards, Brenda
  • January 16, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
    Hi again, we (Clyde and I) are still working on the "Jealousy" video.  It is not too easy to pull a certain part of a video out and put it in a file so that I can upload it to YouTube in order to get the HTML code for the blog.  He has not done this for several years but we will get it.  Just want you to know we did not forget about it.   Big Hugs

  • January 16, 2011 Jill B wrote:
    Josephine! I'm green too. What an experience you'll have. I wonder what special guests he'll have? It's sure to be someone really wonderful. I'm very happy for you. Lucky you.
  • January 17, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Oh Josephine can any one of us think what we enjoyed before Andre Rieu, I'm blowed if I can I think, I led a very mundine type of life, I could'nt use a computer at all, it was because of Himself that this started for me , I have a whole lot of happy Andre' people that we have shared words with,I have learnt much about other countrys & its lovely people, I have enjoyed sooooo much beautiful music, & watched A Man play a Violin,fallen under His spell,with all those lovely concerts, at my age I thought I was well past all that stuff, but Andre' & His music have given myself & my Daughter something I just don't have the words to explain; I think regardless if you are in Maastricht your time will be great , I always think Andre's concerts in His Hometown seem a more relaxed & Joyous concert, He must feel more confident at home, not that he needs to in my eyes, but He has said many times as He gets ready to come on stage, He wonders "Why am I doing this" & yet He is soooo good is He not? JUST ENJOY::;
  • January 17, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    BRENDA BRENDA BRENDA. That is fantastic news.Yes we must try to meet up for a coffee.We are staying at the Hotel Botticceli.Have been all morning trying to decide best route for us as we live in the South. Decided to fly to Brussells from Southampton and then get the train. That proved great fun and flights ended up 4 times the price first stated when all the extras were added on. Never mind. We are going. As they say Brenda dreams do sometimes come true.Thanks for info on flights SYLVIA but when you actually go into the sites that say Heathrow to Maastricht you find they actually don't exist. Don't you just love the internet Got to take everything with a pinch of salt and have your wits about you. Anyway Brenda Greeeeat news Lots of love xxx
    1. January 17, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
      Hi Josephine! Just looked up your Hotel Botticelli. Wow! It is a very posh looking 3 star hotel! It looks
      gorgeous, particularly with the little courtyard.. I looked at all the reviews
      and it was given 8 1/2 out of 10. There
      was 1 nasty comment, but all the others
      say the breakfast is wonderful and that
      the staff are helpful. I am getting
      greener by the minute! I feel you are
      going to feel as if you are floating on air while you are there. Maastricht has
      a wonderful atmosphere if you look at the dvd's. Are you going to learn the
      Limburg anthem that everybody seems to
      know by heart there? I hope you are going to take photos for us all to see?
      Did everyone love the birthday cake you made for Darrell yesterday. I better it
      was nicer than one gets from bakers.
      Hugs Sylvia
  • January 17, 2011 Gloria M wrote:
    Dear Brenda and Josephine

    I am so pleased for you going to Maastricht - I am sure you will have a wonderful time. I am verrrrry envious of you but i will have to wait until next year. Like you Brenda I bought Forever Vienna a year ago and became totally hooked. I am going to O2 so that will have to be my fix!!!

    I look forward to all your pictures. Luv Gloria
  • January 17, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hi Jeanine Ann. Yes please I would be grateful for anything you know about Maastricht. We won't have a lot of time there so want to cram in as mush as possible.Obviously anything about where Andre lives if you have any info on that would be marvelous. I think I have discovered where his Studio is but not his 'Fairytale Castle'I still can't believe I am going I expect brena feels the same. We are VERY lucky ladies.
    JAN McG Lovely to see you on the site again all be it under very sad circumstances. Just seen Australia again on the news. The terrible mud and sludge everywhere. Absolutely heartbreaking. Keep in touch please Big hugs xx
    1. January 17, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Dear Josephine and Brenda, I will send you all the information I have re. Maastricht which will include the way to the Castle!!!  Oh take me with you!!  But seriously you can get to see a few important things in a few days.  I have never been there but I have studied where to go because I want to be in Maastricht one day.  You can get a lot of good photos right before the concert when Andre stands on the Theater steps I think for about an hour as the parade gets ready to go by.  So you have all that time, if you can get close, and click away.  I think that would be so cool just to be able to take photos of Andre and of course the JSO as they stand there.  I cannot tell you where your seats are located but you will have such a good time that it will not matter - any seat in Maastricht would be wonderful.  Okay will gather the information and send it to you both.  I am so very happy for you girls!!  Big Hugs

  • January 17, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    what a beautiful name for a Hotel,Botticelli, it brings to my mind glorious Pictures of Cherubs, hope I have the right painter in mind, good for you Josephine, you will enjoy yourselves, take a notebook & jot every little, big, not so big down then you won't forget anything , I get so excited about some things that when its all over & you try to remember some of the little moments, [that are as important as the big], my brain has deleted them, I guess at 76 my brain is full of useless bits & pieces, that I don't want to throw away, I can always find a spot for anything to do with Andre,Just can not get enough of This Man & His Music, I know in my heart you will so have on e great time, please share a little with us when you get back home; xxx ooo;
  • January 17, 2011 Jill B wrote:
    Brenda! You too! My goodness it's an epidemic. That's just wonderful. I'm really excited for you.
  • January 18, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    I am not sure about Josephine learning the Limburg Anthem, I would suggest she learns the words The Maastricht Anthem the people there seem to me to be very patriotic I think you may find the words on Andre's old web site , if not google Maastricht & ask for it to be translated;
  • January 18, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    To all my Rieully good friends
    I'm on Cloud 9 for I have just received my copy of My Music My Life and Roses from the South(thank you Ilse).This should keep me busy over the weekend. The only older DVD's outstanding are: A Dream Come True and La vie est Belle.Aren't I lucky!JEANINE ANN, we also have severe floods in South Africa, especially to communities living in the vicinity of our main rivers(Vaal River & Orange River).More than 40 people so far have lost their lives and many were rescued and/or evacuated from their homes. I will forward a photo to you.More rain is on its way and still there are areas that experience severe drought and battle with strict water restrictions.BRENDA, Wow Girl you are sooo lucky! My African Dream is to meet Andre in person AND it would be sooo nice to have tea with all my friends on the blog. We will have to meet early morning because we will laugh and chat the entire day, I don't think we will get to the tea!May all have a supermarvoufantastical(excellent) Andre Day. I'm off to Water Aerobics with the ladies. Hugs from me and meow from Lulu.xx
  • January 18, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hi all. It has been a lovely day here in UK. Hope we don't have to suffer for it tomorrow. I am sitting in front of my laptop with a lovely glass of 'vino'
    Just been watching His Gorgeousness on youtube doing Hup Holland Hup and Viva Hollandia. Absolutely fabulous. I can't stop singing it now. Am I right in thinking the Maastricht Anthem and the Limburg Anthem are one and the same?. Can't find an English translation yet but I won't give up. Yes Deidre it would be so nice if we could all be seated around a table enjoying afternoon tea and in walked Andre who said'Hello Ladies,may I join you?'You wouldn't be able to hear anything for cups rattling on saucers in fright.Love him to bits. Went out for a meal with some girl friends last night and discovered I have converted 2 of them. They are not quite as potty about Andre as me but did get DVD's for Christmas.Lots of love to all xx
    1. January 18, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      If you are looking for the words & English translation to the Maastricht Anthem,
      go here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUzbT7x2_48&feature=relatedAt the bottom right, underneath the video are 2 little arrows, click on those, it will drop down & it will show the words.
      1. January 19, 2011 Josephine wrote:
        Hi Shirley.Thankyou for this info but it doesn't happen for me. There are two sets of arrows where you say but they are for expand and full screen.Am I missing something? Been deprived of Andre today so having withdrawal symptoms. Been to the hairdresser which I hate loath and detest.So need some calming Andre moments now and a flash of that smile. Always hits the spot.TTFN xxxxxxxx
        1. January 19, 2011 Shirley wrote:
          Josie,it's right underneath the number count, a little further down from the "expand or full screen., kind of like an upside down V. try again.
          1. January 19, 2011 Shirley wrote:
            YIKES! just realized I called you "Josie", I apologize for that, i used to have a friend, Josephine, & that's what we always called her. Old habits die hard!
  • January 18, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Josephine they are 2 very different Anthems, I googled Anthems ,it does only come up in Dutch or maybe the Maastricht Dialect????, Andre' does a couple of different ones I think about Limburg, best to watch "Songs From My Heart" the first Limburg concert I got on Dvd, I think that has all of them;
  • January 18, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre, do you have "Andre's Australian Adventures"???, its different but Good; sorry to hear South Africa is also flooding, the weather is really quite crazy, I wont get to high on my soap box but there has to be some way we can hold back some of those flood waters, & redirect them to drought stricken areas, it makes sense to me,or am I being too unrealistic, I know we need flood every now & then to clean the earth, but what is happening now is destroying so much, I know in Queensland whole suburbs will need to be rebuilt,how do you repair a home that has had flood water up to the roof, we are seeing on the news people throwing out stoves, fridges,washing machines, computers, everything, you cannot clean stuff that has been covered in sludge & slime,sewrage & water, it is so sad, & it is being reported that a lot of insurance company's are telling people they are'nt covered for flood damage, typical of some, they will tell you anything to get a sale but when you have a claim thats another story. I think enough from me, to all of you have a beautiful Andre' day; xxx ooo, miow to Lulu & Cotton:
  • January 19, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre, My Music My Life, did you buy the book or the Dvd, or cd, I hope you bought the book its a hoot, I can reread it & still find bits I've forgotten, then the Dvd is just as good but different you are taken on a bit of a tour of the castle, its also a good interview, for many reasons if I told you more I would spoil it for you, again the cd is good too, I think I have said this previously, Has Andre' made a flop?, I am off to bed now with my 2 favorite men, you all know who that is, One is a bit demanding the Other is Entertaining; xxxx oooo.
  • January 19, 2011 steve welch wrote:
    HI everyone, it looks like the Birmingham concert must have sold out as new date sat 23 april added to UK tour.Do I book for this as well....
  • January 19, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Dear friends, I have just finished watching Roses from the South. It is beeaauutiful! Andre plays with so much passion and you can see the love on his face for his orchestra, his GIRLS and his audience. What a MAN, what a PERFORMER!!FAY, Ilse gave me the book: My Music MY Lfe. I just paged through it, and it looks VERY interesting. I will read it this weekend. We have to pack and get Juandre sorted out.He is flying tomorrow(Thursday)to Oz. On Friday we need to attend a funeral of one of our teachers who passed away last Saterday. Time is flying, but I don't mind because each day brings us closer to Andre's concert here in South Africa. Love you all! xx
  • January 19, 2011 Tess wrote:
    Hi their, Sally, Shirley, Jeanine Ann, & Bill and All off Andre’s fan where ever you may be!
    I have been posted with my work to a small island called “Christmas Island”, I have been here on 3 numerous occasions this year working ten weeks at a time and then returning to my home state of Melbourne. One could say 32 weeks is a long time to be away from home, but thanks to portable DVD’s my Andre Rieu CD collection, and being connected to the internet isn’t that bad here.
    For those off you that have never heard off Christmas Island: -
    Christmas Island is located in the Indian Ocean, 380 km south of Java and 2,650 km north-west of Perth. The nearest point on the Australian mainland is Northwest Cape which lies approximately 1,565 kilometres to the south-east. The Island has an area of 135 square kilometres.
    Now is the spectacular Crab migration time (See website interesting reading)
    The island also supports over 20 land crab species, including an estimated 50 million red crabs who shape and maintain the health of the island's unique rainforests.
    For you bird lovers this is the place to be.
    Christmas Island is one of the world's significant seabird islands, with thousands of seabirds such as the endangered Abbott's booby and the only nesting sites in the world of the Christmas Island frigate bird. The island also supports over 20 land crab species, including an estimated 50 million red crabs who shape and maintain the health of the island's unique rainforests. And if you like snorkeling, or deep sea diving, this is the place for you, as it is surrounded by a narrow tropical reef, which supports a rich array of marine life, including hundreds of species of tropical fish, dolphins, whale sharks, manta rays and many varieties of unspoiled coral. The Island is located from the edge of the Java Trench, the deepest point in the Indian Ocean, creating spectacular steep drop-offs just beyond the reef.
    This is what one calls paradise, and I am so grateful to be send here, and to be able to return here on a regular basis.
    Yes I miss my home, but I will be back for the Andre’s concerts, and take some photo’s to share with you all.
    I wish you all a “Happy New Year 2011” and good health, from this place called “Christmas Island.” Love to you ALL
    Tess: - from Melbourne
    1. January 19, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Hey, hey, hello Tess from Melbourne! It's been awhile. Great to hear from you again.
      Oh yes, Christmas Island. first heard of it a long time ago in a song,"how's ya like to spend Christmas
      on Christmas Island. I knew there must be a place like that but really never knew where it was
      or anything about it. I used to think it must be in Hawaii someplace because the song
      said something about hanging a stocking on a cocnut tree. So, that's where you are? sounds delightful.
      and very beautiful. Now I'll have to read up on it.Will look forward to your next comments
      about your Andre concerts. Wishing you a wonderful New Year too.
    2. January 20, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Thank you Tess for your great description of Christmas Island.  I had known about it because of your many emails to me but I am so glad you have told all of us more about this wonderful place.  I would love to see it sometime but that is a long, long trip for me.  But now I can see some of it through your description.  Take care my friend and thanks much.  Love and hugs.
      Jeanine Ann

      1. January 23, 2011 Tess wrote:
        Christmas Island is an amazing place Josephine, not only for the famous crab migration, the Robber crabs are huge, and its full off wonderful bird life...Tess
    3. January 21, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Hi Tess. Thankyou for bringing Christmas Island to mind again. I realised it existed but didn't know a lot about it or even where it is so your comments made me 'Google' it. Fascinating. I have heard and love the song like many other friends here.
      Amazing the things you learn from this lovely site. Do hope you are having a wonderful time there Big hugs xxx
  • January 19, 2011 Jill B wrote:
    Wish Juandre a wonderful time down here for me please Deirdre. Oue weather seems to be settling down this last week, so that has to be good for him.
    1. January 20, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
      Hi Jill, I'm sure that Juandre is going to love Oz. I will report back on his experiences on his return to South Africa. He is sooo excited to see Australia. The people he is staying with has worked out a full program and will show him many exciting and beautiful places. Wish I could go with, but I unfortunately have to work. Schools already started here in SA and I have Gr 12 students, so I guess I will have to wait. Love and hugs xxx
  • January 19, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre, safe flying for your Juandre, thinking back to my youth it was unheard of to fly so easily to so many different places, Oh you will love that book, its so funny in parts, so interesting, Andre' is a very fortunate man to have Marjorie as His help mate through life I think She is really a very Special Lady, then again She sure is lucky to have Andre' trying as He may be at times, my feelings are He is a perfectionist, & likes things to be as He has them in His mind,which if we are honest would'nt be easy always, He Himself has said once He has a mind set thats it, straight down the tunnel, but look at the finished products they are soooooo good,does anyone else have so many Dvds & Cds, I am back watching Midsummers Night Dream, supurb, but then yesterday I went back to watch The Flying Dutchman, just as brilliant, who but Himself could get all those people to gargle with water, & the wonder on His face with little Kim,all so entertaining & joyful, to watch other orchestra's play they all have faces as if they are suffering great pain, the same pieces Andre' & His people play with such enjoyment,, there is something about the arrangement of the music that is enchanting, when presented to us by Andre' & His JSO, I don't think I would like to live in this world without Andre & His music, its so enchanting, so entertaining, & so bbb good;
  • January 20, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    wow Tess Christmas Island sounds a bit like paradise is it any wonder boat loads are trying to get there,enjoy while you can;
  • January 20, 2011 Margaret Brent wrote:
    Hi everyone, I used to think that Christmas Island didnt exist now I know it does, I remember my daughter had a record by Max Bygraves and he sang
    would you like to spend Christmas on Christmas Island Margaret Brent
    1. January 20, 2011 Tess wrote:
      I was forunate to spend Chrsitmas on Christmas Island for the second time, it was an experience..... Greetings to you all from a place that is paradise.....Tess
  • January 20, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Hi my lovely friends, Our Andre is going full out, adding more concerts by the day. Isn't he amazing!? Who is the sweet, petite lady with blond hair who sometimes stand in for Carmen/Carla when they are not touring with Andre? She is usually a member of the choir and also sang with Kimmy and the tenors in South Africa, when Andre used her to replace Carla. She seems to be very lovely and friendly and has a very good voice. She also sings with Mirusia in Roses from the South. FAY, Juandre's luggage was 2kg overweight. He says it is because of all the chocolates and Biltong I packed for his host and friends. Have you eaten Biltong and dry wors before? I wonder if you can find it in other countries? Juandre mentioned that they eat biltong in the USA and they call it Beef Turkey!? Hope you all have a glorious Andre day!xx
    1. January 20, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
      Dear Deirdre!
      I have recently started buying food from
      an organic farm in England, but they also sell other foods, among them Biltong and buffalo meat. Can you explain to me what Biltong actually is because I was thinking of trying it.
      Bye for now Sylvia of London
    2. January 20, 2011 Virginia Baker wrote:
      The person who often fills in for one of the other sopranos is Kalki Shrivers. When she sings a few lines by herself, it's a lovely warm voice. I don't know why she never does a solo. Maybe she doesn't want to.
  • January 20, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre, I have not heard of that product before, only Beef Jerkey,not sure if customs will allow that through they are really strict on meat & vegetable products, I only know this from a tv program we have had, chocolate I think is ok,I do hope Juandre has a lovely time here, I think we are lucky in the country we have here, others may not think the same, I only have words from young friends I have, The Family came from Italy in 1959, we became friends & though Mum & Dad Have passed on their eldest Daughter is like a daughter to me, she has been overseas quite a bit, she always says its nice to go & visit other countrys, but its even greater to come back home, I always feel good when she tells me this, as I love Australia,we are a bit queer at times but its a good country to live in , floods fire & all; last night on the news, the people who had those horrible fires at King Lake a few years ago, were sending up container loads of goods, because as a spokswoman said They helped us now its our chance to return some of that help, It had me in tears, but this is typicial of Australians,It has left something in Andre's heart also He says He loves Australia & always feels at home here, when He visits, I bet you are counting the days, May can't arrive soon enough for me; Have A Rieully brilliant day,;
  • January 20, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
    Hi everyone,

    A dear friend of mine sent this to me and I was so impressed with it that I would like to share it with you so that you will know that you are loved.

    1. January 21, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Thank you Dear friend That was lovely.Made me take time to sit and think. You Dear Lady are also loved by us all here. Big Hugs xxx
    2. January 22, 2011 Maxine wrote:
      Hi Jeanine Anne, Could you please e-mail this to me? I have a few friends who would love it.
      I have already seen the next one & it is just as special. Hope Cotton is OK. Hugs Max
  • January 20, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
    Photo of the Day!!


  • January 20, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
    For you!!

    1. January 21, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Thank you Jeanine Ann Am I right in saying that is a picture of Marjorie behind Andre in picture No4 xx
    2. January 21, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Oooh A couple of my comments seem to have not been published so I will try again.If they appear sorry for repeats. Thankyou Jeanine Ann once again for lovely photo's. Am I correct in thinking that is a picture of Marjorie behind Andre in picture No 4? Hugs xx
      1. January 21, 2011 Moderator Prudence wrote:
        You are correct in your assumption, that is a painting of Marjorie Rieu.

        1. January 22, 2011 Gloria M wrote:
          I haven't seen this picture of Andre with the twins - was it very recent?
    3. January 21, 2011 Ruth Pomeroy wrote:
      What great photos I really love the one with Andre and the twins, Andre looks a really proud granddad they look so tiny, Marjorie must also be very proud too. Colne in Lancashire uk has been very cold today
  • January 20, 2011 Maureen wrote:
    Thankyou Jeanine Ann, lovely photos, I hadn't seen the one with the twins, and such lovely thoughts in the inspirational film. Lots of love floating around. Cheers to all.
  • January 21, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    OOOh AAAAh they are really lovely photos, Have you ever seen a man that the camera loves so much, not counting all of us of course; today arrived "Celebration"it is a potpourrie of lots of concerts, Schonbrunn, Tuscany, Kerikade,Dublin, thats as far as I have gone, here is a list, Strauss Party,Opera Potpourri,Marina,G'schichten Aus Dem Weinerland,The Third Man,Bummelpetrus,Concertino G-Dur Op.11,Old Macdonald Had a Farm,In The Saloon,The Last Rose,Die Kleine Kneipe,Espana Cani,Irish Washerwoman, Funiculi Funicula, Ganz Ohne Weiber Geht DieChose Nicht,Mein Herr Marquis,Feuerfest,An Der Schonen Blauen Donau, Radetzkymarsch,Strauss & Co,Oh when The Saints, Tirolrock, Scotland The Brave,Auld Lang Syne, Donauwalzer, Adieu, Mein Kleiner Gardenoffizier: oh boy has that given the spellcheck a Big Pain ha ha,, I think we have a similar Dvd called Champaigne Melodies, a few different pieces all taken from different concerts, they are all good anyhow, Nelly Jasper & I never get sick of watching Andre' Jasper never ceases to fascinate me how he chooses which persons room he goes to, as I'm doing this He's in with Nelly, crazy beautiful boy he is, Have a good night all, I am tired we went for Narelle's pre admission stuff today, enough said on that subject; Hope the above list is helpful, its a really happy Dvd;for all to enjoy;
  • January 21, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    When you have watched the first video, click on to others it is well worthwhile they are all so beautifull;then of course the best to come photo's;xxxooo
  • January 21, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Dear Sylvia, Biltong are thick strips of raw beef soaked in saltwater and then spiced with different spices(barbecue/chili,etc) and herbs and pepper. Then it is dried (using fans/hang it up). They even dry them in the form of sticks and sell them as biltong sticks. If I'm not mistaken, it originates from way back when people didn't have fridges and wanted to preserve the meat. It is quite tasty and South Africans love to eat biltong as a snack, especially while watching rugby. FAY, you're right, it is called Beef Jerkey in other countries. VIRGINIA, thanks it can be Kalki. I also wondered why she doesn't sing solos. She looks quite comfortable on stage and knows all the "moves" of the other soloists. Nice friendly lady.
  • January 21, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Dear JEaNINE ANN, lovely photos of a very happy and relaxed Andre!Thank you sweet friend for the inspirational film and for always inspiring all of us on the blog. BRAVO, as our Andre would say.
  • January 21, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Good afternoon Dear friends from a sunny chilly UK. Just had a cup of tea and a piece of Victoria sandwich cake with His Gorgeousness and La Vie est Belle. Excellent as usual. However knowing what a perfectionist he is I expect he was a little upset when he watched it as I noticed his handkerchief in his top pocket had dropped over. Only a small detail but I am a bit of a perfectionist myself and would have been a bit upset if it had been me. Fussy wot not that I am.Anyway as usual everyone had fun.Thee was 5hours of Andre on TV last night so I have lots to look forward to TTFN xx
  • January 21, 2011 Brenda wrote:
    Hello Josephine, I do envy you having Sky arts 2.I only have Freeview although I could go to my son's house to watch it there but not very convenient really.
    Are you getting excited already?I am!
    I am trying not to bore my freinds about it.Most of them have never heard of Andre.I am SO GLAD I bought Forever Vienna last January aren't you.
    I think we are travelling on Eurostar to Brussels but it won't let us book until March(why?).
    I haven't had a proper holiday for a few years so this trip will more than make up for it even if it is just 2 nights.
    love from Brenda
    1. January 21, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Hi Brenda. Yes I am lucky having Sky Arts and yes I am excited about Maastricht. We looked into Eurostar but it is difficult and expensive for us to get to London. I am looking forward to the train journey from Brussells to Maastricht as I don't often travel by train. Like you it's a year ago this month I bought Forever Vienna and fell hook line and sinker for Andre.He looked so gorgeous in La belle a Vie which I watched today. Just as he looks on Forever Vienna as I think he was the same age and looking particularly handsome them. Better calm down. Doesn't do to get over excited near to bed time. See you in Maastricht !!! xxx
  • January 21, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    I have to share this, I have a regular Saturday morning customer, who sometimes brings Her Son in, who has special needs like Nelly, they know each other from way back at a special outings day Held when they were little, I don't think He is a old as Nell, anyway today I had my Music playing & He started to sing along then asked thats beautiful music who is it? so Nell was well able to educate Him, Once again Andre's & His Music working Magic spells His mum said He likes most music but has never asked who it was playing, she herself is a Cliff Richard Fan but she says she can't remember Her Son ever commenting on music as He did today, Great eh!!
  • January 22, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Good afternoon dear friends from a dry bright UK. I have been reading that our Special Man is going to HOLLYWOOD. Do any of you dear people in the know have any more info on this. Do you know if Andre will actually be seen in a film or will it be his music being used. Pretty wonderful whatever. Hugs xx
    1. January 22, 2011 Moderator Prudence wrote:
      We did a story on that back in December, we don't know any more than that.
      1. January 22, 2011 Josephine wrote:
        Very sorry Prudence. I must have missed it xx
  • January 22, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Hi there my lovely friends, We had a Rieully good afternoon watching "Roses from the South" while baking rusks at my friend Glenda's house. Glenda and her husband introduced us to Andre a few years back. They really enjoyed the DVD which is not yet released in South Africa.JEANINE ANN, when you have some time, won't you pleeaase put "The Rose"on the blog for all to see!? Only if you can and want to my sweet friend, no pressure. FAY, when reading "My Music My Life", I can see why Andre loves Marjorie sooo much. She is an extraordinary lady!Did you get my "Midweek" Email? The kitten sleeping in the bowl of food reminds me of Lulu. She loves food and is getting quite chubby. Juandre is adamant that I put her on a diet. She eats anything, is that normal for a cat? I always thought they were quite fussy.Juandre phoned me from Oz, and the family were quite pleased with the Biltong and chocolates. He said that getting through customs took a while. Girls, have a fabulous Andre Day. Love and hugs from sunny South Africa.xx
  • January 22, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
    Sweet DEIRDRE, for you and for all my friends!


    1. January 23, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
      Thank you sooo much for posting all these songs.I dedicate "The Rose", played by Andre,to you my lovely friend.You are the best!
    2. January 23, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      OMG. Goosebumps. Shivers.Palpitations. Tears.Fantastic. Thankyou Jeanine Ann xx
    3. January 24, 2011 Ruth Pomeroy wrote:
      This is just beautiful, my partner wanted The Rose Bette Midler playing at his funeral Christmas 2009.But Andres version is lovely. So had a little cry.
  • January 22, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Logging on to the above is as good as my first cup of Earl Grey, in fact better, I think that version Of The Rose is Andre's best, please Deidre don't buy the Cd I have it for you, I love all of Andre's Cds But I think "You Raise Me Up" Is The Best, The Quality of the music is so glorious, I go to sleep each night to those sounds, I like others but I Love The above, it gives me goose pimples, & translated onto The Dvd, & mixed with the beauty of Mainau, with Andre" & His People, I think the Dvd is well named, :Roses From The South; & of course to me roses are the most beautiful flower ,would'nt it be nice to have a rose Called Andre" Rieu, I know there is a Tulip & I have tried every which away to obtain one , no luck they don't import from Holland, & the people who have the bulb don't export to Australia, but I think a nice Blood Red Highly perfumed rose, could be named after our Lovely Man:?????
  • January 22, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre Cats are people with a law unto themselves, Jasper will only eat raw chicken wingettes, thats the meaty part of the wing, He crunches bone & all, the vet informed me He has good teeth, Ha tell me something I don't know as I had a few nasty bites when He has'nt had His own way, I was ill with one on my foot once Christmas Shopping & just wanted to get home I looked up at the instore television screen & suggested to Nelly Buy me that for Christmas, It was Andre's 2008 concert, I really did'nt know much about Him, but I like a man who can play a violin properly,boy did that start a habit, so I guess I have a bit to thank my boy for, he will eat prawns when we have them & a bit of freshly baked pork, loves yogurt,won't drink milk, thats a Siamese thing milk is not good for them, so guess yogurt replaces that, he will have a little cream, only if its off our plates, & He will eat pumpkin & Avocado, He has taste eh; one thing He will NOT eat is cat food, the other thing He loves are Mangoes, He will lick & suck at the seed until nothing is left, but like us He Loves Andre's Music & will come at the run if he Hears it, A Cat With Good Taste! I do hope your Juandre has a happy time here, I'm sure His friends will have planned well, the weather is ok very hot but its that time of year here, not my favorite season;
  • January 23, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Dear Friends, I just watched the DVD "Romans-JSO invades Tier" where Andre dances with Barbara Wussou, the Landler from The Sound of Music. What an elegant dancer he is!! FAY, I think Jasper and Lulu will make quite a couple. They love food and has a great taste in music. And so are their owners, if I may add!I bought Lulu some Catnip, she is going batty about it. The vet said it has the same effect on cats as cannabis/marijuana on humans. Do they sell Catnip in Oz? Enjoy the music on the blog, my friends. It will surely make your day. Hugs and meow xx
    1. January 23, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Hi Deidre. Yes I agree Andre is an elegant dancer. I love to watch him dance the Landler.I just wish I could dance it with him. I know wishes sometimes do come true as my wish to go to Maastricht has BUT I doubt very much however hard I wish dancing with Andre will only happen in my dreams.By the way they sell Catnip in UK . I hope Juandre enjoys Oz. My son spent some time there a few years ago and absolutely loved it. Bet you miss him though. I missed my son sooo much when he went but they have to spread their wings. I wouldn't wish it any other way.Love and hugs xx
    2. January 23, 2011 Norma wrote:
      Deidre - what is the exact name of the DVD you mention and where did you buy it? Would be interested in purchasing it for a friend. Thanks.
  • January 23, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Dear Josephine Ann!
    Deirdre mentions a DVD "Romans-JSO invades Trier". Never heard of it. Where can I buy it? Do you know?
    The region does not matter. Hope you and
    Clyde are well. Hugs Sylvia of London
  • January 23, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre yes Catnip is available here in Oz, I don't think my boy needs it, when He does His JOB for the day in His litter, he goes beserk, races around sends mats skithering every which away, Nelly & I laugh & say He's done His big job for the day, lovely boy He is, He can be so loving & is most of the time, its only if He wants to go out & I won't let him in the heat of the day, He will snap & nip, that nip can go deep but as soon as He does it He knows its wrong & goes & hides under Nelly's bed, I am sure he knows the days for every Saturday after breakfast He goes & curls up in the laundry basket, as if to say I know your going I'm ok here, only Saturdays, does that happen, when my son comes to visit,[He only lives a street away]Jasper is waiting at the door at least 5min. before he gets here, Stephen always gives Him a really rough rub that He loves, but how does He know Stephen is coming?, I often wonder is there a cat in the Rieu Castle, its old & possibly has mice, but Andre' only ever speaks of Their Dogs, They have a Poodle, they are good for catching mice, but I can visualise Andre' with a cat on His lap relaxing, I know my mind is crazy, it helps me through the day sometimes;
  • January 23, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
    Hi dear friends, I just added a photo to the Fan Photos of Gloria Futcher and her husband.  Please scroll up and see them both.  Sorry I don't know your husband's name Gloria.  Maybe you can post it for us and I will add it to the photo. 

    1. January 23, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Anyone interested in the DVD concert Trier, Germany from 2004, please post here.  I have several copies.  I know Sylvia and Deirdre are interested.  Anyone else??  It is a great concert and one of the songs is Manha de Carnaval!  Listen to Andre's part.  It is beautiful!

      1. January 23, 2011 Judith wrote:
        Yes, yes, yes please Jeanine Ann. I have been trying to find this one for some time. I will email you my friend of friends.
      2. January 23, 2011 Maureen wrote:
        Dear Jeanine Ann, that Trier DVD sounds wonderful, I have heard before how good it is but I think the region may be wrong for us in Australia, am I right. We are 0 and 9 I think. If it is suitable I am interested but I think they would sell it here if it was suitable Thankyou for the kind offer.Warm, warm wishes from Melbourne Australia. Cheers
        1. January 23, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:

          Hi Maureen, I really don't know what region the DVD is for because it was never released.  I have an all-region player so it is difficult to say.  The only thing we can do is try.  It was never for sale so you would not have seen it no matter where you live.  Why it was never released I will never know.  So many fans have it and it is such a great concert.  I will send one to you and you can see if it plays.  I will email you and the others for your addresses. 

          It is cold here in Pennsylvania, expect overnight temperature to be 5 degrees.  It was about 4 last night.  I put food out for the guest kitties and it freezes but they get to most of it before it is totally frozen.  Possibility of a nor'easter on Tuesday night or Wednesday.  Don't know what we will get from that, could be significant.  It has been very cold here this winter and they just took the cap off the electric bills and they shot up.  We use some electric heaters to supplement the oil furnace.  We have a fireplace (gas) and that helps but of course we must pay for the gas.  Come on Spring!  Take care everyone.  Big Hugs to all

          1. January 24, 2011 Erich and Cheryl wrote:
            Hi Jeanine Ann, Please add us to the list for a copy of the Trier DVD. We would be more that happy to pay for the DVD and your trouble. We have a region free player and it works great. Got it on Amazon.com Thanks, Erich
          2. January 27, 2011 Ruth Pomeroy wrote:
            Hi Jeanie Ann, Please could I also be put on the list for Trier, Germany 2004. I am Willing to pay for DVD and postage and packing. Thank you Ruth
      3. January 24, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
        HI sweet friend, you ALWAYS know what I need and want. Your Andre collection is unlimited! I mailed you parcel on Friday and it should be in the USA on 5 Feb. Enjoy your day. Hugs and Meow to Cotton.xx
      4. January 24, 2011 Jenny wrote:
        Jeanine Ann. I would love a copy of the dvd. I have a region free dvd player. So should be ok.Please let me know cost of dvd, and post and packaging. Best wishes Jenny
        1. January 26, 2011 Jenny wrote:
          Hi Jeanine Ann. I know you must be very busy sorting out the dvd of Trier.Do hope you can do me a copy. Hugs Jenny. Isle of Wight
      5. January 24, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
        Oh yes, Andre's part is truely beeauutiful!! This is a MUST have, thank you sooo much.
      6. January 24, 2011 Julie wrote:
        Jeanine Ann, I would love a DVD of Trier. Let me know what to do ... send you a check, send you my mailing address, etc.
    2. January 24, 2011 Ruth Pomeroy wrote:
      Dear Jeanie Ann, Would like to send a photo of myself and my little dog but unsure how to send it to you.Take Care.Ruth Pomeroy
      1. January 24, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        Hi Ruth, I am emailing you now.  Thanks much.  Looking forward to the photo.  Hugs

  • January 23, 2011 Jill B wrote:
    I love the section in the Trier concert where the audience won't stop singing to let Andre move on to the next song. What a party it was. Wish I'd been there.
  • January 23, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    we are most fortunate to have that dvd Sally was generous enough & sent it to Narelle, no subtitles, but its Andre' His people & their Music always a great combination in any language,she also sent a pbs special Andre taking one on a tour through His castle, also Pierre's world war 2 vehicles He is restoring, & a visit to Marc's studio, rather a treasure for Nelly She too loves Our Man
    1. January 24, 2011 Erich and Cheryl wrote:
      Fay, I have a copy of the tour,Welcome to my world, but part of it skips. Do you have a second copy or let me borrow it and make a copy. I would be more than happy to pay postage, etc. Thanks,
      1. January 24, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        Hi Erich, I have not had a chance to get you another "Welcome To My World".  My original does not stop.  I have made some back up copies but the only problem is I have not had the time to go through it entirely.  Can you tell me exactly where it stops?  I just watched the part where Andre and Pierre go through the WW11 collection.  Is it before that like in the beginning.  I think it is divided into 4 sections but not sure.  I have just been so busy here plus some special projects at home.  Let me know.  Sorry for the delay.  My best to your wife.

        1. January 25, 2011 Erich and Cheryl wrote:
          Jeanine Ann, My DVD skips on the first section. Andre shows the arch way that needs repair, then walks around the back of a repair truck where there is a man with a ladder.Then my copy jumps to the second section where he is driving to his sons place. The tour of the "castle" is just not there.I tried cleaning both the disc and my players but nothing seems to help.I have tried it in three different players and my computer. Same results. We would really apprecite it if you have an extra copy we could try. I am more the willing to repay you for the time and the disc. Thanks for you help. PS, Wife says "Hi" to you too.
  • January 24, 2011 MaryBoyce wrote:
    Hi Jeanine Ann,
    This dvd sounds lovely.Am I too late to ask if you have a spare one please?
    love Mary
  • January 24, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Hello my friends, I would love to share an excerpt from "My Music My Life" with you.(It is sooo funny!) At a concert in Tier, Andre invited the audience to participate and didn't tell them what is expected of them.They had to pay close attention to Frans.At the moment he started to say, "Just watch Frans, then you'll know what to do," a floor plank came loose and Frans fell with a loud crash through the stage! The audience burst out laughing. Stage hands repaired the damage and Andre told them once again to watch Frans, whereupon the audience again burst into uncontrollable laughter and it was impossible to go on. When in all seriousness, Andre lifted his bow, he suddenly started laughing and was hysterical!It took some time for all to calm down. From then on our Andre will never give a concert without inspecting the stage beforehand. Oh, what fun it is to watch a concert. Never a dull moment with our Man performing! Buy the book, it is fun to read. Love you all.xx
  • January 24, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hello dear fiends. Been quite a pleasant day today in UK. I was just thinking. Do either of Andre's sons play the violin. They obviously don't play professionally but do they play at all. I know children don't always follow in their parents footsteps but they must have grown up with a home filled with music and the violin.xx
    1. January 24, 2011 Maureen wrote:
      Hi Andre friend, Andre's boys have different talents to him I gather. Pierre learnt violin for a while but noe plays trumpet and can be seen on one DVD doing so, I think Jeanine Ann will know which one. And Mark was always interested in his art and sculpture, There is a website where you can see Marks paintings, they are very dreamy, a bit like his fabulous Father. Hopes this helps Josephine. Cheers from Australia the day before our Australia Day is commemorated.
  • January 24, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Just a thought. Anybody know what has happened to Michael? I know people come and go on this lovely site but Michael made such a huge contribution for a while and seems to have disappeared
    'Without a Trace' which is the name of a wonderful TV programme I watch. Does anyone else watch it? xxxx
    1. January 24, 2011 Judith wrote:
      Yes Josephine, I have heard and watch that show. Perhaps we should go into the "48 Hours" mode, also a TV show. Perhaps that is where we will finally find Michael-clock starts ticking! Come out, come out, where ever you are Michael. I'll guess we'll find Michael.
  • January 24, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Jill how is your Husband is He on the mend, I hope so its a real worry is'nt it, I send you my very best thoughts & prayers
    1. January 25, 2011 Jill B wrote:
      Thanks for your message Fay. We've just now got back from Sydney and a round of doctors there yesterday. The good news is they all expect him to make a full recovery, but, in the meantime he has to go through chemo and radiotherapy. So we have a difficult few months ahead.
      I'm sorry you're in so much pain too Sylvia. You sound as if you're suffering such a lot.
  • January 24, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
    From Twitter. . . . .

    Every time when I play in the o2 in Berlin I receive a golden bear as a present.lovely,this is number three!


     From Berlin. . . . . . .


  • January 24, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:

    Hi everyone,  today I received my Gold card and special gift!!  I am putting the letter here and the gift was two beautiful photos of Andre for framing and the lanyard type key holder in black and gold.  Even the letter is beautiful with an Andre Rieu seal on it.  I am blacking out my address just for security purposes.  I don't know what other fans received so I will be anxious to hear what you all receive as a gift.  Please let us know.  Thanks

    Hope you can read this.  Could not make it much bigger because of space concerns and will delete it after everyone has seen what the card and letter looks like.  Andre's logo was at the top on the right.


    1. January 24, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
      Hi Jeanine Ann! Although they have confirmed I am a Gold member, I still have not received my card or present!
      Hope it will come soon . I csn't remember if I said I would like the Trier concert, but yes I would please.
      Please could you pray for me. I am going
      to the doctor tomorrow morning about the searing pain at the back of my leg. It is now 11 months since I burnt the whole back of my leg. Although we have managed at last to get some special
      creams that are taking away the redness
      and improving the thickness of the skin,
      the pain just stops me sleeping. Sorry to moan again. I am waiting for the Celebration dvd. It's on its way. Keith
      took me out to the Chinesed restaurant today and I finally taught him how to use chopsticks. Since I have been taking 250ml of pure beetroot juice each
      morning, my blood pressure has gone down to approx. 120 over 75, so that makes me happy. It is now 1.30am and I
      am playing Live in Dublin. I have also
      played 100 Years of Strauss and Roses from the South today. He manages to soothe me somewhat. Bye for now. Hugs
      galore from Sylvia, Keith and all the
      lovely teddy bears.
      1. January 24, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        Hi Sylvia, I surely will pray for you tonight and I know that everything will be fine.  That pain must be very uncomfortable to say the least.  I knew about the creams and I thought they were working but I guess that is more cosmetic.  Don't worry about telling us, you are not moaning.  We are here to help you and I am sure others will pray for you too.  I like that beetroot juice helping with blood pressure.  Do you get that in a health store?  I think my BP is ok but Clyde must take medication for his BP so maybe that would be an alternative.  Good luck to you tomorrow and don't worry.  Just know that you are in my prayers.  Watching Andre is what I do when I am feeling down.  He always "raises me up"!  Big Bear Hugs to you..

  • January 24, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Thats a big Bear, & as always beautiful Photos, thank you Jeanine,the previous ones were super also I love them all You know how to feed my habit,always the camera seems to like Our Man; also I hope He is taking some time out for Himself, we don't want a repeat of last year do we, when I look at His concert dates there are so many, a bit of a worry;
  • January 24, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    thanks for sharing your card Jeanine Ann , mine has not arrived as yet I know Mail from Holland takes about a month, so will wait patiently, what a card to have eh I think this like all of Andre & Marjorie's ideas is really a great gift to have, do you think St Peter will give me easier passage through THE GATE if I show that card,??????/
  • January 24, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Sylvia I too will say a prayer for you & you don't moan its good to share you worrys, what would Andre' ask us to do, care about each other & listen to lots of Good Violin Music. played by The one & only man who does it so well,Pain is so debilitating, in my life I have only had a little, but i know with Nelly, the pain gets to Her & then me too it awful not to be able to do much for a persons suffering, the 3rd. Feb can't come too soon for us, so without pills & Andre' we'd be up the street without a paddle; so trully will say that prayer for you that Help will be there for you & yours
  • January 25, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hi all from a mild dry UK. It's Burns Night today when obviously the life of Robert Burns is celebrated traditionally by the Scots and also I believe in other parts of the world where there is a Scottish community. I have been to many a Burns Supper where the Haggis is piped in by a piper and eaten with tatties and neeps(NOT THE PIPER!!)Quite an occasion. I won't be eating it tonight though as I have the dentist for a huge filling at 4 35pm (ouch)so probably be soup for me
    So sorry to hear you are still in such pain SYLVIA. Do hope the doctor can be of help.I for one certainly don't think you are moaning. A problem shared is a problem halved. Always good to share things with friends whether it be good or not so good. You are clever being able to use chopsticks. I don't have a clue. My dinner would be stone cold if I tried. Let us know how you got on please.Big hugs xxx
    1. January 25, 2011 Moderator Prudence wrote:
      Robert Burns

      1. January 25, 2011 Shirley wrote:
        My Love Is Like A Red,Red Rose, most beautiful. Has Andre ever played this one?
  • January 25, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
    Ok girls I see we need something to get us in action.  It is too quiet!


    1. January 25, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Jeanine Ann You little monkey !!!! xxx
    2. January 25, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Ok, you've now put the ommph back in my day. No shoes, but still good! hahaha
      1. January 25, 2011 Judith wrote:
        Ah YES, you put the 'wind back into my sails'!! After all these dreary gray days and c-o-l-d weather, I now have that ole "steam" back and into miss-chief! ah ha!!!
    3. January 26, 2011 Marlene Warren wrote:
      I never get tired of seeing this!
      I just love it so much!!
  • January 25, 2011 Brenda wrote:
    Hi Jeanine Ann,
    Thanks for showing Marina again! It has certainly brightened up a dull,grey, damp day here in UK.
    Hope to see "Jealousy" soon ( when you have time to do it for us) We do appreciate all you do!
    I really hope Andre will do Marina when he comes to UK.
  • January 25, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Wow Jeanine Ann, thank you for the medley of songs! I left my food standing to indulge myself in some "culture"(Classical music). My food is cold, but my heart is warm. SYLVIA, Friends are an indispensable part of a meaningful life. They are the ones who share our burdens and multiply our blessings.- Beverley LaHaye. We are all friends and it is OK to share your burdens/troubles with us. That's what friends are for. GIRLS, have a lovely Andre Day, love you.xxx
  • January 25, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Dear Jeanine Ann, Fay and Josephine!
    Thank you so much for caring. I really
    do appreciate your kindness. Went to the doctor today. The company Elena
    Natural Collection that does the creams
    and special soap etc. (cost £85 sterling) said that 56% of their customers get their creams paid for by
    the NHS (National Health Service) and is free on prescription if you are over
    60. I showed her that the roughness of
    the skin and the redness had improved.
    She checked her paperwork and said that
    my local authority, Greenwich, won't pay for creams. Then I said did I have an infection because the pain was
    terrible, even though I am on Tramadol
    50mg capsules (related to morphine) which help just a tiny bit in the night
    time. She said I had no infection and said just continue with the Tramadol!
    Because I am overweight in any case, I am supposed to put my feet up. As soon as I do, the pressure makes me scream.
    Look I know that there are people with
    cancer, gangrene, you name it. I am not a hypochondriac, but the pain is so
    bad and I have had it since I burnt myself 11 months ago. and on top of the
    arthritis pain is not good. I am sorry.
    I promise I won't write to you about this again. It must be so boring for you. I just want to be good company when I meet you Josephine in April. I
    always used to be an optimist, but because I was made redundant from the Red Cross after 20 years, the death of my beloved Viennese mother and Keith's
    tremendous pain with his own arthritis,
    I am more like a pessimist. I really
    must pull myself together. Thank goodness for my darling Keith and the
    Maestro and you wonderful friends (I hope I may call you that), otherwise Life would not be so good. Hugs Sylvia,
    Keith and Grissom, Horatio, Isadore and
    all the other teddies
    1. January 25, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Hello Sylvia, I would not call you boring at all & certainly not a hypochndriac.
      I have heard that there is not much worse than the pain from a bad burn
      & it can take so long to heal. Who wouldn't get a little bit pessimistic
      with so much pain most of the time. And really you seem to rise above much of it.
      If we can't share the good as well as the not so good, especially with friends who care,
      we would be most miserable. A burden shared is a lighter burden (in my opinion).
      I wish you better days ahead. And thank God for a loving husband, like your Keith.
      We all just do the best we can with what we've got don't we.
      I'm glad you share with us.
  • January 25, 2011 Brenda wrote:
    OH NO !!!
    ALL UK FANS - Just checked Andre's website Calendar and there is no mention now of his appearance on tomorrow's BBC1 BREAKFAST prog.I'm sure it was listed earlier today, certainly it was yesterday when I checked.
    WHAT IS GOING ON ? Why is he not coming AGAIN?
    Very disappointed ,Brenda.
  • January 25, 2011 Jenny wrote:
    Hi Brenda. Yes it was there last night. I wonder what is going on. Andre did say he was cutting back on interviews. Very disappointed.
  • January 25, 2011 Lyndall Freeman wrote:
    HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to all Aussies home and abroad.

    Love the idea about the photos on this page. Good to see what other writers look like.

    Lyndall and Robert
    South Australia

  • January 25, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:



  • January 25, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Lovely Flag Lovely Man Thank you Jeanine Ann, its so hot today over 40 in the shade, I have not long got home from serving a Mass a couple 25 years married, 9 Priests, all said in their mother tongue Indian, very beautiful, very long over 2 hours, quite an experience, I learn something every week; SYLVIA, I would appeal against that decision, if they can't give you cream or medication that helps, & you have found something that does, there should be some sort of agreement to at least part pay for your creams, specially if other areas are doing it, go to your local member, go over the heads of those that say it can't be done; Go for it Lady you have RIGHTS;
    1. January 26, 2011 Bill in Arizon wrote:
      40 celsius when converted to fahrenheit is 104 degrees.....
      Now y'all know how hot it is.

      Bill in Arizona
  • January 26, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    with all the heat, hottest Australis Day In 40 years The Marina kind of cooled me down thank you Jeanine Ann I'll go to bed & DREAM;
  • January 26, 2011 Jan McG wrote:
    Well, I must say - JEANINE ANNE - Thanks for posint Marina once again...a sure fire way of getting us all going!
    JILL- I do hope that your husband is on the improve, and FAY, I hope that Narelle is going well. To anyone else who is suffering or near someone suffering, I pray that you all are getting better. JUDITH, I hope that things are getting better & I do love your sense of humour around what Mother Nature has blasted you with. My prayers also with all those in Australia suffering through the floods & re building their lives.
    OTHERWISE....ROCK ON ANDRE IN MELBOURNE 2011....bring Marina and the gyrating hips with ya!!!! xxx
    1. January 26, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      ROCK ON yourself girl and keep on Rockin. Good to hear from you xx
    2. January 26, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi there Jan,  I have missed you.  Knew Marina would bring you back!  Don't be a stranger now.  More good stuff to come.  Hugs to you.

  • January 26, 2011 Ruth Pomeroy wrote:
    Hi All UK Fans, who was it that said "we can live in hope" that He would be on BBC Breakfast and who did get up at 5.30am!ME.Just in case!!.Have had a look on Andre's calander he is doing a concert in Nurnberg, we all know he is super but not superman (well could be),and I would not think coming all this way for may be a 1/4 hour spot on UK TV and get back to do the concert this evening,it's a pity though.I will be going to bed soon, but we can Dream!!!.Take Care All. Ruth
  • January 26, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Yah Hoo to that Hello stranger,we dont see much of you these days, Narelle is hanging in there, Hospital day 3rd. Feb. they are going to put her on a By Pass Machine, because of Her spine & sleep apnea,[ Hers is a bit like SIDS in a babe]they Have thought it out Thank God, after the initial, O.S.I have now calmed down,: Jill your news sounds positive, my thoughts & prayers go to you & your Husband, take care everyone & have a Rieully Great Day; xxx ooo miow;
  • January 26, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
    Hi dear fans, I have just put a photo on the Fan Photo area of Lyndall and Rob Freeman from Australia.  Please check out their lovely photo.  I notice two photos have disappeared so must check that out.  Hugs

  • January 26, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hang on in there all you dear people who don't feel so good. Try to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Not easy I know.SYLVIA. So sorry your GP won't play ball and let you have your creams on NHS. Didn't someone once say that the NHS would take care of s fromThe Cradle to The Grave. Makes me so cross when people of our generation have paid religiously year in year out and now get denied when we need things the most. I looked at the site you buy from and they say they will send you a pack to show you how to approach your GP 'Humbly and Gracefully' I am sure you did that anyway Sylvia. Love to you all .
    PS I didn't think Andre would have given a live interview on TV today anyway as Ruth said he couldn't be in two places at once. Wish they wouldn't advertise it and then let us down. hey ho that's life Good night all. Feel a bit weary tonight. Had a bad stomach all day. see what tomorrow brings Hugs xxx
  • January 27, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Hi Jeanine Ann, Josephine and Fay!
    Thanks for being interested in my troubles. Yes I produced a GP pack to give to my doctor to read, plus a sample pack. She said she would check and ring me back which she did. She said
    the local authority said no. Having
    spoken to Elena herself (a Danish nurse
    registered in England, specialises in
    eczema and burns) she said only 56% of her customers manage to get the stuff on the NHS. Now with the recession,
    these authorities have hardly any money
    and only will let you have something if you are really ill, so my troubles probably don't count. However, I will
    try to appeal. Let you know if I succeed.Hugs from Sylvia, Keith and the
    gorgeous teddies
  • January 27, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Hi Shirley!
    As you said you liked Willi Boskovsky, I
    thought I would let you know I received
    2 dvd's, one is the New Year's Day concert from Vienna 1974 and the other
    one is pieces from 1963 to 1979. It is
    from Deutsche Grammophon DVD00440 073 4002. Lasts 158 minutes. I know it is
    completely different to Andre Rieu, his
    New Year's concerts from Vienna beat any
    other conductor's, but still wonderful.
    By the way I also received Andre's new
    DVD "Celebration" yesterday, but was
    disappointed. They are all pieces from
    many different concerts, but not only
    that, there is none of his jolly banter.
    Hope you are well. Hugs Sylvia, Keith
    and us the lovely teddies
    1. January 27, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Good morning( or whatever it is where you are) Sylvia, That is a wonderful
      collection of music, probably hard to find now. I always liked Boskovsky's
      feelings about the Strauss music, both he & Andre are kind of similar in that
      they play the music in a manner that Strauss himself would approve, with fun &
      lightness of heart. We can usually catch the New Years concerts on our TV
      station, but I never saw Boskovsky on TV, I happened upon him by finding
      some cds & I think a dvd at our public library. I liked his lighthearted manner.
      I think today was Mozart's birthday & our radio is playing a lot of his music.
      Boskovsky also liked Mozart, as do I. Guess I like most of the genuis of
      the "romantic" period. I always wonder where we would be without music in our lives.
      I can't even imagine.
      I am well, thank you. I wish you & Keith & the teddies a wonderful day, my teddies, Raphael & Winnie say hello too. ( I don't have names for the other ones.)
  • January 27, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Dear friends

    A thought for the day:

    You are all special and hold a special place in my heart and with all your wit, put a smile on my face. Andre and his beautiful music whisper special words in my dreams! Sweet dreams my special friends! Luv U xx
    1. January 27, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Deirdre, I've always heard that a real friend is one who knows what we're really like but likes us anyway.
  • January 27, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    You will always be my friend. You know too much about me !!! xxx
    1. January 27, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      oohh, I like that one.
  • January 27, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Wow Josephine, I think we ALL know much about each other. On the blog we have shared our fears,pain, our passions and best of all our wildest dreams and desires. But, I suppose, THAT is what makes us the BEST of FRIENDS!
    In an interview Andre was asked: If he cannot live in Maastricht anymore, where will he live. He answered that he would live in New York. When asked why, he answered, "Because New York is at least 50 years more advanced than any other city in the world." Amazing, I always thought that he likes the tranquility of nature and open fields. Just when you think you have sort of figured someone out, they surprise you!?SHIRLEY, so true! Love you too.xx
    1. January 27, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Well It is said you never know someone until you live with them so I guess only Marjorie will ever know Andre. But then another saying is Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. We all think the grass is greener don't we. Can't imagine Andre living in New York but who knows anyone really. He wouldn't be able to charge about on his bicycle.It is one of those places I would love to visit. But then places always sound romantic in the travel brochures.Big Apple Hugs xxx
  • January 27, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Hallo Shirley's bears Raphael and Winnie! We are Sylvia and Keith's bears. They did have 150 teddies, but they gave 100 away to the local Toy Library last year. They cannot remember all our names, but we the under
    signed are called Isadore, Theo, Grissom, Horatio, Sydney, Andre, Grandma,Grandpa and Benjy. We send
    Raphael and Winnie lots of hugs and of
    course to you too Shirley. Everybody
    thinks Sylvia and Keith are crackers
    having so many bears! Bye for now
  • January 27, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Goodness gracious BILL I am praying for a little respite from the unusually cold winter here in UK but I don't think I could stand those temperatures. I used to love to sun bathe when I was younger. BIG MISTAKE. Won't go into that. Now I can't stand the heat. I suppose your homes and all indoor spaces are geared up with air conditioning. Sleeping must be a nightmare though. I watched a TV programme the other evening about Nomads living in the Arctic Circle where temperatures reach -50. I don't know which is worse. Something to be said for living in UK where we don't get extreme temperatures. Keep cool man xx
  • January 27, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre I agree with your views on Andre's choice of where He & Marjorie live,I find Him very patriotic & proud of Maastricht, plus He now has Marc ,his wife & 2 Granbabies, also Pierre, his wife & Twins, all His extended JSO & Their families, I read somewhere that Andre' even has a child minding facility for His people who work with Him< I think He will never leave Maastricht, look at the concerts from that Town they have a different quality about them, no I believe Andre' was born there, He will die there hopefully not in my life time, I am 77 this year a lot older than Our Beautiful Man, I don't wish to be in this world when He passes on I will happily wait for Him above, boy Oh boy what a concert Heaven will have all the seats I reckon will already be presold, who extra could He have maybe J Strauss Himself,Beethoven, He would have to have Schotokovich; yes I am mad it helps me a lot; ah to dream;
  • January 28, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Hallo Shirley, Raphael and Winnie!
    From 7.30 to 8.30pm tonight on BBC 4 (Freeview 9) there is a programme "Mozart at the Proms" featuring the lovely Clarinet Concerto
    and the Piano Concerto No. 23. I thought
    you might be interested. Hugs from Sylvia,Keith and particularly Isadore
    1. January 28, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Hello Sylvia, Keith & bear family. Oh, that Mozart sounds wonderful. I wish I
      could recieve it here where I live. Speaking of "proms", we sometimes will get the last night of the proms on our TV station.
      I really like the last night, they seem to have much more fun.
      You said some say you have too many bears? I don't thing anyone can have too many.
      Who can resist their charm? I forgot that I have Dooley. He's a brass button bear,if you've ever heard of those.
      Dooley is the bear of serenity.There is a collection of brass buttons but I only have the one.
      There is a little story about brass button bears.
      "Legend has it that for 100 years Princess Glendora's secret of Good Luck was known
      only to the villagers near her castle. It is said that Glendora's life was changed forever
      after receiving a mysterious gift of an ancient chest. She opened it to find 8 teddy bears,
      each with a tiny brass button fastened to it. Soon thereafter, wonderful things began to happen
      in Glendora's life. She wanted to share ger good fortune by sewing Brass Button Bears for all
      the villagers.Word quikly spread that the bears were magical. And whoever would hug the bears and rub the brass
      button would experience a different kind of luck frome each of the 8 bears, Joy, Love, Happiness, Health,
      Wealth, Serenity, Friendship, & Long Life".
      Sooo, therefore, I don't think one can have too many bears. Do you?
      I think I shall go looking for more brass buttons!
      By the way, I have now named another little bear, Sylvia. She's a charmer.
      I bid you all a good day, from Dooley, Raphael, Winnie, Sylvia & me.
      1. January 28, 2011 Judith wrote:
        What a lovely little story, thank you for sharing this Shirley. You are always a wealth of knowledge for us. I have a 98 year young lady friend who is in a nursing facility nearby who has a collection of all sizes bears, she will just love the Legend of Glendora and the 8 teddy bears.
        1. January 29, 2011 Shirley wrote:
          Good morning teddy lovers & all others. Like I said before, I only have the one "brass button " bear & he was given to me by a friend, in 1996.She had the collection of the original 8 bears & already had the Dooley bear so she gave him to me. She said each bear has the story legend tag. I just copied what was written on my bear. The company no longer exsists that made the bears so they are probably collectors items now but I really don't know. I don't think the were expensive bears back when they first started.
          I am not a really serious teddy bear collector, only have a little over a dozen given by friends or myself to me when I would spot an irresistable look or feel. I do have one Gund bear who is so soft & cuddly. He, or she, is in a reclining position. Really I didn't think of bears much until our daughter came along & she always preferred the stuffed bears to dolls, so that started the tradition. First with Winnie the Poo, then Raphael, it went from there. When she grew up she let me have the bears. I put them away in a large basket, then one Christmas I found the cutest little miniature tea set, I thought perfect for a little table with all my teddy bears around it, so that's how I also got into the miniature tea sets too. I have now put those all away, too hard to clean, especially the tiny ones. I now pray, please dear Lord, don't let me start any more collecting, except maybe dust! I have a bell collection, a glass animal collection, an angel collection,a lady bug collection. enough already!!! Friends don't help much either, because when they find out about your collection they start trying to add to it. I've told them all, PLEASE, no more of anything!! Unless it's Andre Rieu of course! haha
      2. January 29, 2011 Josephine wrote:
        Shirley. What a lovely story. Sent me scuttling to Google.Quite a lot of lovely Button Bears there.Strange how we all love teddies. I only have one which my late husband gave me one Valentines day. She is about 18in tall and has a lovely happy face. She is dressed in a tartan dress. She sits in my bedroom watching over me like an angel when I sleep .I wouldn't part with her for the world.Lots of teddy bear hugs to you all xx
  • January 28, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Hi there dear Friends, QUESTION TIME AGAIN! (I have my under-cover blond moments at times.)I have seen DJ Otzi a few times on Andre's shows and he seems quite popular. Who exactly is he? Are Jann and Jan two different persons?
    SYLVIA dear friend, how are you doing? You seem to be able to cook up a storm in a kitchen, wish I was there to have a taste! FAY, please don't pass on in my lifetime either, my life will be empty without you. Sorry Girl, you will have to live LOOOONG. Andre also intent to live long, bless his soul!Hugs all xx
  • January 28, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Dear Fay!
    My husband and I want to wish Narelle
    good luck with the hospital on 3rd Feb.
    We shall light a candle and say prayers
    for her. Is the hospital a long way from where you live? I would have sent
    her a nice card, but don't have your
    address. Love to you and Narelle from
    Sylvia, Keith and the gorgeous teddies.
  • January 28, 2011 Brenda wrote:
    Hello Sylvia,
    I have just watched that BBC4 programme Mozart at the Proms.
    My late husband was a big Mozart fan, and loved the clarinet concerto.We always joked that he never heard the last movement as the 2nd(beautiful slow movement) usually sent him to sleep.
    When I hear it I feel sad/happy.
    So sorry to hear about your health problems.Keep listening to uplifting music.I think it does help.Did you ever go to the Proms when you could get out and about? I always watch them on BBC2 or BBC4.every year.
    love from Brenda
    1. January 29, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Brenda, that clarinet concerto is one of my favorites too, besides the piano concerto #21. Both pieces are so undescriably beautiful I feel like I've benn touched by the wings of an angel.
  • January 28, 2011 Jill B wrote:
    That's a nice Thought For The Day Deirdre.
    Thank you for your message Jan McG.
    I've had a nice surprise. I won a prize in an Ovation Competition. You had to write 25 words about Ovation and the prize is a Gregory Moore CD. It arrived yesterday and has a lovely selection of songs, mainly Irish. I'm looking forward to listening it this morning. I don't know Gregory but I'm sure he'll be good if Ovation is promoting him.
    1. January 29, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Jill, let me know how you like Gregory Moore. Don't you think Daniel is still our Irish man? haha
      1. January 30, 2011 Jill B wrote:
        Gregory is very serious, stiff and classical. Daniel is definitely still THE Irish man!
        1. January 31, 2011 Shirley wrote:
          Aha, I thought it would be so! Jill, when you know the best, don't mess with the rest.
  • January 28, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Sylvia you are a very sweet person, Jeanine Ann can you email Sylvia our address please; I love the story of the Bear with Brass buttons, there are some lovely bits going around, a friend sent me the best one , for anyone who likes, Google "Unlikely Friends" Cat & Crow, its priceless almost hard to believe what you are watching, gives me hope for Human beings ????? XXX OOO MIOW
  • January 29, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Hi there Guys and Girls
    Andre just added another concert here in South Africa! He is sooo popular and loved here and I'm sure they will even add another Sun City show as well. Cape Town(our show) is 1300 km from where I live, Durban is 560 km away and Sun City 300km. Our Darling man is going to do quite a bit of traveling.
    SYLVIA, I have a collection of bears and dogs. Just love fluffy stuff.Have you tasted the BILTONG yet??
    SHIRLEY, thanks for sharing that story, it is so sweet.
    FAY, tell Nelly we all wish her the best of best and that she is in our prayers. I just had a lovely game of tennis with my friend. With Juandre not here to play squash, I'm back to tennis. MAY ALL HAVE A SPLENDID ANDRE DAY FILLED WITH LOVE AND MUSIC!!xx
    1. January 29, 2011 Gloria M wrote:

      i am sooooooo envious of you seeing Andre in Cape Town. I might have told you that we lived in Pretoria for 7 years and I have been back twice for holidays since we returned to the UK. If I win the lottery i will definitely be out there at one of the concerts. We visited Sun City twice so that might be where I would like to go back to - or maybe Durban where we spent our Christmas Holidays.

      have a lovely weekend!
  • January 29, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Good afternoon all from a bitterly cold UK. It's on with the thermals again (Most attractive).Am watching His Beautiful Gorgeousness on TV. He has just finished Maastricht 3 and now it's live in Vienna. He is warming the cockles of my heart. Naughty naughty Andre adding all these concerts. When is he going to slow down? Never all the time he has music to play and an audience to love him I suppose.He certainly seems to thrive on it. Love to you all xx
  • January 29, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Dearest Jeanine Ann. I know you have put something special on for us as I had an email. BUT I can't find it and I am desperate to see what it is in case it is Jealousy. HELP. xx
    1. January 29, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Josephine are you still there!! 

      1. January 29, 2011 Gloria M wrote:

        I came in from Tesco and found our man on Sky!!

        I watched the second half but have set Sky Plus to record Monday morning at 7.00am!!
  • January 29, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:

    Here it is girls - Andre playing Jealousy.  This is the best I could do with the clip.  Enjoy!!

    1. January 29, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi Josephine, you were right.  I had to make a few changes.  I wanted to tell you that there are parts in the clip where they break away to show Andre at rehearsal and things like that but you can at least see him.  I play it all it time.  It is so -- what can I say!!

    2. January 29, 2011 Jenny wrote:
      Jeanine Ann. Many thanks for this.What a lot of work for you. Supurb.This must be a master piece. Hugs to you
      1. January 29, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
        You are welcome Jenny.  Just glad you enjoy it.  The hardest part was finding the right program to split the DVD.  Now I know how to do it.  Hugs

    3. January 29, 2011 Josephine wrote:
      Oh my giddy Aunt. HE WINKED AT ME ME ME AT THE END.OH YES HE DID!!!! Wonderful and those darling little babes laying they thoroughly enjoying the music. Does he play it on a DVD please Jeanine Ann? Which one?I would love to watch him play it completely on stage. I am all of a quiver. Better watch it again make sure I didn't miss anything xxx
      1. January 29, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:

        Hi Josephine, Andre plays this on "A Dream Come True".  It is such a nice DVD even though it is older.  I love watching it.  I think Ovation Shops in AU has it.  I will email you.  Hugs

    4. January 29, 2011 Ruth Pomeroy wrote:
      Hi Jeanine Ann, Wow thats great!! at the end Andre looks as though he is playing just for you. Its like being in your own little bubble with him. Time to calm down a bit!!!!. Take Care All.
      PS Could I ask if you recieved my photo was sent on thurs I know you are busy just wondered if it got to you Thanks
      1. January 29, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:

        Hi Ruth, yes I love the end when he winks just for us!  I did receive your photo and have it ready to go on the page.  Winston is so cute.  Thanks much.  Hugs

        1. January 29, 2011 Ruth Pomeroy wrote:
          Hi Jeanine Ann, Thank you for reply. I am just going to watch himself again, yes I have in full screen all the time!!! Will sent him a goodnight kiss!!! As I will never sleep if I watch any more tonight! Good night all. Take Care Ruth
    5. January 29, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      ok, did anyone watch in full screen? I thought it was cute that all the babies were at the practise. It was hard for me to concentrate because I was looking for the shoes. haha
      1. January 29, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:

        Oh Shirley I am sorry I could not get those shoes for you - look at the good side - I got that face most of the time!! : )   I just love watching this!!  Hugs

        1. January 29, 2011 Shirley wrote:
          ok Jeanine Ann, then what about finding one for me, remember the clog dance, where Andre & the JSO dance over the little bridge?
          1. January 29, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:

            For you Shirley I will find something with shoes!  : )   Hugs

    6. January 30, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
      WOW Jeanine Ann, YOU ROCK GIRL!! May I complete your sentence!? IT IS SO...
      beeaauutiful, glorious,lovely,gorgeous,magnificent, heart warming, passionate, charming, extraordinary, cool,sooo Andre like! He caresses his violin just the way he caresses his fans, he is bringing his music to us and is playing for us. That is his passion and his delight. Thank you my adorable friend!! Love u!! xx
  • January 29, 2011 Brenda wrote:
    I am SWOONING !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • January 29, 2011 Jan McG wrote:
    Hi JA and other friends!
    These pics. were a long time ago even though absolutely gorgeous!
    I gotta love 'the unashamed evolution of Andre'....jowls, belly, wrinkles, a few less (head) hairs & more greys.....maturity...distinction...(I think I'm gonna faint)!!!!. The Man surely gets better and better with age.....or is that just me? ha,ha!!! Nnn..Nnn..NOOO !!! I'm younger than he is!! I'm being very careful for what I wish for in life - just in case. xoxoxo.
  • January 29, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Thank you Jeanine Ann , I like Andre' at any age I love the one with the birds nest on His head even then those eyes must have broken hearts at school, but I much prefere Him now with those few character lines He has, & they are few, I know people of His age group they surely look a lot older, It must be in His Genes; & to be Honest I cant romance about a very young Andre, as He is now I can at least DREAM, He does have a certain look that just makes me melt, I like that cheeky look He gives sometimes, I wonder as a child IF He was naughty did He just look at His Mother & all was forgiven, I can imagine that easily, there is surely A Something of which I dont have the words to describe; Keep dreaming Jan McG. thats about it for us, This man soo Loves His Wife, she must too have a beautiful quality about Her, as She is soo into all the planning etc. but we rarely see Her, I don't envy Her I would'nt like my husband to be away so much, especially He being Andre', I'd want too be with Him most of the time, so I feel She really must be A really Lovely Lady Wife;; xxxooo miow
  • January 29, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Dearest Jeanine Ann! You have done us so proud with the Jealousy clip. I don't know how you find the time to look
    after us so well. Andre was winking at
    ME. I am quite sure of that. I never
    thought I had a maternal bone in my body
    but after putting the clip on full screen I fell in love with all the
    children. I always thought babies looked like Winston Churchill, but these
    are so adorable I could smother them with kisses.
    ZDF are making a DVD special in Vienna
    with some of the orchestra iceskating
    next month and ZDF will be showing it in the Autumn. Will be able to buy this in the shops? Also will there be
    a Live in Maastricht 5 dvd? Perhaps we'll see Josephine in the audience.
    I made a gorgeous salad today. Little Gem lettuce (the green variety and the red one), spring onions, little tomatoes
    grown hydroponically (in water not earth
    by a company called Thanet Earth), grated raw beetroot, grated carrots,
    thinly sliced peelless cucumber, raw
    sweetcorn, watercress, sliced cold cooked new potatoes, hard boiled egg,
    avocado, pine kernels and sesame seeds
    with my Viennese dressing on. I made it
    look like flowers on the plate. It was
    so colourful. Re my leg, I am going back to the surgery on Monday as there
    are another 3 doctors there. I feel I
    have an infection where the burn is. The
    leg is hot compared to my other leg. I
    normally hate antibiotics but I feel this is possibly what I need. Keep your
    fingers crossed for me. I am listening to Andre in Live in Maastricht 2 which has got the lovely bass singer in it. Is it Shirley Harper or Shirley K who has the teddies?
    Bye for now Sylvia, sleeping Keith and
    gorgeous Isadore and Grissom
    1. January 30, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Hi Sylvia, It is me, Shirley K. who has the teddies. How do you know Shirley Harper?
  • January 29, 2011 Maureen wrote:
    Hi to all Andre friends, I must admit that I have watched A Dream Come True many times but not noticed that enticing wink at the end, I think I will have to sit CLOSER to the TV from now on. I also love those highly polished elegant black shoes and know that Jeanine Ann will find something to send us into raptures, arn't raptures wonderful.
    Cheers to all Andre lovers.
  • January 29, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Maureen its not the shoes I like though they are nice, rather it's who is wearing the shoes that I am extremely fond of; He could park them & contents anywhere near me that He chose,very wishfull on my part; Sylvia can I come & share your salad Narelle can't eat anything like that at the moment, & I miss my salads & Tomatoes, I have never used raw beetroot though is it nice, Stephen my eldest was in Woolworths this afternoon & they had vegetables & fruit with slight marks on them He bought bags of mangos peaches & nectarines & tomatoes he very kindly brought some up to me, Jasper will enjoy some of the mango, He knows I have some He's sitting in front of the fridge, Hes a funny fellow, I have never had a cat that liked mangoes, I put a towel on the floor & He sits there with the seed inbetween his paws & chews away; Good luck with your leg , burns can go very deep , all will look ok but underneath can be a different story, we will have a word with THe Man upstairs, who sees all & knows all, I think He must say not that woman again, take care of yourself & Keith, we care about You OK;;
    1. January 30, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
      Of course you can come and share my salad! Although I hate cooked beetroot
      and I am drinking disgusting organic beetroot juice which is lowering my blood pressure beautifully, I love raw
      beetroot with vinaigrette sauce. Igt tastes quite different to normal beetroot. I didn't feel like cooking today, so I mashed an avocado in a bowl,
      added a very little amount of grated
      onion, a drop of lemon juice, a tiny bit of sea salt and sugar. Mixed it up together, it makes a lovely dip. I had
      it with crispbread and Keith had it with
      poppy seed roll. We had a smoothie with it. Keith put mango, banana, grapes, blueberries and vanilla yoghurt
      in it. Scrumptious! If you have fruit
      with blemishes on, peel them, slice them
      then put them in a saucepan with water and sugar or red wine or liqueur. Let it simmer for a while. Eat either hot or cold. Cheap pudding. Thanks for your prayers. Look after yourself as well as the children. It is important
      you keep well. Love Sylvia
  • January 30, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    WOW Jeanine ANN - YOU ROCK GIRL!!! May I complete your sentence!? IT IS SO... extremely beeaauutiful , magnificent,gorgeous,wonderful,passionate, cool, glorious,charming,heart warming
    - sooo Andre-like caressing his violin and playing his lovely music for each one of us! Winking for everyone looking at him, and he knows that we all do! Oh, what can I say, I just LOVE IT. Thank you my adorable friend! A special hug for a special lady xx
  • January 30, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Hi lovely Moderator!
    Please could you answer some questions
    for me.
    1) I have just watched Live in Dresden
    again and a man called Mosschi Franz
    sings Figaro. His voice is lovely. Why
    doesn't Andre use him more?
    2) In two of my dvd's a bull comes into the arena (one of the bulls looks more realistic than the other one) and the
    same lady in red rushes out of the hall. Can we have some details of her?
    3) In Live in Dresden Andre says he has
    bought some Meissen porcelain for the
    married couple and the 2 singers come on dressed as Meissen dolls. However,
    did he in fact also buy them a present. If so what was it?
    4) I have 2 dvd's in which Andre dances
    the clog dance. I prefer the one with
    the windmill, etc. Can you remind me of the name of that dvd?
    5) I have 34 dvd's now. Can you tell me
    if any of our bloggers are shown in the
    audience and on which dvd?
    6) Why did the male piano player leave to be replaced by the female one?
    7) Does Andre know of the excellent work you do for us?
    8) How many bloggers are we in total now?
    Better stop now. You needn't answer if you don't want to. I know you are a busy
    lady. Hugs from Sylvia
    1. January 30, 2011 Moderator Prudence wrote:

      My goodness Sylvia, inquiring minds want to know?

      I am one of the moderators. I can only answer a couple of your questions,

      at least partially. The clog dance you refer to is from Love Around The World,

      there may be others that I'm not aware of .

      You ask also about Jo Huijts, Andre's former pianist.I believe he was with Andre for 18 years, I can't say why he left,

      maybe to pursue other interests as some former members have done. He is now

      conductor of a men's choir, the Leudalzangers, (Leudal singers).

      Perhaps Jeanine Ann or one of the other moderators can answer more.

      1. January 30, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
        Hallo Prudence!
        Thank you for giving me 2 answers. I am
        always curious as to why people leave
        Andre being a nosey parker! We never hear much from you. Could you let us know something about yourself. By the
        way, my husband Keith, who supports me so well and loves Andre like I do, deserves to have a birthday mention. If you agree, his birthday is 15 April.
        Thank you again for going to the trouble
        of finding out the in fo. Hugs Sylvia
        1. January 30, 2011 Moderator Prudence wrote:

          Please,Prudence prefers anonymity. She's only here to help fill in the blank spots.

          We do already have your Keith on our April birthday list.

  • January 30, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Good afternoon all on a GLORIOUS UK afternoon. Hope it's the same in London Sylvia. I have just had a baking day. I have 3 girlfriends coming for afternoon tea tomorrow so I have made a Victoria sandwich cake,chocolate brownies blueberry mille feuille,scones.Tonight I am cooking roast lamb with rosemary and garlic. Trouble is I don't feel like eating in now'cos when I cook I pick. Well you have to make sure everything tastes alright for your guests don't you. Think I will be on bread and water next week. Your salad sounds lovely Sylvia. It has also been RSPB birdwatch weekend which means that over one hour they like you to note how many of each type of bird there is in your garden. Great fun. We are so lucky to get loads of birds. Plus bloomin squirells. I must admit 'Jealousy' suited be yesterday. I was watching Carmen making eyes at Andre dressed in a rather revealing dress (Carmen not Andre!!)Hey ho. She can look like the rest of us.Better go now. Bye all Lots of Rieully Huge hugs xx
  • January 30, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Hi everyone!
    I just saw on TV "Britain's Secret Schindler:Revealed". It is so moving. It is about Nicholas Winton, an English
    man who rescued 669 Jewish children from
    Czechoslovakia between April and August
    1939. A modest man. He is now 102 years old. If any of you can ever see this documentary, I recommend it.
  • January 30, 2011 Brenda wrote:
    Hello Sylvia,
    I watched this programme a few nights ago on BBC4.I was in tears by the end of it.Those Jewish parents must have known they probably would never see their children again but the children didn't realise that.
    Just watching lates t news about the situation in Egypt.My daughter is there at the moment and stuck in a hotel with tanks outside.She is a Tour manager for several different holiday companies.They think they will be coming back tomorrow or the day after.They only arrived on Thursday evening.As long as they get back safely but the airport is in chaos apparently.
    Very worrying.
    1. January 30, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
      Hi Brenda!
      I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope she will come back safely. It must be difficult being a
      mother and worrying about one's children. Try not to get too stressed out. Our thoughts are with you. My
      mother who was Jewish got out of Vienna
      (after Hitler's Anschluss) in March 1939
      on the last train allowed out. She was only allowed to take out 50 Groschen in
      money and the clothes she stood up in.
      However, she smuggled her school reports and school autograph book out as well! 3 of her brothers and her mother died in concentration camps. I
      don't know how people coped in those days. Her other brother lives in Sydney, Australia. Keith and I sleep in separate rooms as I find the bed uncomfortable and I would keep him up all night. I just crept in and he is fast asleep with Andre's Roses From the
      South on! I am in here watching Live
      in Dresden. If you ever wantg my email address, you can always ask Jeanine Ann.
      I shall send up a prayedr before I sleep for your daughter. Love and hugs
      Sylvia and Grissom bear
    2. January 30, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Brenda, it's for sure that Egypt is in such chaos right now. we will pray that your daughter & others get back home safely.
  • January 30, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Brenda you must be so worried about your Daughter, there are some sorts ofpeople who are only happy when they are causing problems, we to shall say a prayer for you & yours
  • January 31, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Lovely friends
    Thought for the day:


    SYLVIA, I hope all went well today! JILL, give John a hug from all of us!
    LADIES, we are here to share in what ever your needs are and Andre will do the healing of the mind/heart with his beeaauutiful music and lovely smile/wink. May you all have a super fantastical Rieu day! FROM A CARING FRIEND, WHO OTHER THAN AN ANDRE FAN!?XX
  • January 31, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    My dear friends. This message comes with a HUGE ANDRE HUG and love to you all especially those of you with worries at the moment.Brenda, Sylvia,Keith,Fay,Narelle, Jill. John.If music be the food of love play on.You all know you have so many friends thinking about you. I hope that thought will ease your worries a little. Hugs and kisses xxx
  • January 31, 2011 Brenda wrote:
    Dear Sylvia, Shirley, Fay and Josephine,
    Thank you for your kind messages/prayers.
    I had a txt from my daughter at 1.00 (our time) and they don't think they can get a flight home for 3-4 days.Just having to stay in hotel which is 5star but food not included and meals are very expensive there - they have no choice to eat elsewhere.
    Just going to watch Dreaming DVD again to soothe me!
    Love to all, Brenda.
  • January 31, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    1. January 31, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:

      Until they break haha.  Seriously that is beautiful Josephine.  The violin is the most beautiful instrument of music in the world in my opinion.  The notes which Andre gets from his Strad are so lovely.  I never get tired of hearing him.  Wish he had more solos.  Hugs

  • January 31, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    Hi all.Had some girlfriends round for afternoon tea. Andre was serenading us of course.Some of my friends are coming around to my way of thinking. Can't understand anyone who doesn't fall Truly Madly Deeply for Andre.Have just looked at his agenda and if I am correct he doesn't seem to have another concert until 3rd February. In that case I hope he is relaxing with his feet up,his violin in it's case, at his beautiful home with his lovely family !! Mmm I bet he isn't. Hope everyone has had a good day with not too much pain and not too many worries. Love and hugs to allxx
  • January 31, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Did everyone get the Email with the 2 Photos of A Man, what beauty to wake up to, how could you race through the morning, for me this here is a must, I look at any mail but that is what I call Special Email thank you Shirley Kirk, who needs pills other than blood pressure ones, Andre' is not only loved by us, the camera also loves Him tooo
    1. January 31, 2011 Shirley wrote:
      Fay, I'm glad you enjoyed that one. I only sent it to you & Deirdre because I knew your address from something Jeanine Ann sent & I think Jeanine Ann has already seen it, but just send it on to whoever you think might like it.
  • January 31, 2011 Sylvia wrote:
    Hi everyone!
    Went to a different doctor at the surgery. She said I definitely had an
    infectionin the burnt leg and thought I
    might have a blood clot in the calf, so
    she sent me straight away to the hospital where we spent 8 hours. They
    did blood tests, an ecg, etc., then the doctor said I had a very serious infection which was causing the terrible
    pain. She has given me 2 different antibiotics to be taken at the same time. She says I have no clot. Thank goodness. She said that after I finish
    the course of tablets I will still have pain from the burn but much less. She
    says when the burn completely heals, then the pain will go. Although it is 11 months since the burn, she says it
    may take another 6 months for my leg to be healed. Enough of me. Brenda I hope
    your daughter comes homne safe and sound.Fay I hope Narelle is not worrying to much about the 3rd.
    Keith took me out to the Chinese restaurant this afternoon and the lady
    owner gave us 10 fortune cookies, so my
    teddies could have some!
    Bye for now. Love Sylvia. By the way,
    I am appealing the decision about the
    NHS payin g for the creams, oils and shampoo but I don't hold out much hope
    1. January 31, 2011 Judith wrote:
      Good for you Sylvia and Keith! Don't back down from the NHS. I hope your infection will heal properly, and you will finally start getting relief from all the pain. I for one had been battling doctors about my pain, which they always dismissed me with a comment like, "nothing showed up on the X-rays". Well, 6 years later, new tests,
      NEW doctor, they put a name to my multiple disc problems, finally gave me a perscription and trigger point injections, and I am beginning to feel like a human being again since September. Saw my old doctor the other day to disclose to him what I was diagnosed with, and he turned several shades of a deep red. I won't go further, but what a pleasure to see this man scrim. Never give up, stick with your persuit and hope your pain free life is awaiting you.
    2. February 1, 2011 Brenda wrote:
      Good morning everyone from a grey and wetEngland.
      Sylvia, I am so glad to hear the hospital got you sorted out at last.The antibiotics will get rid of infection soon and your pain will ease.Glad you were able to enjoy a Chinese meal out.
      Jenni ( my daughter) is hoping to fly back today via Athens.I hope they make it safely. She only has a short time back home then she is off to NZ for a month!Her life is travelling the world, escorting people on holiday.
      Watching Dreaming last night did help a lot.He is SO GORGEOUS!
      Love to all.xx
  • January 31, 2011 Ruth Pomeroy wrote:
    Dear All and especially those of you going through bad times at the moment, just to let you know I am thinking of you, to Brenda and family, I don't know how I would feel if my daughter was in danger, it must be a dreadful feeling. I hope and pray all turns out well. I had an Aunt who always used to say, God will not give you a cross that He knows you can't carry, if that makes any sense. On a lighter note, because I didn't fancy anything on TV I decided to our man on Youtube, I nearly wet myself watching the antics of the orchestra in some clips, I think the best ones are The Anvil Chorus and the Third Man! at the moment my daughter is not in Andre but even she laughted at the antics and said could understand why his concerts are so good. We had thought about going to the concert at Manchester in April, as she is expecting we didn't think it a good idea Incase she went into labour!!! Take Care All. Ruth
  • January 31, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Jeanine Ann I agree The Violin is not only a beautiful instrument, but played by The Master Andre Himself it sings a tune of complete beauty, He becomes one with His Violin, I could rave on forever, but when alls said & done I don't have the correct words , too hot to think, thank you all for your kindness & thoughts for My Narelle, I bought her an MP3 player to take to Hospital, Guess who she wants on it, Ha you have all guessed right; Sylvia your second trip sounds like you got better service an infection can make you feel so ill is it any wonder you have been in pain, take care sweet lady, & stand up for your rights, Go Girl Go;
  • January 31, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Deidre, have you finished reading "My Music My Life", I found it very funny,Don't you think Andre' is a lucky Man to have Marjorie, then on thinking She too is lucky to have Himself, Narelle also read it she too found the funny side to it,I think I'll take it with me on thursday I feel like a bit of escapeism, She does'nt usually start up many conversations, but she did with your Juandre & His friend , I made us all a cup of tea, so Nelly kept them up to date with all the news, sometimes she really amazes me she wont as a rule start a conversation with people she does'nt know, it was as though she Had known them forever, you have a very fine Son thank you for sharing Him;
  • February 1, 2011 Brenda wrote:
    Hello Everyone,
    Great news! Jenni has just phoned - she has just landed at Heathrow airport and is on her way home.
    Thank goodness for that.She said Cairo airport is in total chaos.They had to fly to Athens first and wait 3 hours for UK flight.
    1. February 1, 2011 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Wonderful news Brenda!  I am so happy for you both.  Hugs

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